The Interrogation 'continues'

Just an interesting idea I had while daydreaming. Not sure how far I'm willing to take this, but we'll see to which I'd also like to say this will have some lemon bits so be warned as I don't exactly write lemons. Obviously this story won't fit anywhere in the canon universe. So just go with it I guess.

Prologue: After the village wide tournament of hide and seek, the results were in. As the rules set forth by the Hokage herself, the losing team must now act as a servant for the winning team for week as in relation to the person they were paired with. As Naruto was the winner of this tournament, we follow his story for his one week vacation with Hinata as his servant in the land of snow.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters associated with it.



The Interrogation of Naruto Uzumaki

~ Konoha (Hyuga Estate) ~

At this time Hinata was humming happily to herself as she was packing for the week's getaway with her precious Naruto as she was making sure she had everything with her. "One week at a hot spring alone with Naruto-kun" as a faint blush began to form. "I wonder what Naruto-kun will have me do" as her mind then started to drift off.

~ Daydreaming ~

"Is my uniform to your liking Naruto-sama?" questioned Hinata as apparently the only thing she was wearing at this time was an apron and nothing else.

Naruto nodded happily to this while giving a smirk. "Yes Hinata-chan. The uniform I gave you is most wonderful indeed".

At that statement, the Hyuga heiress giggled to this. "So Naruto-sama, what would you like to do? Have dinner? Enter the bath? Or" as a blush formed looking away while fidgeting a bit, "me?" to which she gave a petite smile.

"That's easy Hinata-chan" as Naruto gave his sunny smile. "If I take you to the bath then I can do all three at the same time".

"Naruto-sama" to which in the next moment she was scooped up bridal style as the duo soon found themselves in the hot spring to which Naruto soon laid her in the water as he soon stripped himself to join her. "Naruto-sama . . . ."

Then soon enough the blond stepped into the water as he softly held her shoulders while leaning down to kiss her. At first slow, but soon the intensity began to pick up as Naruto's tongue began to intertwine with hers as his hands slowly caressed the sides of her body. But soon his hands began to shape themselves around the sides of Hinata's breasts. Taking his time, he folded the apron in exposing the pale girl's chest as the fabric was held between her cleavage.

"Naruto-sama, this is so embarrassing".

"Don't be" simply smiled Naruto as he began leaning in again for another kiss. "You're very beautiful Hinata-chan as my eyes are going to be on you and only you for this entire week" to which his right hand then began to creep down to her womanhood.

As this was going on, "Naruto-sama . . . ." as the Hyuga heiress was melting away in Naruto's arms.

"Stop drooling".


~ End of Daydream ~

Hinata soon blinked at this as she looked to the door to see her little sister leaning against it as she was looking to her nonchalantly. "I said stop drooling. It's a rather unsettling sight to see Hinata-neesan".

At seeing some drool at the side of her face, she quickly wiped it off as she recomposed herself. "Hanabi-chan, did father send you here to tell me something?"

"No, father already understands the situation to where and why you are going".

"Then what is it Hanabi-chan?"

"I still don't understand why you're still fawning over that blond idiot" said the young Hyuga rather bluntly. "Although he is the hero of Konoha, trained under one of the great sages, and is kind of charming in his own way to which he does have his own female fan club . . . ."

"Please don't call Naruto-kun that and aside from that, what are you talking about?"

Hanabi then gave a somewhat bored expression as she walked up to her sister's desk lifting up a plushy of a certain blond jinchuriki. "Come on Hinata-neesan, it's no secret that you like this idiot to which I'm pretty certain the entire village must already know this besides the idiot himself".

"That's not entirely true . . . ." as Hinata recalled her bold confession within the face of death.

"Well if that's true then why hasn't he responded yet?"

This caused Hinata to become stiff as she looked to her sister.

"And besides, from what I hear in rumors he still like Tsunade-sama's apprentice Sakura" to which this caused Hinata to look even more downcast. At seeing her sister's depressed state, Hanabi let out a soft sigh. "Neesan, I'm not saying all this just to be mean. I'm just saying . . . . Don't hope for too much" to which with that she left leaving Hinata alone to think.

"Naruto-kun still likes Sakura-san . . . ." as her eyes started to get a bit watery. Of course she knew this to be fact as he always talked about her whenever he wasn't eating ramen or doing missions. "But . . . . If I truly love Naruto-kun then I should respect how he feels and accept things as they are . . . . But I still have to know how he feels . . . ." to which she then looked up as an interesting idea came to mind. "Perhaps I can find out this way".

~ Konoha (east gate) ~

Naruto waited for Hinata as he was excited about his trip to Yukigakure as Genma and two other ninjas were going to teleport them there using their modified hiraishin. "I can't wait to see how everyone is doing there. I wonder if it'll be snowing or spring. But I guess a soak would feel better in the winter." He then placed his hand to his chin as he continued his thoughts. "Hmm, I guess while I'm there I should probably visit Koyuki and get her to autograph the new Icha Icha Paradise movie. Kakashi-sensei would just die to get his hands on that". But then continuing his musing, a calm smile began to form. "Some time to spend with Hinata alone . . . . I guess this should be a good time to get to know her some more".

"Oi Naruto! Stop standing around daydreaming like that!"

The blond jinchuriki then stopped as he turned to see Sakura standing behind him looking to him sternly. "Sakura-chan? What are you doing here? I thought you didn't have any missions at the moment?"

"Well" as Sakura looked away rubbing the back of her head. "Hinata asked me to accompany you on this trip and before you go off asking Tsunade-sama, she already gave the approval for me to go in her stead".

"Huh?" as Naruto's eyebrow rose at this. "Why can't Hinata come? Did something happen?"

Sakura then looked to him dead in the eye. "Look something came up to which she had to get to. So she asked me to keep you company instead".

"I thought you played the game too. Weren't you supposed to be paired with someone?"

"No, Tsunade-sama had me running errands for her that day. So I didn't participate in the games".

"I see then" as Naruto scratched his head to this. "I guess we better get going then" as he gave his usual smile to which Sakura gave a simple nod too.

As Sakura stood there, "I'm so sorry for lying to you like this Naruto-kun". In truth the pink kunoichi was Hinata under henge. Out of everybody in the world, Naruto was the last person she wanted to deceive. However, "I really need to know how Naruto-kun feels. If for not . . . . He'll still like Sakura-san's company better than mine". So in order to sell the deception for the week, she needed to impersonate Sakura to the best of her ability and hope that Naruto wouldn't be any the wiser. Although she was happy to have this time with him, she was saddened that it wouldn't be in the manner she'd like it to be as she wouldn't be herself. "But I need to know".

However contrary to her belief Naruto was already quite suspicious of what he was witness to thus far. Even if he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, he definitely knew when someone was trying to pull a fast one over him. At this train of thought, "if this isn't Sakura-chan then who is she?" From everything he saw so far, whoever this person was knew his pink teammate well enough to perfectly impersonate her to which literally he would have never known the difference if this were a few years back. But this being the case, there was one quick way to find out. "Let's see what sage mode has to say about you". Just gaining enough power to ID the ninja, his eyes widened slightly to this. "Hinata? But why would she go through the trouble of henging into Sakura-chan and make up such a story?" Looking at the lack of information, he decided to question 'Sakura' once more. "It's weird don't you think? This week should have been cleared for ninjas who played the game. I wonder if something happened to Hinata? I kind of wanted to spend this week with her".

'Sakura' showed visible signs of trouble, but quickly corrected herself. "Naruto-kun wanted to spend time with me?" to which she mentally shook her head too. "Well she didn't really tell me. All I heard is that she needed me to take her place and keep you company for the week or something like that".

Naruto simply blinked at this to which he internally chuckled as he now had an idea to why Hinata was doing this. "Let's see how long she can last then".

"We're ready to teleport you" said Genma. "It's time for you two to get going now" to which both Naruto and Sakura stepped in between the three ninjas. "I'm pretty sure you should know this already, but although we'll get you there you're going to have to take a ship back to which I'm pretty sure the Hokage has already paid for".

"Yes" nodded Naruto.

"Alright then, so have a good time you two" to which they were gone.

~ Yukigakure ~

"I guess they're in winter season at the moment" half chuckled Naruto. At this time the pair seemed to have landed themselves in the middle of a snow heap as it was snowing all around them.

"It's cold" shook Hinata as she hugged herself trying to retain any warmth she could. Granted her real form wore a coat, but that was just testament to how cold it was. "I should have really dressed more warmly". But then she felt warmth drape her back side as she saw a pair of arms locked in front of her. Looking back, Naruto's face was up close to her to whom she tried her best not to blush or faint for the matter. "Must keep focused! Must keep focused!", "Naruto what are you doing?"

"You said you were cold right? If we keep together like this we should be fine" the blond simply smiled. "I wonder how she'll react" he inwardly smirked. He was well aware of Hinata's fainting spells. After learning of the Hyuga heiress's feelings for him he finally understood why Hinata always acted so strangely around him. For this reason, he saw his week vacation with Hinata as the perfect opportunity to better know her as well as sort out his feelings for her. But since things had turned out like this, "I wonder what she'll do next" as he figured he might as well have fun with this.

"Naruto-kun's holding me . . . ." to which Hinata tried her hardest not to act like herself. So in attempting to stay focused, "We can't move if you keep holding me like this. So the faster we get going the faster we'll arrive there".

"Actually I think I have a better idea. How about I carry you there and that way we can keep each other warm".

"Ehh?" But before she could protest, she was instantly scooped into a piggyback ride which caused the pale girl to grow delirious in embarrassment, happiness, and excitement all at the same time. "I don't think this was a good idea after all" she then panicked as her eyes began to swirl. "I shouldn't have believed that I could impersonate Sakura-san like this". At this line of thought she started getting sad again, "Naruto-kun is probably only acting this sweet to me because he thinks I'm her". But slowly wrapping her arms around his neck, "but just for this time . . . . Let it be real". Of course she knew better to which she was going to have a lot of explaining to do once this was over. But for now, she just wanted to go with it.

Naruto gave a soft laugh to himself. "Isn't that cute" at seeing how Hinata was trying to stay in character with being Sakura, but after spending so much time with the pink kunoichi he knew her responses were more sharper, blunt, and aggressive to which was something Hinata couldn't quite pull off. "But let's see where this goes to next".

~ Yukigakure ~ (afternoon)

Upon arriving to their inn and setting their things aside, the pair decided to go out for a bite to eat to which in the next moment they soon found themselves at a ramen stand.

"Yata! They've actually opened a ramen stand here!" as Naruto began to happily eat away.

As Hinata slowly ate, "I know it's not right for me to ask, but it would set my mind to ease if I know . . . .", "hey Naruto, can you tell me something?"

"Yeah, what is it Sakura-chan?" as the blond placed down his chopsticks to look at her.

"How do you feel about Hinata?"

"Hmm? Where did this come from?" as he tried to feign ignorance.

"Well . . . . It's pretty obvious she likes you and everything and I heard that she even confessed to you. So I was wondering why haven't you said anything back?"

Naruto looked up in thought to this. "That's kind of complicated as a lot of things kind of been happening to which . . . . I just haven't circled around to it yet".

"I see . . . . But how do you feel about her?"

The blond simply looked to her with a smile. "Well I can't truly know that until I've taken the time to talk to her".

Hinata grimaced at this. "Yeah that's true . . . . But then what do you think of her?"

With that question, Naruto couldn't resist what he had to say. "Well I still think she's quiet dark weirdo".

"That's what he thinks of me!" as the Hyuga heiress was quite shocked to his answer as she felt her stomach sink at this.

"I think that might've been bit too harsh" at seeing how depressed 'Sakura' looked. He then let out a sigh as his expression softened while he looked up. "Truthfully, Hinata is a one of a kind girl who is nice, gentle, strong, and is both beautiful in both body and spirit. At least that's my impression of her". He then closed his eyes, "that's why I wanted to take this week to get to know her better".

"Naruto . . . ." as Hinata blushed a bit.

"Since we're done with lunch there are a ton of things we have to see. Come on, let's go take a look!" as he soon took her hand as they went.

~ Yukigakure (inn) ~ (evening)

It was now closing to bedtime as everyone was getting ready to sleep. At this moment, Hinata took a towel with her as she wanted to take a soak in the hot spring. "This should give me time to relax and let my henge down".

"Oi Sakura-chan, are you going to the spring too?"

Hinata then turned around to see the blond carrying a towel as well to which she looked to him a bit confused. "Naruto, what do you think you're doing?"

"Going into the bath with you, what else?" he simply smiled.

"Ehh" as Hinata blushed crimson at this trying not to let habit overcome her at this moment. "Don't you know how inappropriate this all is?"

"Ahh it should be fine so long as we keep our towels on".

Before she could protest, Naruto proved to have been very persuasive.

~ Yukigakure (hot spring) ~

Hinata at this time was holding her towel tightly over herself trying the best she could not to revert back to her nervous habit let alone her real form. "How did things turn out like this?" Sitting right next to her was Naruto as he seemed content soaking in the warm water as he didn't seem to mind the fact they were both half naked together in the same spring. Feeling her face turning redder, "I think I've spent too much time in here, I should go now" to which she attempted to leave.

"Don't leave just yet" as Naruto lightly pulled at her wrist keeping her from going, "you still look a bit tense. Let me help you relax a bit more".


So pulling her down having her back face to him, "I could tell you've been very tense during this entire trip. So let me message your shoulders a bit. But I'm going to need you to drop your towel a bit so that I can get the full scope of your back", "if this doesn't get her then I don't know what will".

Hinata was completely speechless about this as this was something far beyond what she could handle. If her focus were to be disturbed any more her henge would destabilize returning her to her original form. But feeling her legs weaken and her inability to find her voice to say no, all she could do was endure and hope this ended soon.

"That's surprising" partly blushed Naruto. "I was kind of bluffing. I didn't think she would go for it. But I can't back down now". To further this situation, the Hyuga heiress actually began pulling her towel to her front leaving her back bare. Of course she still looked like Sakura, but just imagining Hinata in her actual form doing this kind of gave him goose bumps as the pale girl would have most likely have fainted from simply the idea alone. Naruto then gulped at this as he slowly placed his hands on her shoulders.

"This feels . . . . So good" Hinata blushed as she resisted as much as she could trying not to do anything Sakura wouldn't do. However the blond's hands were both strong and firm as they pressed into the skin of her backside to which she really enjoyed. Slowly she felt as Naruto's hands began to wander down her back caressing her sides as she started to feel a bit funny. At feeling his hands at her waist now, she would have melted into arms then and there. However at realizing she needed to stay focused on holding her henge, a dreadful thought then came to mind. "Naruto-kun must really like Sakura-san if he's willing to get this intimate with her . . . ." At this thought her heart felt like it fell out as she soon stood up.


"I think I need to go now . . . ."

"Hmm? Why?"

"I . . . . I just need to go . . . ."

Just facing him for that brief moment, he saw it. "Is . . . . Is she crying?" At that site, ". . . . I guess this has gone on long enough" to which he stood up with her. Then grabbing her arm lightly having her face him, "Sakura-chan, can you close your eyes for a moment?" as he leaned in to her.

"Is . . . . Is Naruto-kun going to kiss me? But . . . . I shouldn't. The one Naruto-kun really wants to kiss is Sakura-san" as her eyes briefly looked away. However at being this close to him she figured she would never get another chance at this. Slowly as she closed her eyes, "I'll apologize later for this . . . ." Just anticipating the kiss to come she then started to feel feverish at the thought of what being kissed would feel like for the first time especially by the person she loved. Waiting anxiously for her lips to meet his, she didn't expect what happened next. Snapping her eyes back opened, Naruto was widely smiling to her as he pinched both her cheeks out stretching her face. "Naruto-kun that really hurts" she managed to gurgle out in her original voice.

The blond then gave a soft sigh to this. "I know it's you Hinata. So you can drop the henge now".

At this revelation the Hyuga heiress was shocked at first but then looked away slightly ashamed. Then in a puff of smoke, she transformed back to her original form. "I'm so sorry for deceiving you like this Naruto-kun . . . ."

Naruto gave a soft chuckle to this. "It's alright. Now although I have an idea to why you did this, can you tell me why you would go through this much trouble just to impersonate Sakura-chan?"

Hinata grimaced at this as she slowly turned towards the blond as she gripped her towel tightly. "I'm so ashamed . . . ." as she felt like crying in mortification, "I . . . . I waited for so long. Even though I told you how I felt you didn't answer me back. I didn't understand Naruto-kun. Was there something wrong with me? Was there something you didn't like about me? I just didn't know . . . ." as she began to turn away. "Plus I thought in comparison to me you would have liked Sakura-san's company better than mine".

The blond could only blink at this before giving a soft smile. "Is that really it?" Naruto then said to which he pulled Hinata into a hug which surprised the pale girl.

"Naruto-kun?" as Hinata was confused, embarrassed, yet happy at being held by the boy she liked.

"What I told you during lunch was all true. I really do think you're a one of a kind girl Hinata. I'm sorry that I couldn't respond to you sooner due to all the craziness that's been going on. But that's why I wanted to spend this week with you to get to better know you. So let's do this the right way OK? For this entire week, my eyes are going to be on you and only you".

"Naruto-kun . . . .", "he really did care" as Hinata felt her heart lighten up to this. At this time the word happy couldn't quite compare to how she felt. His words put her to ease as his warm embrace completely surrounded her as they stood in the spring. As there half naked bodies . . . . , "half naked bodies . . . ."

"Hinata, is there something wrong?" asked Naruto at seeing the Hyuga heiress turning several shades of red as her eyes seemed to be trying not to wander.

"Naruto-kun . . . . I think you're being too friendly at the moment".

"Hmm?" to which he then noticed what she was talking about. "Crap, I just grabbed Hinata without thinking!" Looking down to her, what Naruto saw could easily give the Icha Icha series a good run for its money with just the sheer imagery alone. "I never noticed . . . . How . . . . Incredibly cute she is".Naruto couldn't quite describe how alluring she was as he held her petite frame. Her beautiful pale skin in contrast to the snow around them, her tender eyes and flowing bluish black hair which easily reflected the moonlight above, the way she squeezed her arms together just to keep her towel on which only in turn exemplified her amazing breasts which created a cleavage he couldn't ignore. Just her embarrassed expression and constant fidgeting made her all the more attractive to his eyes. "Oh no . . . ."

"Is there something wrong Naruto-kun?" at seeing the blond backing off from her appearing to be turning away while covering himself, "did I do something wrong?"

"No . . . . No . . . ." as he waved one of his hands while trying to back out the spring. "You . . . . You didn't do anything wrong. I . . . . I think its best we just call it done for tonight".

"What's wrong Naruto-kun? Are you not feeling well?" as Hinata's eyes turned to concern as she reached for him.

"No, it's perfectly alright. I just need to go now".

"But Naruto-kun . . . ."

"Wait Hinata! Don't pull so hard! Wahh . . . ." Naruto then lost his footing as he fell back which caused Hinata to fall forward.

The Hyuga heiress slowly picked herself up as she rubbed her head. "Naruto-kun, what was that about?" As she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see . . . . a giant log in front of her. ". . . . Ehh?"

"Uhhh . . . ." as Naruto's mind was blanking out to the situation. "Hinata please stop staring!" as he tried to scoot away.

But contrary to what Naruto said, this only made the Hyuga heiress want to look at it some more. "So this is Naruto-kun's . . . ." as she blushed to the sight of it. Then to Naruto as he began turning red in embarrassment, Hinata gave out a small smile as she began leaning into the blond. "Is this's hurting you Naruto-kun?"

Before he could respond he felt his member grasped as Hinata began to slowly stroke it. Seeing how things turned out, "Wha . . . . What's gotten into you?", "shouldn't Hinata be too embarrassed to be doing something like this?"

Under most situations, she would have been. "I just feel so happy to be with you like this" as Hinata's elated disposition completely overturned her usual nervous habit. Just looking to how her blond companion was reacting, she couldn't help but continue.

"Hi . . . . Hinata . . . . Wa . . . . Wait", "damn this is extreme".

At seeing some pre-cum begin to form, Hinata was uncertain of where to go to next. However prior to this entire trip, Ino was gracious enough to loan her a copy of her Icha Icha Paradise book to which she insisted she read. After many embarrassing hours, she finally finished as she was flushed red and felt rather . . . . Unsettled for quite some time. But it was from this incident that she had begun to fantasize at times without realizing it herself. At recalling one of her fantastical productions, she knew what she wanted to do. So positioning herself right in front of Naruto's member, she began her next technique.

"What an incredible feeling" thought Naruto. "I'm pretty sure this is Hinata's first time doing this. But she's just feels so good". Hinata at first started slow as she licked the tip of his member cleaning off the pre-cum circling around it to make certain she didn't miss a spot. After cleaning the tip, she then proceeded to smooth her tongue along his shaft making sure to keep eye contact with Naruto to make certain he was watching. ". . . . I never knew Hinata was capable of such things . . . . I guess it really is the quiet ones. My god this feels incredible. Wait is she about to . . . ." as his mind then blanked out as the Hyuga heiress soon began sucking on his member. After a bit more time, he came to which Hinata immediately pulled back as she placed her hand to her mouth. "Hinata, did you just drink that?"

She nodded to this as she fidgeted to what Naruto had given her. "Naruto-kun's cum, it's so sticky and thick like honey". Taking the time to savor the taste, she swallowed it. Picking her next line carefully, "thanks for the snack Naruto-kun".

"Is this really Hinata?" as Naruto's eye twitched at this. "This is just too surreal. I can't believe the shy Hinata I knew could be this . . . . this . . . . Erotic".

"It still seems that you're still not feeling settled yet Naruto-kun" as Hinata poked Naruto's still hard manhood. "I think I know how to make you feel better" as she then mounted Naruto's waist area. However she was careful to watch her position as her womanhood was firmly touching the blond's member as she placed her hands on Naruto's chest. At this time, she couldn't even come close to describing what she was feeling as it was like electricity was surging through her system and pouring out at the very tips of her fingers and toes. Feeling Naruto this close to her, her heart felt like melting as his member was just an inch away from entering her. But seeing the opportunity, a mischievous idea then came to mind as she slowly rocked her hips sliding her womanhood against the shaft of Naruto's rock solid member.

"Hinata" Naruto stuttered. "This is a bit too much". "My god this is insane. Hinata just feels so soft and warm" as his manhood twitched. The Hyuga heiress was rocking her hips back and forth as she looked to him softly with a smile while sporting a blush. What made the pale girl even sexier at this moment was the towel she wore as it swayed back and forth with her movements revealing bits and pieces of her gorgeous form. Just the anticipation of that piece of fabric being peeled away was driving the blond to madness as his hands were itching just to rip that towel right off her. "But I can't do that kind of thing to Hinata". But at the way things were going, Hinata was the one in control.

"This is so embarrassing, but it feels just so amazing!" Naruto's member rubbed her just the right way as it formed perfectly against the entrance of her slit. With each pass, Naruto stroked beautifully against her clitoris as her own essence began to spill out making this act that much easier and pleasurable as she continued to grind against the blond. However in contrast to the pleasure, she did have an ulterior motive. So starting slow, "Naruto-kun, when did you find out it was me?"

"Huh?" Naruto blushed, "what are you talking about?" as he was at this time more concerned with trying to keep some semblance of what was going on.

"I asked when did you find out it was me?" to which she significantly slowed her movements down pressing deeper against the blond which caused Naruto to shake at this torture as he gripped the ground harder.

"Guaahhh, at the very beginning" he yelped, "I thought something was suspicious. So I scanned you with sage mode to find out!"

"Good" she smiled as she continued her pace. "Did you really mean every word you said to me Naruto-kun? About all those things you said about me?"

Naruto could only nod at this. "Yes" he stuttered. "I really think you're a very special girl Hinata . . . . In every possible way I can think of".

"Will you really be just looking at me for this entire week?"

"Yes" he continued. "Everything that I am will solely be focused on you".

"One more thing Naruto-kun . . . ."


"Will . . . . you call me Hinata-chan for the time we're here?" as she slowed and grinded her movements once more to earn a quick response from the blond.

"Yes . . . . Of course . . . ."

"Yes?" Hinata slurred as she stared into Naruto's baby blue eyes waiting for the right answer.

"Yes Hinata-chan" Naruto groaned as he was approaching his limit to how much he could take of this.

Hinata smiled widely as she bent down to kiss the blond on the cheek. "OK Naruto-kun" as she then picked up her movements to which with each pass her moans began to grow louder and in increasing frequency. Finally nearing her limit, "Naruto-kun!"

"Ahh! Hinata!" as they then both came.

The Hyuga heiress soon allowed herself to rest as she lay on the blond's chest. After doing an act like this, there was very little to no point in getting embarrassed and fainting anymore from simply laying on the boy she loved. Of course just sampling this experience wasn't enough as she was hungry for more. Judging Naruto, he too wanted more.

However they both knew better as what they just did moments ago was already pretty extreme to which any further being the act of intercourse would have gone too far. So taking a deep breath they calmed themselves as they both soon sat up alongside of the spring as their feet soaked in the hot water.

"This was . . . . an interesting start to our first day of vacation" blushed Naruto as he smiled awkwardly while rubbing the back of his head.

"Yes . . . ." blushed Hinata equally as she placed her hands on her lap while averting her eyes.

But then after a small duration of silence, Naruto finally spoke up. "So uhh" as he scratched his cheek. "Hinata-chan . . . . Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow?"

Hinata blinked at this to which a tender smile began to form. "Yes Naruto-kun. I would love to very much".

Naruto then looked to her as he too smiled. "Great!" to which slowly he inched his hand towards Hinata's until they were holding. That was the conclusion of their first day in Yukigakure.

To be continued . . . .

Author's notes: As noted before I don't really write lemons to which I have no idea if this was written correctly at all. But for the most part, this was just an idea I had that I figured "ehh, why not". Now if I see this story through, I'll let the reviews if any decide that.

Now as noted above, this is a separate continuation of the story "The Interrogator". So if you're confused by the premise on how this all even started, read the story "The Interrogator" in order to understand.

Furthermore, there are certain words out of the entire English vocabulary that I will never use for the reasons of it either being too dirty or out of taste to which I would not even speak the word. So sorry if this erks anyone.

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