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Chapter 1

Team-building, huh. What a waste of time, what a stupid way to spend a whole week! Teresa Lisbon couldn't help but feel angry at her boss. Why couldn't he leave them alone? They were a perfectly harmonius and successful team. They could work together without any issues… Except Jane, of course. But she could handle him on head own, without any kind of team-buliding! She went on courses about this too and she was sure they didn't need this…

But still, here she was, in her apartment, preparing herself to spend a week with her team. Practically in the middle of nowhere.

When she told them that they had to go on a holiday together she could see on their faces what they thought. VanPelt was optimistic as always and Rigsby was with her. Lisbon managed to catch a grimace on Cho's face and she smiled at him sympathetically. She felt the same way. But what surprised her most was Jane's reaction. He seemed almost excited about it…

Lisbon looked at her suitcase, full of clothes but still open on her bed. She sighed and turned to her closet. She had no idea how she will survive this but she had a feeling that this won't be good…

„Come on Lisbon, it will be great!" Jane whined into her ear but she turned her head away. She stared out of the window and rolled her eyes. She knew he was planning something but she couldn't work out what it was.

„Look Jane, if I have to spend the whole week with you I tell you it's better if you behave. Otherwise, I swear I will hit you!" she told him calmly, her voice had an obvious threatening edge.

Rigsby and Cho chuckled on the backseat and even VanPelt couldn't hold back a smile.

„Okay, okay…I just thought that it might be good for all of us if you don't act so grumpily." Jane said and he raised his hands in surrender.

Lisbon, who was driving the SUV sighed and decided not to comment.

When they arrived neither of them could say anything. They were standing in front of a wooden house, the garden ended in the forest.

„Well, I guess this is it… At least nothing will bother us!" Lisbon said and she walked up the stairs to the front door. She pulled out the key she got from Bertram and opened the house.

They all stepped inside and glanced around in the hall curiously. The house was wooden inside too and when they hang their coats they headed to the living room. There was a fireplace and two big couches in front of it. At the wall there were bookshelfs and in a corner there was an old radio. As Lisbon looked out of the window she saw the road where they came from and noticed that it started to rain.

Perfect! She thought.

They went up the stairs and found five bedrooms on the next two floors.

„Okay, so you guys will have the three room downstairs and VanPelt and me will sleep up here!" Lisbon told the team and apart from Jane they all nodded.

the blond headed consultant went into one of the rooms and looked out of the window. Lisbon looked at him with rised eyebrows when Jane turned around.

„Hey Grace!" he said and VanPelt eyed him suspiciously.


„Does the sight really important to you?" he asked and Lisbon could see on Grace's featured that she had no idea what Jane was talking about. Not that Lisbon could blame her. It wasn't unusual that Jane talked crap.

„Ehhmm…No, I think…" Grace answered, unsure about the meaning of the question.

„Great! Then you wouldn't mind a switch in out rooms, would you?" Jane beamed at her and finally Grace understood his goal.

„Of course not Jane! You can have this room!" she said, the well-known Grace-generosity in her voice.

„Thanks VanPelt, that's really nice of you!" Jane grinned at her. „What do we have to do today?" he asked from Lisbon and the whole team turned to their leader, all curious about their schedule.

„Actually, the day is ours…We can pack out and meet the place. Tomorow we are going to a little hiking in the forest!" Lisbon announced „You can go now!" she waved and her team turned around and headed for the stairs. they went back to the car to get their bags.

Jane capered behind Lisbon with a huge grin on his face. He knew he was going to have fun this week, he had been waiting for it all weekend.

Of course, Lisbon noticed his cheerfulness and glared at him.

„What are you so happy about?" she asked.

„Well, my dear Lisbon just think about it! Isn't this going to be great? A whole week with my beloved team, not to mention my fearless, lovely boss. And oh, I almost forgot the best part, we are going to be floormates!" he exclaimed in mock indignation that she wasn't as excited as he was.

„There is no such thing as 'floormate'!" Lisbon stated as she leaned into the back of the car to get her stuff. When she was out again she found herself looking straight into Partick Jane's sparkling eyes and smirking face.

„Sure there is! We are floormates, it's going to be so good! You'll see… We will wake each other up and have nightovers and..I'll …" he cluttered and barely could contain his laughter when he saw how more and more pissed off she got with every word that left his mouth. „I'll sing you a lullaby and make you hot chocolate if you can't sleep and…" he continued.

„That's enough Jane! If you dare to do just one of these, I say again, just one I swear to you I will throw you out of the window!" she snapped. She turned on her heels and marched towards the front door. But she wasn't that lucky.

„Come on Lisbon!" she heard Jane's whining. He quickly got his backpack out of the car and jogged after her. He caught up with her at the front stairs. „I was just joking…Of course if you happen to find difficulties in falling asleep, I would be more than happy to help!" he winked at her and Lisbon rolled her eyes.

She climbed the stairs and stormed into her room. It was nice brown, with wooden furniture and wooden floor. The curtain was beige and the bedding was the color of cream. She had to admit, she fell in love with the room in the moment she saw it.

Lisbon threw herself on the bed with a childish smile and lay on her back for a few minutes. Maybe this won't be so horrible. In fact, it could be nice to have some real rest and relax away from work and far away from the city. She will have some trouble controlling Jane, and she had a feeling he is going to behave worse than at work. For once she hoped she was wrong.

Lisbon didn't know how long she was lying like that but suddenly a soft knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. She sit up and looked at the half open door. Jane had his head poked in and he was grinning at her wickedly.

„Having fun, Lisbon?" he asked and without asking he stepped inside the room.

„Yeah, I was actually quite good until you came in…" she teased him and shot him and icy glare.

„Well, I'm hurt!" he pouted and with a smirk he sat into one of the armchairs near the window.

Lisbon stood from the bed and sat next to him. The warmness of the fireplace was like a gentle touch on her skin.

„So, what do you want, Jane?" she asked, quite sure that he showed up because he had someting in mind. Right as she expected it he tilted his head and crossed his arms over his chest, he rised an eyebrow and looked at her.

„Why do you think I want someting when I come to you?" he asked.

„You don't want anything?" she asked in return and his smile widened as a sign 'Challenge accepted!'.

„Maybe I just want to have some time with you!" he told her. The truth behind the teasing was clear and it made Lisbon's heart swell.

„My experiences doesn't show that…" she informed him and she grinned.

„Your experiences…Would you be able to judge me by your experiences?" he rolled his eyes.

„Yep. Sure!" she nodded and when she saw his heartbroken expression she couldn't help any more and she broke out into laughter. „So, what is it?" she chuckled.

„I was actually thinking you might like to watch a movie with me…" he told her honestly, seeing that he kind of won this little game.

Lisbon listed her options. Watching a movie with Jane or lying here all day long, and doing noting in particular. She was about to reject his offer when she glanced up at him. His face was so pleading and hoping that she could barely contain her surprised squeak. She smiled and finally nodded when she saw how important it was to him. She was curious why did it matter to him this much, and there was only one way to find out.

„Okay, what will we watch?" she asked, finding herself suddenly excited about it. Maybe it won't be so bad to do someting. In fact, she could rest during the movie too.

„I was thinking about watching Mirrors. I've never seen it and…" Jane said eyeing her seriously.

„No way! Forget what I said earlier. I'm certainly not going to watch a horror with you Jane, and definetely not here!" she said, gaping. Then he bursted out into laughs and suddenly she realized he was playing her. „Go to Hell Patrick Jane!" she chuckled too and hit him playfully on the arm. He could barely speak because laughing, his tears flowed down his face and his eyes were sparkling. „Okay, it wasn't that funny…" she scowled and rolled her eyes, though she couldn't hide her smile. She loved to see him this carefree.

„You didn't see your own face…It was priceless!" Jane chuckled. He wiped his face with his palm and sniffled, still grinning.

„But now you had your fun I'll have mine, your punishment will be that I get to choose the movie!" she said and winked. His mouth fell open in mock panic and he shook his head.

„Oh no, no! Please my God, don't hate me so much! Don't do this with me! I have to watch a movie chosen by Teresa Lisbon." He held out his hands like he was praying and he looked up on the ceiling. He grimaced and made a suffering face then he glared at her mischieviously. „So, what's the penalty? I have to watch Casablanca with you?" he asked sarcastically. She pressed her lips together and looked at him angrily. Or at least she tried…

„Why, Jane what is wrong with Casablanca? It's a classic and actually I like it! But of course the Famous Patrick Jane doesn't like anything like that…" she teased him. He gasped and lifted his hand to his mouth. He blinked at her with an unbelieving expression.

„You didn't just…" he held back his laughter and looked at her sternly. „Just so you know Lisbon, I do like Casablanca. It's a well made old movie and it's not accidental that it's a classic." He told her.

„Okay, then you say you would be happy to watch it?" she asked, playing along his game.

„Sure! But how are we going to watch it? You have it with yourself?" he asked pretending to be calm and interested.

„Yeah…sure I always carry it wherever I go!" Lisbon snapped, finally laughing. She didn't want to watch Casablanca. She liked it a lot but she wouldn't ever tell Jane that! „So seriously, what are we going to watch?" she asked again, really curious.

„I was thinking about The muppets..," he said slowly, thinking over his answer.

„Really? That stupid thing made last year?" she asked in disbelief.

„Oh, no! Of course not!" he shook his head and for a moment she was relieved, but then his answer came and she regretted that she had agreed to watch a movie with him. „I meant the old one, the original!" he grinned at her.

„Jane, seriously? We are not 8-years-olds, we are adults! You really want to watch a cartoon?" she questioned him with a slight scowl.

„It will be fun Lisbon! I bet you will love it…" he stated.

„Oh sure…" she rolled her eyes and laughed. „Okay, did I even have another choice?" she raised her shoulders slightly in surrender.

„Not too much…" he winked and patted the arm of her chair as he stood up. „Ok, I should get going now and let you continue to enjoy your room…" he chuckled. „See you in half an hour in my room!" he called back from the door.

Lisbon leaned back in her chair and stared out of the window. It was really beautiful out there but she could almost feel the chills on her skin as her eyes wandered over the trees and bushes. She thanked God that she had the warm fire just next to her to warm her up.

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