I do not own the Kids in the Hall or their families. The only charecters that are 99% my own are Liam, the K people, and the mentioned Cecil.

We join our heroes in the year 2060. The Kids themselves have been off doing their respective things for a good three years. Of course they all remain in contact now and again but they're all so busy.

Let's recap, shall we? Dave married the hero of the previous story, Liam, and they live in some uninhabited desert area, making pottery. Mark fell in love with the android J-167I. Apparently many technicians and doctors have operated on her and the two are trying to have one of the first human/cyborg babies. Kevin found the new-wave cinema underground and is exceedingly famous. Finally, Scott's (aka K's) underground empire has become the world's fastest growing…uh…let's not say cult but democracy. They are very close to taking over the world. Bruce of course has dedicated himself to Scott's lifework, taking a vow of celibacy and being a faithful servant to Scott. Got it?

Back to the story.

"David? There is someone trying to send a message to us!" Liam called from the adobe house they lived in. The two loved their new home. It was like New Mexico only futuristic. The world was slowly being rebuilt, town-by-town. Liam and Dave decided to leave all of that behind and start anew, just like it was back in the olden days.

"A message? But nearly no one knows we're out here!" Dave skipped into the house from his pottery wheel. A torn cloth apron covered his dirty, loose-fitting blouse. He looked to the small plastic device, trying to understand the strange letters appearing in the screen. "Liam, you understand the alphabet of the new world. Please translate for me."

"No problem." Liam scanned the text box quickly. "Hm…'Dave, you must help us! I wish I could speak to you but phones are very scarce. But this is a dire emergency. Please come back to the city where Cecil once kept us. It is the only city that we can all identify. My love, Kevin.'"

"My god. What if one of them is in trouble? My god, we have to go. Liam, my darling, I'm going to need your help. You know this crazy new world when none of us do at all. Please help me."

"But I thought you wanted to leave the future behind you!"

"Anything for my life-long partners and best friends."