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Beck gave her another detention the next day, for attempted seduction of a teacher. Probably not his best move, why didn't he think before that she'd try again? But he didn't. Because his mind was currently constantly reminding himself that she was his student, and not his fuck buddy. Although, he couldn't get his sexy fantasies out of his head all night, his mind full of Jade and her perfect ass and shaven, beautiful pussy that he'd love to fuck so hard she couldn't walk the next day. He'd have loved to have taken her in every way possible, everywhere they could until she'd had so much pleasure she just couldn't take anymore and passed out.

God, he'd love that.

But she's his student. Therefore, completely and utterly out of bounds. So he'll have to make do with feeling like a hormonal teenage boy again and jerk off when he's home alone in his apartment to his secret sexual fantasies. Which he feels completely ashamed about, but they're just so damn hot he can't resist...it's either jerk off, or go to a strip club and hire a stripper. Which, if a student caught him in a strip club, would ruin his career for good. Because he's not willing to lower his standers to picking up some poor girl off the street corner, who probably doesn't even want to be there in the first place. Not like strippers really want to be there, but they seem more willing.

As he walks into his classroom to wait for Jadelyn, he notices she's already sat there waiting. He swallows. Her outfit seemed to have gotten shorter, if that was even possible. He could clearly see her red lacy bra through her seethrough shirt, and oh lord, she will be the death of him.

"Mr Smith, the old English teacher, told me of your..uh...situation." She gets up and walks over to his desk, leaning on it. Her breasts pushed together and her cleavage was completely visible.

"My situation?" Her eyebrows raised slowly.

"Yes. Your constant skipping of class, your falling grades and your distaste in completing your homework assignments." He stumbled over his words, his eyes looking anywhere but at Jade.

"Maybe I just need a tutor.." She bites down on her lip seductively, looking up at him through her eyelashes. Beck cleared his throat and tried to keep his eyes away from the girl in front of him, the girl who was possibly the sexiest girl he'd ever seen. He picks up a few pieces of paper and shoves them in her hands.


"What is this?"

"Extra credit assignment," He replied, sitting down in his chair.

"Aren't these optiona-" He cut her off.

"Not in your position, Miss West."

"What position are we talking about here? I'm sure you'll find I'm extremely flexible." Beck bit his lip hard at her words, biting back the moan that threatened to surface. A tent was growing in his pants again, and oh god curse you Jadelyn.

Jade was watching his face, a smirk on her own as she watched his flustered expression. She was being extremely forward, but she wanted him. And intended to get him. Teacher or not. She didn't care how she got him, whether through blackmail or another way.

"I...uh...I expect that on my desk on Thursday morning before first class. No later. I suggest you do it, if you want to pass this semester and stand any chance of moving up a grade next year. You are dismissed. You'll make up your other detention with Mr Yates tomorrow."

She turned on her heel and strutted out of the classroom; a moan escaped his lips as he watched her go.

When he went into class the next day, he found a lacy black thong lying on his chair. A black thong that he recalled Jadelyn West wearing two days ago.

'Curse that little minx' Beck thought to himself, stuffing the thong in his top drawer before any of his students saw it. As Jade walked in, he shot her a lustful gaze then a quick glare before lust glazed over his eyes again. He sat down and placed a textbook on his lap to hide his growing erection, glaring at her more. Good god, he'd have an hard-on for the duration of this class, an erection that seemed to be getting harder and more painful by the second as his fantasies sprang back to mind.

Then he noticed her outfit.

Her hair was tied up in pigtails, a short grey skirt, a white button up shirt and a black tie loosely tied around her neck. She had knee high socks on and black stilettos, and good god was she trying to kill him? She had a lollipop in her mouth, she was sucking and running her tongue around it and good god he wanted her to do that to his cock. He wanted to be that piece of candy so badly.

She really had gone for the innocent school girl look today. And that seemed to make her so much hotter. But it was completely illegal and that he should not be looking at her like this and she had that knowing smirk on her face again, the sexy smirk that turned him on so much.

Good god.

Fighting back the multiple fantasies of him bending her over his desk, taking her in the shower, against the wall, on the bonnet of his car, anywhere and everywhere; he somehow managed to ignore his throbbing manhood and teach the class. After class, he told he to wait behind, shut and locked the door then sat back at his desk, ignoring that she could see his hard-on.

Pulling the thong out of his top drawer, Jade's smirk grew. "What is this?" Beck raised an eyebrow at her.

"It's my thong, I thought you might like it." She smirked seductively at him and he nearly melted. No Beck, no. This is illegal. You do not want to go to prison for life, and you want to keep your morals, remember?

"I don't like it actually.." His voice was strained as he thrust the thong back into her hands. Without warning, Jade hopped onto his desk and hooked her legs behind his back, locking her ankles together. He could clearly see up her skirt and, oh god she wasn't wearing anything under the skirt. He could clearly see her pussy. Swallowing, he tried his hardest to will his cock back down, which was currently straining against his pants.

"You know sir, you can touch if you like," Jade whispered in his ear, watching as he restrained his hands.

"N-no, I don't touch underage women, whether they're my students or otherwise," He reached behind him and unhooked her legs, gently pushing her off his desk. She hopped onto his lap, grinding her sex on him gently.

"I can tell you want to.." She smirked at him, pressing a light kiss to his collarbone. She looked into his eyes for a second, then their lips crashed onto each other's. After a fierce kiss, they broke apart, Beck's eyes widening in horror.

"Oh shit...I shouldn't have kissed you...shit.." Jade rolled her eyes, leaning in for another kiss. Beck shook his head violently and got up, moving back quickly.

"Get out, now! And tell nobody!" He mumbled, his voice shaking slightly. He was absolutely terrified someone would find out he kissed his student.

The next morning, a note lay on his desk.

Sleep with me, and nobody finds out. When student's kiss teachers, somebody always gets HURT. That's a promise I'll keep. -J.

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