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Author's Note: This is a what if fic and is very AU and could OOC. Both Neal and Tony are kids in this fic. Since Tony's Dad is supposed to be a con man when he comes to NCIS in a the couple of episodes he was on NCIS. Since Neal is a con man and is with the FBI and is helping Peter he's going to be in this fic too. Since Anthony Senior is a con man Tony Jr. is following in his footsteps and his friend Neal is living with them and is also following in their footsteps. Since in White Collar I don't think it was ever said where Neal's Mom was, or if she's still alive and Neal's father was a dirty cop he's living with the DiNozzo's. Since they never told us Neal's Dad name I'm naming him Adam. Gibbs doesn't know Fornell in this fic, but he does know Peter.

Little Cons

Tony DiNozzo and Neal Caffrey both stretched in their twin beds. They were both twelve years old and shared the same room. One bed was near the window and the other bed was on the far wall near the door. They both started talking about the movie they had watched last night while waiting for Tony's Dad to get home. Tony's Dad had raised them both to be cons. Neal's Dad was a policeman, but he was a dirty cop and both he and Tony's Dad were good friends. They have been trained to be cons since they were very young. Sometimes they even were pickpockets too plus they sometimes stole food.

Anthony DiNozzo Senior walked into the house that he had brought from his con. He may not have a lot of money most of the time because sometimes his cons didn't work out the way he sometimes wanted them to turn out. He had decided to buy a house, so that they could have a home base and so that his two boys could have a home. His friend Adam Caffrey gave him his son to take care of. He never liked cops, but he liked Neal's Dad, Adam because he looked the other way when he did his cons. He put down the groceries that this time he had enough money to buy. He took out the frozen waffles and called the boys out to have their breakfast. He also took out the cereal boxes, milk and other groceries and put them away.

He watched as the boys walked out of their room and made their way towards the kitchen. He was so proud of his boys for following his footsteps. He loved Neal like he was his own son. He watched as they grabbed the waffles and put them in the toaster and got out the plates, utensils and the syrup. The boys took the waffles out and put them on their plates and made their way back to the table. Tony Sr. had already made eggs and bacon and put them on their plates too. He too took out a waffle and put it in the toaster and then joined his sons.

An hour later after washing up and getting dressed they went out and began the day. They each made their ways towards different directions. Both boys started walking towards the bus that would take them downtown. When they got out they began walking down the sidewalk trying to find their pick pocking mark. An hour later they found two marks up ahead there were two men walking down the street when they both smiled at each other.

"I'll take the right one you take the left one." Tony said as he made his way towards the two men.

Tony and Neal both put their hands in the men's pockets to grab their wallets, but both were surprised to feel hands wrapped around their wrists.

"What do we have here?" Than man said who had Tony's wrist in an iron grip.

"Let me go." Tony tried to get out of the grip

"Peter should we let them go?" Gibbs turned to the man who had an iron grip on the other boy's wrist.

"No, Gibbs I don't think so."

"I thought not." Replied Gibbs who turned to the boy he was holding onto.

"Who are you?"

"We weren't doing anything." Replied Tony.

"You mean you weren't trying to get our wallets?"

Tony didn't answer, but he did turn to Neal who glanced at Tony too. Tony and Neal both began kicking and hitting the men who were holding onto.

"Do you really want to attack federal agents?"

Both of the boys stilled as they heard the man talk. They heard from Tony's Dad that federal agents weren't people to trust. Both of the Agents took out their badges.

"I'm Peter Burke and I'm FBI," The man said who was holding Neal's wrist

"I'm Gibbs and I'm an NCIS Agent. NCIS is Naval Criminal Investigative Services."

Tony and Neal had no idea what to do now. Here they were in the custody of an FBI and NCIS Agent. Both of them had them in an FBI conference room after being dragged towards the FBI Building. Sitting down with each of their charges they began questioning them.

"What are your names?"

Both of the boys were silent.

Peter whispered into Gibbs's ear and then got up and walked out. When he came back inside he was holding something in his hands.

"Let's see if we can get anything on these boys."

Scanning both of their fingerprints and it showed that hey both had been kid printed

"We have here Anthony DiNozzo Junior and Neal Caffrey." Peter Burke said to Gibbs. "Let's see what else we can find on these two." Peter said as he walked out the door again. He had one of his men gather information on the boy's names to see who their father's were.

Sitting back down waiting for the information they got food for the two boys after seeing that it was lunchtime. Both of the boys ate their food and drank their soda's. The door opened again and a file was given to Peter. He opened it and both men began reading. Neal's Dad was a cop, but had been under suspicion of being a dirty cop, but nothing came up. It was all gossip because nothing could be found. Either he wasn't a dirty cop, or he was good at hiding. Anthony DiNozzo Senior had been arrested for a con gone wrong, but was out in a day.