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Warnings: underage sex, and teacher/student relationship in the next two chapters, don't like, don't read, yadayada. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Jade West smirked as she sat at her usual desk next Andre Harris. They had a new English teacher today, and as they were known for, they would give him hell. She leaned back in her chair, waiting for the new teacher to walk in. She was dressed quite modestly today, considering she was the school 'slut'. She hated how girls got labelled no matter what they did. Sure, she fucked a few (a lot) of guys. Sure, she wore very revealing outfits, but that's just who she was.

Their new teacher, Mr Beckett Oliver, walked in, and her eyes immediately widened. 'Talk about eye candy' She thought to herself, smirking. Andre glanced across at her, rolling her eyes. He knew exactly what would happen now; she'd seduce the teacher, the teacher would get caught and he'd be thrown out, and the school would be left looking for another english teacher. It always happened, if the teacher was cute that is. If not, him and Jade just gave the teacher hell till he quit.

Leaning over, Andre mumbled in Jade's ear. "He looks our age...he could push 22, maximum."

"I know." was her short reply, a cocky smirk on her face. Oh yes, Jade was completely aware of how her body affected guys, and by hell did she use it to her advantage.

"Hello class, I'm your new teacher, Mr Oliver. You will address me as Sir, or Mr Oliver. Nothing else." Beck's eyes swept the class. They were all the same, bored, half asleep. Apart from two students at the back, a boy and a girl. The girl had a huge smirk on her face, a smirk that spelled trouble.

The boy who was sat next to the girl was silent one second, then the next he was yelling. "How old are you, sir?" He spoke the sir in a horribly sarcastic tone, which made Beck wince inwardly.

"I'm 23, I graduated early, and finished college last year." Beck replied shortly, before turning to the board and writing down what the classes first project would be. When he turned back around, the boy and girl were passing notes to each other.

"You two, stop passing notes or you both get an hours detention after school!" The girl smirked at him.

"Oh I'm sorry sir, we were just talking about how cute you are." Beck fought back the awkward blush that was springing to his cheeks.

"That's it, detention after school tonight. What's your name?"

"Jadelyn West." She replied, the smirk widening. Beck wrote her name down, then looked back up at her. That smirk...it was sexy, but evil at the same time. Remembering she was his student, and that is is completely illegal for him to think of any of his students this way, he shook his head and continued his lesson.

As the end of the day neared, Beck found himself dreading the detention with Jadelyn, the girl with the sexy smirk. Nevertheless, he waited in his classroom for her after the bell, and as she strutted in and closed the door firmly behind her, he knew he was in for one hell of a detention. As she bent down to put her bag on the floor, he tried desperately not to notice how short her skirt had become. He swore she wasn't wearing that skirt earlier. And oh god, the lacy black thong. Her skirt did nothing to cover her firm, perfect ass and he tried his hardest not to stare, but he was sure his eyes were popping out of his head. All thoughts of her being his student left his head for those few glorious seconds as he stared at her ass. His cock hardened, and that brought him back to reality.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuckitty fuck fuck fuck.

"So...um...we're here for an hour...I want you to sort out those textbooks on the floor over there," As the words left his mouth, he realised how much of a bad idea it was, to ask her to sort out the books on the floor, where she would have to bend over again to get them.

"Of course, sir." She smirked knowingly, as if she knew he had a raging hard-on, got up and went to the textbooks. Sitting against the wall with the textbooks next to her, her legs were spread slightly, and when Beck glanced up from the work he had been marking, his hard-on got worse as he got a glimpse at her shaven pussy. He groaned quietly, his cock so hard it hurt. Gripping his pen so hard his knuckles were white with one hand, he let his other hand drop to his crotch, kneading himself through his pants, searching for some kind of relief from the torture that was his current erection. It wasn't like he could get himself off in school, much less in front of his student. That would guarantee him back on the unemployed list.

"So sir, is this your first teaching job?" Jade asked him casually, glancing up at him through her eyelashes.

Immediately, Beck's mind started thinking from his crotch, as he let his mind wander into the gutter. It was taking every single inch of his self control to keep himself rooted in his seat, and not to fly across the room, pull her up, tear all her clothes off and take her then and there. Sweet baby jesus, she was sexy. Beck bit back a groan as he replied. "Uhh...yes it is.."

He got up from his seat and walked over to her. "You were a naughty girl in class today, passing notes with your friend, whispering, talking inappropriately to your teacher. You need to be punished, Miss West." He pushed her against the wall and kissed down her neck, unbuttoning her shirt slowly. As he popped open the final button of her shirt, she shrugged it off her shoulders and he let his eyes roam across her bra-covered chest. Her bra was so small, her firm breasts nearly spilled out of it every time she took in a sharp breath. Reaching behind her, Beck unhooked the bra quickly and let it fall from her body, his cock getting harder at the sight of her perfect round breasts with her erect nipples. He let his lips roam down the span of her neck, kissing every inch of silky skin that he could before he reached her breast and latched his mouth onto one, running his tongue around her nipple. He sucked on her breast for a minute before he moved away from her, grabbed her hand and pulled her over to his desk. He bent her over it, smirking as he watched her breasts press against the wood of the desk. He tugged down her skirt, smirking more when he saw her glistening pussy in full for the first time. 'God bless commando', he thought to himself as he undid the belt on his pants and let them drop to the floor, pulling his boxers down swiftly after. He ran his hand over one of her ass cheeks, before bringing his hand down swiftly. She gasped in pain, he raised his hand and spanked her again.

"Count them out. You'll get 10 spanks, and you'll thank me for each one. This will be your punishment. If you fail to count one, there will be three more to replace it." Beck smirked, bringing his hand down again.

"O-one. Thank you sir," She gasped out, hissing in pain. He brought his hand down harder, watching her grow wetter as he did.

"Two. Thank you sir.." He continued, three, four and five coming so fast she barely had time to thank him before the next came. His hand came down harder, this time she forgot to count, but still thanked him.

Leaning down, he whispered in her ear. "You forgot to count that one," Running his hand down from her ass cheeks to her dripping cunt, he ran a finger across her slit. "You're enjoying this aren't you? You're enjoying being bent over and spanked by your teacher like a little child," She groaned, practically humping his hand now, trying to get his fingers inside her. He complied and slipped a finger inside her, pumping it quickly before pulling it out and continuing her punishment.

By the time he got to 13 spanks, the 10 original ones and the three she got for forgetting to count one, he was harder than he'd ever been before. Jade was glistening wet, and he was sure he would memorise the image of her like this for a long, long time. Without warning, he slammed his member into her hot, wet pussy, gripping her hips so hard he was sure he'd leave bruises in the shape of his fingernails-

"You look damn horny sir," A snide voice in his ear made him jump and broke him from his fantasy. Blushing bright red, he suddenly realised that he'd cum in his pants without even trying to get himself off. God, that was a hot fantasy. He wondered just how loud he'd been moaning. Beck looked at his student and blushed even brighter.

Stuttering, he dismissed her. "Detention is over, get out."

His final thought as she smirked and left, was that he'd need an extremely cold shower when he got home.

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