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Patrick Jane lay on his favorite couch in the CBI bullpen. There was quiet chatter around him, just the usual banter from Cho and Rigsby, sometimes with the comments of VanPelt. They were doing paperwork for days now and it was driving Jane crazy. He was bored and he had nothing to entertain him. Lisbon was in her office, the blinds closed. Sometimes the boss came and went in, then after a few minutes disappeared again. The team hadn't seen Lisbon since this morning when she came out for a coffee.

Jane sighed and went into the kitchen. He made a tea for himself and automatically glanced in the direction of Lisbon's office on his way back to his couch. He sipped his drink and looked at Cho. The agent felt his stare and looked up, raising his eyebrows in a silent question.

"You want to play a game?" Jane asked even though he already knew the answer. Cho didn't even bother to say it out loud; he just turned back to his work with a roll of his eye.

Jane grimaced and he heard Grace chuckle. He started to tap his feet on the floor, first randomly then making a rhythm. He was really starting to get into it when he heard Rigsby's growl.

"Jane, stop it!" the man's voice was tired and suddenly Jane felt a bit guilty. It was one thing that he was bored, but the others haf been doing paperwork all week. It must have been hell for them.

Jane put his cup down and pulled out his phone. He decided it was time to cheer Lisbon up. She was probably just as fed up with work as everyone else. He thought for a second before he composed the text. He typed quickly, impatient to see her response..

'Hi Lisbon! I bet you're just as bored as me... Let's lighten up this day! J.'

He sent it and crossed his fingers, hoping that she wouldn't just ignore it.

It seemed like hours until his phone finally vibrated in his pocket, signaling that he had a message. Jane opened the new text from Lisbon eagerly.

'You read my mind, as always! I'm open to suggestions here...L.'

Jane could barely repress his excited squeak. He had a mischievous smirk on his face as he thought about the answer. Then, his fingers ran over the buttons.

'You know, I can't help but wonder what lingerie you're wearing today... Please tell me it's that sexy green lace underwear!'

He held his breath when he sent it. He was ready for an outburst. He glanced up to Lisbon's door, expecting her to storm out and yell at him at any moment. Even though he was just teasing her, she might have been in a bad mood. When she didn't appear in the bullpen, he let out a sigh of relief. However, when she didn't answer for a few minutes he started to squirm in his seat. Why didn't she answer? Did he hurt her feelings? Did she think it was rude? Was she so angry that she had to repress her anger like this? Or maybe she hadn't read it...?

He was starting to get disappointed that maybe she wasn't up for a little playing today when his phone lit up. He grabbed it with childish happiness. His breath hitched in his throat when he read it, and he gripped his phone so tightly that his knuckles became white.

'Sorry, but I have to say I'm not. That green one is in the laundry. Today I'm wearing my panties with text declaring 'Jane's' on it...;)'

He gulped and had a hard time staying where he was. He kept telling himself that they were at work; he couldn't just run into her office and make out with her. Jane still couldn't believe that Lisbon was text flirting with him! His boss, the pocket rocket of the CBI, the always serious and tough Senior Agent Lisbon! So much had changed since the little teambuilding trip they went on...

He convinced himself that it was only fair if she teased him back. Though two could play that game...
'That is so hot! Makes me want you even more. But I think you might be interested that I'm not wearing any kind of underwear...'

He almost laughed when he hit send. He could see the interested eyes of the team members. He looked up and caught VanPelt's head snapping back to her papers. He grinned and stood up again. With cup in hand, he made his way back into the kitchen. He needed some privacy as he was already bracing himself for her answer. He could only imagine what she would write...

Jane didn't expect her to come out of her office, though. So he was surprised when he heard her footsteps and then the opening of her office door. He stepped closer to the bullpen so he could see her.

"Jane! In here! Now!" he heard Lisbon's urgent voice. If he didn't know better he would have thought that she was mad. When he walked into the bullpen, their eyes met. He saw the playful glint in her eyes, but her face did seem angry. He immediately understood and knew that he needed to play along. He hissed a little when he hurried towards her office and made a guilty-but-trying-to-seem-innocent face. Lisbon went back into her office and as he approached he couldn't make out her form because of the blinds.

"Somebody's in trouble..." he heard Rigsby muttering before he entered the office.

He closed the door after himself and turned around, looking at Lisbon who was walking towards him.

Her eyes were wild, a fire was glowing deep in the green. It made his stomach twist, the need for her spreading in his body. He stepped forward and met her lips with matching passion, his arms closing around her as he pressed her into him.

When they pulled back, just enough to get some air, he kissed a light, wet trail up to her ear.


Lisbon shivered and her fingers, that were tangled in his hair the moment his lips landed on hers, now started to wander south.

"Did you say something about no underwear?" she whispered breathlessly.

"Did I?" he murmured, teasing her earlobe. She groaned and started to unbuckle his belt.

"Let's find out..." she gasped and before he could bite her neck she turned her head and kissed him deeply.


Ten minutes later Lisbon's door opened and Jane came out, Lisbon following him closely. His face was serious but he had a cocky little sparkle in his eyes.

"Liar!" Lisbon muttered disappointedly to him.

"Well my dear, you don't wear panties with the text 'Jane's' either, so you don't get to complain..." he grinned at her as they made their way towards the kitchen.

"Do I have one?" she asked amusedly "Think, Jane! I thought you were good at that..." she mocked him when she stopped in front of the coffee machine. She turned to him with a sassy face, one eyebrow arched incredulously.

"Oh I am. Only I can't when you write such things...God, so sexy..." he shut his eyes with a delighted expression and stepped behind Lisbon, crowding her. He put his hands on her hips and she sucked in a breath.

"Jane! We're at work..." she warned him.

"We weren't ten minutes ago?" he purred into her ear, his hot breath caressing her skin.

"Jane, this is a public room," she moaned desperately when his mouth started to work on her neck. He kissed, bit, then lapped it all up with a slide of his tongue. "Anybody could walk right in and see us!" she whimpered.
"And? I don't care Lisbon! When do you want to tell them anyway?" he asked, his lips hovering over her shoulder.

"Soon, Jane... It's just... It's still so new for me and..." she explained and turned to him. He was still standing so close and she looked directly into his eyes. They were full of understanding and love. "And even when we tell them, you can't do this!" she told him, motioning between the two of them. He pursed his lips together in a pout but took a step back.

A beeping told Lisbon that her coffee was ready and she turned her back to Jane to get the cup out of the machine.

"And now, as much as I hate it, I have to get back to paperwork..." she sighed and she started for her office. Before she could leave the kitchen, Jane snatched her wrist and spun her around, almost causing her to splash her coffee on herself. "Jane!" she squeaked but she didn't have time to say anything else because his lips were on hers. He kissed her gently, his sweet mouth consoling her in a way. He broke the kiss after a moment, pressing a peck on her lip one last time. "Thank you!" she murmured with still closed eyes.

"I love you!" he told her and she smiled.

„I love you too!"

They pulled away from each other and walked into the bullpen side by side.

Rigsby and VanPelt looked up as they entered and greeted their boss with a grin. Cho also waved when he glanced up. Jane was just about to pass by Grace's desk to settle back on his couch when the redhead cleared her throat. He stopped and Lisbon, who was going a step after him, bumped into Jane a bit.

He turned his head to her, looking straight into her eyes.

"Ehm..Jane...Your zipper..." she muttered, entirely too embarrassed as she motioned towards his pants. "Yeah, and Boss your blouse...eh, you missed a button..." she pointed at her own chest.

Jane chuckled and quickly pulled up his zipper. He looked over at Lisbon who was buttoning her shirt with a deeply red face. Her blush covered her cheeks and the sides of her neck. Jane thought she was adorable ,but he also knew that Lisbon wished she could disappear right then. When she glanced up, their eyes met and he saw a hidden smile in her sparkling green ones. He grinned widely and leaned to her.

"I guess at least we don't have to worry about telling them, do we?" he said to her quietly and Lisbon rolled her eyes. Her pursed lips trembled as she tried to repress her own smile.

Grace stared at them with amazement and happiness on her face. Her beaming couldn't be any more obvious and her eyes were shining even when she looked away, giving the two a little privacy. Rigsby and Cho just gaped at her. They couldn't really believe what they saw. The taller agent searched VanPelt's eyes and when she finally turned towards him he raised his eyebrow. The redhead nodded and covered her mouth with her hand to contain her laughter. Cho, the always cool and moderate Agent Cho, stared at his boss shamelessly. His eyes were the size of saucers when Jane leaned close to Lisbon and pressed a chaste kiss to the corner of her mouth. She glanced up at him from under her eyelashes with a caring and loving look before she taking a step back.

Jane waited until Lisbon was in the doorway of her office. Then he jogged after her and, in the intensive stare of their friends, he stepped in front of her, blocking her entryway.

"Jane, let me in..." she murmured in a warning tone, but an amused smile was hiding under her serious expression.

"Wait, if they know it..." he nodded towards the bullpen, "does that mean I get to do this?" he asked before kissing her again, this time full on the lips.

Lisbon let out a muffled moan as the sudden move pushed her back against her door. Her right hand was still clutching her coffee cup and she had to remind herself that it was there in order not to drop it. However, her other hand came up involuntarily and grasped the curls at the back of Jane's head. His teeth grazed her bottom lip and her eyes rolled back into her head. This man's lips could do magic...

They stood like that for a few moments before Lisbon came back to reality. She pushed at Jane's chest until he pulled back with one last kiss.

"No, you can't do that!" she chuckled and pushed him at least a step away from her. Just in case. He had a smug little grin on his face as he allowed her to put some space between them.

"Do I get to take you out tonight, then?" he asked then, the idea of a nice, romantic dinner forming in his head. Maybe even candles; he wasn't sure yet...

"I'll think about it!" she winked. He looked after her while she made her way to her desk, her door wide open. Jane leaned on the frame and watched her with a grin.

"You can't deny it; you enjoyed it too!" he told her. Without looking up from her desk, she snorted. Jane laughed as he started to walk away. "I love you too!" he shouted back, halfway to his couch. "Hello, Sir!" he greeted Lisbon's boss with cheer and plopped down into his usual spot.

"Agen Lisbon? Do you have a minute? I guess you have something to tell me..." Jane heard the boss' voice when the man called out to Lisbon.

"Ooohhh…" Jane murmured suspiciously as he repressed a chuckle and snuggled into his pillow, making himself comfortable, preparing for the upcoming "show"...

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