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Chapter one


"Momma, momma" I was woken up from the unconscious like state I was in from my new copy of the merchant of Venic,e by my daughters pain ridden cry's. I traveled in to her room as quickly as my legs could possible carry me, I was still a little worried for my daughter by the visit the volturi pay me and my family, even though it was a couple of months ago now.

When I reached her 'big girls' bed' as she liked to call it, I picked her up and laid her head on my shoulder, and rocked her back and forth in a attempt to soothe her, form the pain she was suffering from. Unlike her farther and the rest of the family, I knew exactly why see often woke up in the middle of the night crying because of the pain, the simple truth was that she was teething her vampire fangs.

You see the truth is that I was not the clumsy, human, Isabella Swan that feel in love with a cold one everyone believed me to be, I was actually Isabella Salvatore, the 150 year old, clumsy, vampire that fell in love with a cold one. The reason I never told my beloved Edward Cullen the truth, was because I was scared, I thought that once he new the real monster that I am, he would never want me, so I came up with the story of being your average human teenager.

But after we had come back from Italy and he had confessed that it was all lies, I still couldn't tell him, because I thought that if one little paper cut could make him run away from me for months and the try to kill him self, I could only imagine, what this huge lie could do to our relationship. So I decided to never tell him, because what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

I was woken from my monologue by my daughter's painful cries, and my Adonis of a husband walking in the cottage, from his week long hunting trip with his brothers. He soon notice his daughter, red cheeked with tear stained cheeks and ran over to us. "What's wrong with her?" He said in a panicked and fearful voice "should I get Carlisle" he said quickly. "no I'm sure she'll be fine" I said equally as quick.

After about half and hours of trying to soothe are daughter, we managed to get her to go back to sleep. Once we put her back in to her 'big girl bed' and pulled the covers all the way to her chin, because she was famous for kicking of the covers, we walked hand I hand back to our bed room. In the time it took to walk down the hallway, I decided it was time to tell the Cullen's my real story for my daughter's sake. However I decided not to tell the family, tonight because it was hard for me to talk about my family and Katherine Pierce.

So I spent the rest of the night in the loving embrace of my husband.

The glow of the morning came to fast, and I knew it was time to tell my family the truth about my past. I felt the bed creak from the release of my Husband, as he when to wake our daughter from her peaceful slumber. Whilst he was gone, I quickly got changed in to a comfortable pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt. He soon came back with my bronze haired child, grabbing hold of his leg as he walked. Edward smiled his signature crooked grin at me, which Renesmee soon picked up and smiled back at me in the same way. Edward obviously sensed my unease and asked me, "what's wrong" "nothing "I replied, which he obviously saw it for what it was, a lie, but luckily he didn't press the matter any further.

"So what are we doing today" he asked. "Well I wanted to go to the main house and hold a family meeting" I said whilst he gave me a puzzling look. "I just have to tell the family something I should have told them a long time ago" "what do you have to tell them" he asked "you'll find out" "okay then lets go" he said probably in a hurry to get there so he could find out the secret I was keeping from him. My little family walked out the house with Renesmee on my hip and Edward holding my hand. I couldn't help but notice the worried glances Edward was giving me. So in an effort to give him some comfort, I rubbed soothing circles into the back of his hand. As we traveled through the forest on the way to the mansion, I tried to think of a way to start my story that shows them, how much I regret not telling them in the first place.

Once we arrived at the main house, I felt a feeling that I haven't felt in months. Nervous. Butterflies were whizzing around my stomach, and my unbeating heart seemed to constrict. All of the Cullen's, and Jacob were seated in the dinning room, with the head chair, and the seat to the left of that unoccupied. Edward proceeded to sit in the chair to the left of the head with Renesmee on his lap. I slowly sat down at the head of the table, and toke a few deep breaths.

The room went into a pregnant silence as I tried to work out what I was going to say. After a while Carlisle realized it was going to take a while for me to be able to start off, so he decided to try and get me to talk by asking me a question. "So why did you need to talk to us Bella?" "I know what's wrong with Renesmee" this peaked everyone's interest. "So what's wrong with here wrong with her Bella?" Rosalie and Jacob asked at the same time. "Well she's teething" "Bella that's impossible she got all her teeth" jasper said. "Well technically she hasn't got her fangs" "Bella, vampires don't have fangs" Emmett said and all the others nodded there heads in agreement "no Emmett cold ones don't have fangs Vampires do. And that's my secret I wasn't human when we meet, I was a 150 year old vampire" "what you lied to me" Edward asked. You could see the pain in his eyes "I didn't mean to I'm sorry" "go on with your story dear" Esme said. "Okay. I was born in mystic falls, Virginia, in 1850 my real name is Isabella Salvatore, I had two older brothers Damon and Stephan. In 1864 a women by the name of Katherine Pierce arrived in town she was a vampire. She instantly started gravitating around my brother Stephan, but when Damon came back from the confederate army; my two brothers started fighting for her hand. When the council members found out about the vampires, the started a plan to round up all the vampires and burn them in the church, but my brothers made a plan to go and save Katherine, but my dad shoot them…" "What how could he kill his own sons" Esme shrieked. "well he thought it was the best thing to do at the time. After my brother deaths, my dad made it so, that they were heroes, the innocent victims of the hunt. Then in the hopes of keeping the Salvatore name, my father sold me off to the highest bidder, in the relationship I had a boy joseph, and a girl lily, I still have a great great great grandson called Zach. I eventually became depressed and ran away; I came upon a couple of vampires called Charlie and Renée, who changed me. I moved around with them until they went there separate ways, and then we come to now. I can't express how sorry I am for lying to you."

"WOW that was different "Emmett said, in true Emmett style. "So how can we help the teething "Carlisle said all business as usual. "Will have to visit my brothers" "but you said they died" "they are dead, but there vampires"