Hey so this is my first Footloose fanfic and well I am kind of proud of it. I am normally a twilight writer, but since I love Footloose(2011) so much I wrote this. I know it is not the best ever. If anyone from my twilight stories is reading this well I am trying to finish the chapters quickly, but I have no idea how to finish them. Sorry anyway READ AND ENJOY! I love all my fans!


Footloose FanFic

Ren and Ariel

Summary- Ariel is waiting for her hero to appear while she dances the night away in her room. One-Shot.


"Where have all the good men gone. And where are the gods?

Where's the streetwise fight the rising odds?" I sang as I twirled around my room. My long brown hair moved with me as I waited for him.

"Ariel! Your mother and I are going out to eat. That means no visitors or leaving the house while we are gone" I heard my father yell.

"Okay" I yelled back. I don't really care what they tell me to do. It's like not I actually listen to them all the time.

"Isn't there a white knight

Upon a fiery steed?

Late at night I toss and turn

And dream of what I need" I sang as I spun twice then I landed on the floor with a 'thud'.

"Ow!" I shrieked checking out my hand as pain shot through it several times as I moved it.

"I think you hurt your hand" I heard.

"Ahhh" I screamed then I realized it was Ren standing in my room's doorway.

"Sorry, I thought you heard me come up here" he apologized.

"Well I was hurt and in pain so my ears where turned off" I huffed while pulling myself off the floor. He chuckled and came to me, but not before he kissed my cheek.

"Well since it was my fault I will get an ice bag" he whispered. Then he walked down the stairs. I realized my iPod was still playing 'Holding out for a Hero' by Ella Mae Bowen. I grabbed my controller for my iHome, but was unable to turn off the speakers because Ren scooped me up in him arms. As we whirled around my room I felt happiness and I don't feel that all the time. Ren stopped.

"I'm dizzy" he said as he sat on my bed with me in his arms.

"Is your hand feeling better?" he asked with a smile. He knew I had completely forgot about my pain.

"Yep" I said with a bit of twang. I felt Ren get up then sit again. I realized he had laid us down and his eyes were closing slowly. I felt my eyes grow heavy and close.

I was in a black room with lit candles surrounding me.

"This is a strange dream" I commented as I noticed myself dressed in a white flowly dress. Then I heard music, not just any music, but 'Holding out for a Hero' by Ella Mae Bowen. I felt my body start to dance and spin like a top. I spoke no words I just showed a story in my dancing. After a while I saw Ren standing across the room in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. I ran to him, however when I got to him he lifted me above his head. Slowly yet graceful he placed me back on the ground and we slow danced the night away.

"Ariel. Ariel wake up" I heard someone say repeatedly as my dream stage disappeared with my Ren.

"Ariel, wake up! Time for church!" I opened my eyes to see my father standing there.

"What happened to your hand? It's purple!" he asked.

"Oh I fell" I said sleepily while wondering where Ren was.

"Oh. Well get ready for church. You have an hour" he said while leaving my room. I moved my non purple hand then I felt a piece of paper. Quickly I grabbed it and realized Ren left it for me.

Went home. See you at church


It was simple, but it was Ren. I was always holding out for some hero with powers, but my hero was Ren. I smiled thinking how much better my day would be because of him. He will always be a hero in my eyes.