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Little Cons

It had taken a long time to bust both Anthony DiNozzo Senior and Adam Caffrey, but it had been worth it. Peter Burke had talked it over with his wife El and decided to take care of Neal Caffery to have him grow up like a regular kid. They've always wanted a child, but never could have them.

Gibbs was alone and had missed his little girl and wife. They had both been his world and his world had ended when they both had died, but for some reason he had made it through after not killing himself. He had decided to find and kill the person who killed his wife and child. He wanted to be a father figure again. He knew that he couldn't replace his daughter, but he wanted a chance to be a father again. He knew he could do it, so he talked to Peter and told him that he would take custody of Tony. Peter had made sure that the paperwork had gone through for both him and for Gibbs.

They were both foster parents to each of their young charges. They both had put in papers to adopt the boys too. That could take some time. While they were both foster parents they still had to take the classes. When that was done then they could adopt both of their charges.

Gibbs made his way back to his home. He glanced at his young charge after he got out of the car and watched as his almost son take a look around. When Tony turned to him Gibbs nodded towards the house and walked towards the porch that led to his house. He would have to redo the extra room to change it to a boy's room. He would also have to buy new clothes and things that a boy could want. They would go shopping tomorrow. He watched as Tony looked around the house and then he showed him what was to be his room.

Peter Burke drove to his house and watched as Neal looked around the neighborhood as the drove into the driveway. Each of the boy's guardians had already told them that they should respect them and to not talk back to them. With Neal, Peter had told him the same thing, but changed it to include Elizabeth too. They would all go shopping tomorrow to get things for Neal and to redo the extra room.

The next day both boys and their guardians went shopping. Tony got to pick out his clothes and so had Neal with his two guardians. They also were allowed to get different colors for the bedding and their room. They were also allowed to get things like DVD's and other things.

Tony and Neal both liked to watch movies. They would watch them at home when Anthony Senior was out of the house for days looking for his next con. When they had enough money they also went to go see the movies at the theatre. They both would also quote movies from time to time.

Gibbs didn't have a DVD player, so he brought one along with a TV to go into the living room. After that they went grocery shopping. Both of the guardians knew that feeding the two growing boys would take a lot of money, but they didn't mind. Both of the boys had similar tastes and got the same things.

Elizabeth and Peter both watched DVD's with Neal. Peter played football and catch with Neal while Elizabeth would watch the two. She smiled as the two played sports. She was happy to have a child in their life.

Gibbs watched DVD's with Tony and also played football and basketball with Tony. After spending time with Gibbs all these months he liked having someone pay attention to him besides Neal. The only time that his father would pay attention to both of them was when he wanted them to do something, or for them to come to eat. His father never took him to the movies, played sports with him, watched movies with him, or even talked to him more than two seconds.

It was agreed by both Peter and Gibbs that both of their files would be either deleted, or sealed so good that nobody could look at them. They wanted to make sure that they both had a fresh start to begin their new life.

It took some time for both of the boys to get used to their new life, but both of them did. There were times that Gibbs would get time off to go see Elizabeth and Peter and take Tony to see Neal. Peter and Elizabeth did the same. It would take a couple of years for Neal to call Elizabeth and Peter Mom and Dad and the same for Tony to call Gibbs Dad.

After each of them were done with the foster parents classes they finally began the adoption papers. Both of were the proud parents of their young charges and changed their last names too.

Neal Caffrey was now Neal Burke and Tony DiNozzo was now Tony Gibbs. Neal and Tony both went to different colleges and graduated at the top of their classes. They both wanted to make their parents proud of them and they did. Both of their parents were proud of them for being more than what they were both were being raised to be. They were also becoming happy men. After graduating both of the men went into their chosen profession. Neal became an FBI Agent and Tony became an NCIS Agent both of them following in their real father's footsteps.

The End