The Interrogation 'continues'

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Final Verdict

"Well it seems our vacation is about over" said Naruto.

"Yes" said Hinata as she walked hand in hand with her blond lover.

Now closing on their final days in Yukigakure, the pair wondered what they should do with what time they had left.

"Well I have an idea" as Naruto gave perverted grin reaching over giving Hinata a firm squeeze on the rear.

The Hyuga heiress gasped at this before giving a playful smile. "Maybe a little later Naruto-kun".

Just as they were about to continue on, a certain fancy official then approached them giving a bow catching their attention. "Are you perhaps Naruto Uzumaki?"

"I am".

"Well on behalf of her majesty, she would like to cordially invite you to have an audience with her".

Keeping silent for a bit, ". . . . OK".

Walking a bit, "Naruto-kun, you know the ruler of Yukigakure?"

"Yeah, I thought I told you about it. Our team a while back was assigned to guard and escort Yukie Fujikaze here to the land of snow".

"You mean the actress behind princess Fun? What does she have to do the current ruler?"

Naruto then gave a broad smile to this. "It turns out she was actually a real life princess and rightful ruler of Yukigakure. I was actually meaning to visit her while we were here".

Hinata gave a surprised look as she wasn't expecting such an answer. But nevertheless, she was also excited to meet her as she was an actress in some of her favorite films.

Before long they arrived to the majestic palace as they were escorted through the many halls before arriving to an elegant dining room where Koyuki was waiting for them along with some refreshments. "Hello Naruto" she smiled. "It's nice to see you again and it seems you have indeed grown up to be a fine young man".

The blond gave a chipper smile to this. "Thanks! I've been meaning to visit as soon as I got here!"

Koyuki gave a nod to this. Then looking to the extra guest, "and who might you be my dear?"

"Hinata Hyuga" she answered somewhat shyly, but then reaching for a slip of paper in her jacket, "can I have your autograph please!" Hinata said excitedly bowing her head while sticking the paper out.

Koyuki seeming a bit taken back at first then settled into a warm smile taking the slip of paper before signing it. "You sure do have an interesting friend here".

"She's my girlfriend actually" Naruto smiled.

"Really?" said Koyuki as she seemed amused by this piece of information.

"Yep! The best girlfriend a guy could have!" which caused Hinata to blush a deep red while squirming a bit.

"That's good to hear" as she then looked to the Hyuga heiress. "You treat him well OK?"

"Of course" Hinata smiled.

Just as the conversation would have continued, the doors then flung open as a panicked man then entered. "Excuse me; you're currently being rude to my current guests".

"My many apologies" said the man. "But something urgent just came up!"

Listening carefully, Koyuki gave a nod to this. "Very well, speak".

"It's about your upcoming movie. The script isn't finished yet!"

"What? That can't be right. I've read the script myself. Everything should be there".

"There was a bit of accident which destroyed a few sections".

"Then where is the writer? He should be able to replace it then".

"We've already tried that. But the writer has already left from production. If we can't finish the manuscript the producer is threatening to completely cancel the entire movie!"

Koyuki then looked troubled at losing her place amongst the cast. The movie in question was going to be the sequel to the Icha Icha series with her as the main star. With its incredible reception and praise, this movie sequel was the most anticipated amongst her peers to work on. Furthermore if this project was canceled then it would not only be a disappointment for everyone who wanted to make this project work, but to also the fans who wanted to see it happen. But then as her mind drifted to her fans, her head then snapped around spotting a certain blond ninja. "I think I have someone better in mind to finish the missing sections".

Seeing the staring eyes, Naruto pointed to himself. "You mean me?"

"Yep" Koyuki smirked. "Who better to finish the script then none other than the apprentice of its original author?"

Quickly putting the pieces together, "you want me to finish the script to the Icha Icha sequel?" as Naruto was stunned yet honored for this privilege to be writing the manuscript for one of his favorite actresses.

"Of course, and I'm sorry for needing to ask you this on your vacation. But can you have this done soon? It would mean a lot to the entire production cast".

~ Yukigakure (park) ~

"It's a lot worse than I thought" said Naruto. "The damage they talked about was clearly understated as there are so many holes in the story here and there. Some of these areas will need to be completely rewritten" as the blond then gave a tired sigh. "I really want to help out, but I'm not sure I can do this all in time. There is just so much to do".

Hinata gave a concerned look. She didn't like seeing Naruto in such hardships. Furthermore, she too wanted the Icha Icha sequel to succeed. "But what can I do? What Naruto-kun needs is some inspiration . . . ." Upon finishing that thought, a perverted grin then appeared. "Naruto-kun, what parts of the plot still need to be filled?"

"Well three parts by the look of it. Scene one where there is the initial clash, scene five which seems to be about something related to jealousy, and then the last scene where everything is wrapped up. Why?"

~ Scene 01 ~

"This is the day I will defeat you!" said Naruto pulling out several kunai and shuriken.

"That will never happen!" Hinata stated stepping back in her stance. "You will never defeat a proud kunoichi of my clan!"

"Today will definitely be different from those other times we fought. You know what will happen if you are to lose to me".

"That will be unlikely" as Hinata gave a confident grin.

"Oh, but today I've been teaching myself just the way to defeat you". Without further ado, the blond made the first move throwing his metal stars and blades at his opponent as she effortlessly parried them away. Then running in, he jumped at her only to be struck in the stomach as he pulled back holding his gut in pain.

"So where is this secret technique of yours? It's looks to me the same lame attempts I've seen thus far".

Coughing a bit, Naruto reached into his pockets as he pulled out several pellets. "Alright" he smirked, you asked for it". Throwing them to the ground, they broke as white smoke began to filter out blanketing the area.

"A smoke screen?" scoffed Hinata. "This was your secret technique?" With a motion of her hand, she blew the mist away as she saw her blond opponent just standing there in front of her. "Was that all you had?" But attempting to move forward, she found her legs bounded as she looked down to see her feet entangled in vines from plants grown in the ground. "What?" as she attempted to reach down to rip them off only for her arms to be ensnared as well by several other vines. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Like it?" asked Naruto as he manipulated the plants with the sway of his fingers. "I made them specifically for this moment".

"You think these will hold me?" as she began charging up chakra, but then felt weaker as she would have slumped over if not for the vines that were holding her.

"Can't have you escaping as I specially made these plants to drain chakra. So sit back, you aren't going anywhere".

"You think something like this will make me submit?" Hinata scowled somewhat growling at her opponent.

Naruto chuckled at this. "No, but ninja techniques aren't just limited to our weapons or fists" as he snapped his fingers as the vines whipped her back against the tree as it bounded her to it tying her arms above her head. "There is more than one way to win a fight".

Struggled as she did, she was left defenseless as she was completely immobilized not even able to move her fingers to attempt to mold whatever chakra she had left. "You beast, what are you planning to do?"

Walking up to her, Naruto lifted up her chin as he smirked. "What do you think?" as he strongly gripped Hinata's coat and inner fish net lining ripping them apart revealing her voluptuous breasts.

Hinata yelped as her face flashed red in embarrassment as she continued to struggle against her restraints. Trying to formulate some coherent words, she failed miserably as she was far too shocked with what had happened.

"Definitely top of the line" Naruto grinned as his fingers traced along the areola as he pinched her nipples earning a slight squeal from his captive as he then began to roughly grope them. "I'd wonder what they taste like".

"Hey . . . . Don't. Stop this immediately" Hinata stuttered out as she helplessly watched her adversary attacking her chest like some savage animal.

"What juicy tits" as Naruto continued to fondle them. Moving closer, he started to trace his tongue along her skin taking in her sweet and supple taste. But from that small sample, he couldn't believe he didn't do this sooner with how addictive her taste was. Frankly he was just starting and already he was becoming hard.

"No! Stop!" Hinata clenched doing her best to endure. Being in such a vulnerable state, her mind and body sent mixed messages against each other leaving her barely able to interpret how she was supposed to feel. Although she was mortified and distressed at being molested as tears escaped her eyes. Something in her body was starting to react as her breaths became heavier with each passing second as her thighs were rubbing themselves together just trying to keep something from going off. But this did not go unnoticed from her aggressor.

"What's this?" Naruto smirked as he saw a wet spot in her pants. Then looking closer a chuckle escaped his lips. "What an incredibly lewd kunoichi you are. You seem to like this a lot with the kind of perverted scent you're giving off".

"No" Hinata retorted, "don't look". But contrary to her pleas, they went unnoted as the vines that entrapped her lifted her legs up forcing them to part putting her in a more vulnerable and compromising position. "No, please don't look" she pleaded again barely able to keep her eyes open to the embarrassment she was being subjected too.

With another snap of Naruto's fingers, the vines were careful in removing her pants and undergarments as the blond stood back and watched in glee to the show he was being treated too. "Look at yourself. Look at how soaked your pussy has gotten. You really are in heat aren't you".

"Please stop this" said Hinata as she still continued to struggle.

"Admit your defeat then and I'll consider letting you go".

This being a matter of pride, Hinata shook her head as she attempted to focus her eyes glaring at her opponent. "I refuse. I refuse to admit defeat to someone who would resort to such underhanded means to beat me".

Naruto sighed. "Oh well, can't say I didn't give you a fair chance". Unzipping his pants, he unveiled the weapon of her defeat which stood up perfectly hard and erect as he then moved towards her placing it right at her entrance. "Last chance, do you concede?"

Hinata once more glared at him as her lips curved somewhat into a frown. "Do your worst. You can't possibly make me feel anything".

"As you wish then" as Naruto with one forceful thrust went completely in as they were now connected at the hips.

At the sudden forceful act as her eyes flew wide open, Hinata's mouth gaped open as her back arched forward while her head titled back. Neither being physically or mentally prepared at being penetrated, her entire body went numb as a tingling sensation shot up from her legs all the way to her head. Although she should have been focusing on trying to escape, all her mind could think about was the heated rod that was moving back and forth inside her. For each time her opponent's weapon attacked her womb, her mind would momentarily become blank as she was becoming entranced within this addictive feeling. However her pride would not allow her to be fully consumed as she tried her best to resist these urges. "There is no way . . . ." as she couldn't help but cry and drool at the pleasure she felt. "I'm actually getting turned on from being raped. This is completely shameful of me. I'm just allowing him to do as he pleases as he's mating with my womb. No, stop it" as she shook her head. "If he keeps it up . . . . I'm going to end up falling in love with his dick. No, please stop or else I'll lose to you".

Naruto gave a strained face as he grinned a bit. "You must really like this with how tightly your pussy is hugging me. Are you sure you want me to stop?" as he pulled back as his tip was still inside her.

Although her pride screamed at her to say no, her body betrayed her as her hips were attempting to go forward trying to get him back in. "I . . . . I want it. I want your hot thing . . . ." she stuttered as she gave out heated breaths.

"Really?" Naruto taunted giving short thrusts causing Hinata to twitch more wildly. "I might actually get you pregnant at this rate".

Staring blankly as she nodded her head, Hinata was no longer thinking clearly as she continued to give panted breaths. "Yes, please keep going! Make me pregnant with your seed!"

"Alright! You asked for it!" Doing it gently or roughly didn't seem to matter much as Hinata liked it either way which gave him free motion and flexibility to how he wished to end this dispute. Whether it be gentle or rough from his observation caused Hinata to react in different ways from how her body reacted to the sounds she made. "But there is no hurry. Let's just enjoy the moment".

For the next hour or so, Naruto continued to do as he pleased even going as far as using his vines for bondage. Tying them in patterns designed to cause pain for the purpose of pleasure as the plants squeezed her body, but more prominently her breasts as Hinata continued her labored breathing.

With her switch completely flipped, the restraints were no longer needed as Hinata was moving on her own putting her best effort to feel as good as she could wanting Naruto to keep pumping her full of his hot sticky semen as her body was getting addicted to the feeling each time he came inside her baby room.

As Hinata layed on the ground, Naruto continued to thrust feeling himself drawing to a close till finally he came again. Then pulling out, mixtures of Naruto and Hinata love juices began to leak out as the pale girl gave a slight blush along with a small smile as she looked to what had become of her. "Wonderful . . . ."

After a bit and getting cleaned up, Naruto and Hinata sat before each other on their knees as soon Hinata bowed her head. "I concede. You have bested me as now I must honor the tradition of my clan for any man who defeat's one of us".

"Yes!" Naruto cheered pumping his fist. "I'll definitely make a great boyfriend".

Hinata chuckled at this. "Very well Naruto-kun as its proper now for lovers to embrace each other as such".

Smirking somewhat, Naruto stepped forward as he reached out cupping Hinata's cheek in his hand as the pale girl brushed some of her hair behind her ear as slowly the two leaned towards each other kissing signing, sealing, and enacting their contract and promise as now they were lovers.

~ Scene 05 ~

"Yeah it was like this and then that" said Naruto as he swayed his arms back and forth. "You should've seen how awesome I was".

"Oh Naruto, you're such a jokester" Sakura laughed as she walked side by side with her friend and teammate.

But walking to Naruto's other side, Hinata could not help but feel like the third wheel that had just tacked on which caused her to frown a bit. She understood her feelings of jealousy were not only irrational but also unfounded. For Sakura was one of her closest friends and she knew Naruto was loyal to her as he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. However it did not change the gut wrenching feeling she had at seeing them together as she was well aware of Naruto's previous attraction to his teammate.

Just watching them together only seemed to fuel her animosity to which to say she was ashamed of as they were both important people to her.

As seconds began to fall off the clock, her heart couldn't bare another moment of this torment as she needed to do something about it now.

So placing her hand on the blond's shoulder, she applied a bit of chakra as she squeezed a bit hitting one of his nerve endings causing him to instantly fall unconscious.

"Naruto!" exclaimed Sakura at seeing her teammate's sudden state.

"That's not good" said Hinata. "I'll take him somewhere to rest immediately" as she created a clone and began to haul him off to places unknown.

Confused to the sudden event, the pink kunoichi did not question it as she watched them leave. "What was that about?"

Now being sometime later, Naruto felt like crap at being dropped like a sack of potatoes. "Uhh, what happened?" he thought as he reached up to rub his head. He didn't know what was going on as the last thing he remembered was talking to Sakura before falling unconscious. But piecing together what he knew, he had a faint idea how he became like this. Although he would have liked to dwell on these thoughts some more, there were more pressing matters as he felt something far more interesting going on down stairs. Finally getting his eyes opened, he titled his head up to see his pants were off as . . . . Two Hinata's were licking his dick? Watching them as they were, they were already half-undressed as they were kneeling on both sides of him as they took turns as his member bobbed back and forth between them. Upon noticing his revival, they looked to him. "Hinata? What's going on?"

"Only one thing" said one of the Hinata's.

"We're going to do it" as the other Hyuga started to climb on top only to be stopped by her other.

"Why do you get to go first?"


Naruto could only give a choked laugh as he watched the two Hinata's apparently arguing with each other over who would be doing him first. Being an experienced kage bunshin user, clones for the better part were autonomous when not given a very specific purpose or in this case conflicting interests. However his more reasonable side still wanted to know what was going on regardless of his instincts telling him to just sit back and enjoy. "Why are you doing this?"

". . . . Cause I hate it".


"I don't like it when you get too close to other girls" said the first Hinata.

"And I know it's self-fish" continued the other. "I know you'd never do anything to hurt me. But for now . . . . For now, I only want you to look at me as I want to be the only thing on your mind". As the two Hinata's looked to each other, they gave a nod as they mentally agreed on what they were going to do. As they both got on top of the blond, the two Hyuga's scissored themselves together as there flowers warmly wrapped around Naruto's member. Moving their hips up and down as they grinded against the erect manhood, much pre-cum started to form between them all from how turned on they were. "I hope you're enjoying our pussy sandwich Naruto-kun" said the Hinata's in unison.

As Naruto laid there, he was trying his best to remain calm with much difficulty as he gripped the bed sheets for dear life. Teeth gritting while giving a strained face, he felt himself ready to blow at any moment as the two Hinata's womanhoods were warm and wet as they slid up and down his member. However he wasn't the only one enjoying this as he saw the ecstatic faces of his lover. Each time they moved, there clit would rub against him causing them to give an intoxicating moan. Not being able to stand another second of it, they came as the two Hyuga's bathed Naruto in their cum while his sprayed onto their bodies.

Breathing heavily as they were blushing red from their emotional high, the two Hinata's looked to each other as they saw their beloved Naruto's essence painted on each other.

"You're dirty . . . ." said Hinata.

"So are you . . . ." said her other.

Without even thinking, the two came together gently cleaning each other with their tongues as they took turns. Starting from their stomach areas, they eventually moved up to their chest till they were face to face. Getting there, they began licking each other's cheeks even brushing their other's lips greedily trying to steal some of it back.

Watching the exchange, Naruto was completely speechless of the sight he was being treated too as Hinata was continuing to make out with herself. Without even noticing, his member was hard again as the tongue war between the two Hyuga's continued.

Feeling the heated rod between, the Hinata's looked to him as they moved to the next position. As one Hinata moved to take him into herself, the other placed her womanhood right above Naruto's face giving him a first class view of her flower as it was drenched and aching for something to satisfy it.

"Are you thinking about us Naruto-kun?" Hinata questioned. "Am I the only thing that's on your mind?"

"Please tell us Naruto-kun" her other pleaded.

"Hinata . . . ." he whispered as he couldn't turn his gaze away from the beauty the laid before him. "Yes . . . . You're the only thing on my mind right now".

Upon hearing this, the Hyuga heiress gave a content smile. "I'm happy to hear this Naruto-kun" as Hinata began to move her body along the blond's amazing cock while her other lowered her hips allowing him to have a taste of her honey. As they continued their individual actions, the Hyuga heiress could only imagine what she was going to feel once her clone dissipated back to her. Frankly she never knew she could be so daring. But with what she was able to feel, she was not regretting it one bit. Though if asked, she was going to be embarrassed about it later.

But for Naruto, he could feel the reverberating sensation that bounced between his head to the very tips of his toes as Hinata was giving it her all to give him nothing but pleasure leaving nothing in reserve as she wanted him to revel in the moment. Even after shooting his cum, Hinata would get him ready to go again with a mixture of her chakra and jyuken to rejuvenate his manhood. Though it wasn't necessary, it was endearing as it reflected just how focused she was at making love to him.

As time ran off the clock, so did Hinata's chakra and stamina as she didn't know how much longer she could go as her body was running ragged from constant movement and god knows how many orgasms she had with the frequent tightening and relaxing of her muscles. It was now that the two Hinata's were hugging each other just trying to keep upright at how much their bodies ached yet refused to stop as if her very most primitive instinct wanted to milk every last drop of cum her beloved Naruto had to offer. Unable to last for one more second, they came again to which Hinata's clone disappeared leaving her original to fall forward onto the blond's chest. With memories of the clone returning, the Hyuga heiress couldn't help but cum once more at feeling the experience she had.

Taking some time to breath as Hinata enjoyed listening to the heart beats of her lover, she gave a soft smile as she raised her hand as it rested on his chest. "Thank you for your good work Naruto-kun".

"Thanks and anytime" Naruto then chuckled. "So . . . ." as he smoothed his hand from her head to the length of her back, "want to go again?"

"Ehh?" Hinata exclaimed shocked that even after all that he still had the stamina to go on. Before she could answer, she flinched at feeling the fatigue strike her again.

At noticing, the blond jinchuriki began to filter his chakra revitalizing her aching muscles and diminished chakra as the Hyuga heiress felt instantly refreshed. "So now that you have my complete and undivided attention, am I the only one you're thinking about now?"

Once again, the only response she could give was one of her cute 'ehh?'

Creating his familiar cross-seal, another Naruto sprang to life as he was fully packed and ready to go.

"But Naruto-kun . . . ."

"No buts as I promise that when I'm done that I'm going to be the only thing you ever think about".

Without another word the roles were reversed with a little interest as Naruto created more clones if Hinata needed some extra loving. As this bout went, "Naruto-kun's everywhere!" was the only thing on Hinata's mind.

~ Yukigakure inn~

"There, how is that?" said Naruto as he finished the last wording on the script.

Peaking over his shoulder, Hinata smiled as she read the last few lines. "Good job Naruto-kun. It looks like we're going to make it after all"

"Not quite" as he looked to the clock. "We only finished two of the missing scenes. There is still one left and I'm not sure how to finish it plus there is not enough time!"

"Koyuki-san's producer will need the script soon. Will it be OK to deliver what we have?"

"The producer will completely dump the movie if the script is not complete" as Naruto looked to the clock. "We'll have to complete it on the go". Creating a bunshin, the clone took the parchment and a brush as he was ready to jot down whatever thoughts his original had to say. "Alright we got to go" as they all left.

Walking down the busy street, Hinata and Naruto were in a full blown conversation brainstorming how they wanted the sequel to end. Passing ideas back and forth, there was so much potential but indecisiveness as the ending was just as crucial as any part of the story. But of all things, they agreed that the finale to the sequel must feel conclusive yet leave enough room to feel like there could be something more.

"So what do we know?" Hinata asked.

"Well starting from the beginning, the two leads had an antagonistic relationship which was not only stemmed to cultural and ideological boundaries but also from conflicting personalities. Finally overcoming these boundaries, they fell in love as they continued onwards in many diverse and complicated situations which not only challenged them but also their bond if it had the ability to go distance. Within the chronology of the story, about a year had passed as they had just recently overcome the final test to see if they were meant to be".

"So then what would come next?" Hinata then wondered as she wasn't sure where to take it now.

"That is a good question. After all that's said and done, what should be the final scene between them?" As things stood, he was at a loss. What would be the best way to end this? With eyes wandering just trying to catch some sign of inspiration, it came just like that as a store came into view. For the moment he stared at this particular store, he understood the implications of what this meant for both the movie and his own life. However he had no doubt that this was something he wanted to do not to mention it would be perfect material for the last scene. "Hey Hinata-chan, I'll be right back. Can you just head to the studio first?"

"OK" she nodded as she watched the original run off to which she looked to his clone wondering what was going on only for clone to shake his head. Now waiting at the studio, the Hyuga heiress sat as you watched film members walking by as her head was up in the clouds. She didn't know why Naruto wanted her to come here alone first nor what he was planning for the ending. If anything time was short and they needed to finish it soon or else the movie was going to be dropped. Just as she had decided to look for her favorite blond, he had appeared slightly flustered as he was breathing heavily. "Are you OK Naruto-kun? Did you run all the way back here?"

"Yeah, sprinted the entire way" Naruto chuckled. "We are short on time after all".

"What's going on?" as Hinata quirked her eyebrow. "What are you exactly up to Naruto-kun?"

The blond calmed his breathing as a smirk began to spread on his lips. Then taking her hand, he took her hand as he dragged her off to a closed door area.

"Naruto-kun?" she questioned uncertain what was going on. "We need to finish the script, what are you doing?"

"Well" as Naruto chuckled a bit. "There was something I wanted to give you".

"Something to give?" Hinata uttered giving him a peculiar look.

Catching her off guard, Naruto slipped in stealing her lips causing the heiress to blush a bit only to soon find herself caught up. However it did not escape her notice as the blond had slipped something onto her left ring finger. Smirking as he pulled away, he lifted Hinata's hand to show her what it was.

"Naruto-kun . . . . Is this a . . . A . . . . A . . . ." Hinata stuttered as her eyes began to swirl at the implications of what this meant.

"A promise ring" Naruto smiled. He then stepped forward as he touched his forehead to hers.

"But . . . . But Naruto-kun" Hinata heavily stuttered. "Are you sure about this? You do know what this is right?"

"Of course I do" as the blond flashed his sunny smile. "It's a promise that I'll marry you".

Blushing a dark shade of red, Hinata turned around facing her back to Naruto as she caved in a bit while breathing heavily trying to collect herself. She knew his words were sincere as they carried no falsehood or hesitation behind them. Although there time together was short, with how many bunshins they had created with how many lives they had lived it felt so much longer. But a proposal to marriage was a big step. Honestly she was intimidated by the idea as anyone would be. However she knew in her heart that this was what she wanted as she wanted to walk side by side with Naruto forever. Staring down at the ring on her finger, she really had to know for sure. "Are you sure about this Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked softly. "Are you really sure you want me? I'm not nearly as pretty as Ino-san or confident as Sakura-san, and I'm sure there are plenty of girls that are better than me".

Naruto frowned a bit at the self-doubt Hinata was expressing. But it was something he would gladly rectify. So softly placing his hands to her shoulder, he rested his head on top of hers. "You're the only girl I'll ever have eyes for Hinata-chan. A one of a kind as there will never be anyone else like you".

Hinata began to cry a bit while biting her lower lip. "Then what do you love about me?"

The blond gave a soft smile as he then hugged her around the stomach. "I love everything about you. I love the feel of your hair" as he nuzzled the back of her head. "I love the touch of your skin" as he pressed the side of his face against hers. "But of everything, I love you" which caused Hinata to give a strained face as she was trying her best to keep herself steady. "I love how patient you always are when it comes to my behaviors. I love how you always cheer me up when I'm down or need advice. I love how you're always trying your best no matter what you have to face. Regardless of whatever you may or may not have, I love you Hinata-chan".

"Naruto-kun" Hinata sniffled as her tears streamed down the sides of her cheek. "I . . . . I . . . . I love you too with all of my heart. There will never be anyone else but you". As their faces looked to each other, they locked lips as this kiss encompassed a powerful force breaking away any wall of doubt or insecurities they might have had as they knew now this was real. With this one kiss, they both knew everything was going to be alright so long as they were together. As pleasant as this moment was, it was disturbed as Hinata felt a pair of hands kneading her breasts as it was now causing her to feel weird. "Naruto-kun?"

"I also love the feel of your tits with how soft and bouncy they are in my hands" as he rubbed them harder.

"N . . . . Naruto-kun, stop there are people here" Hinata barely said as she gave heated panting breaths as she could feel herself losing focus.

"I love how cute and sexy you get when you get turned on" as Naruto peeled back her coat as he started to nibble at her neck.

"N . . . . Naruto-kun . . . . St . . . . Stop . . . . People might see us" as the Hyuga heiress was beginning to succumb to her lustful desires.

"I love the way your body reacts when I do this" as he then began to caress his hand on Hinata's sides before crossing her stomach. Then before long had slipped into her pants as he started to rub her clit from the outer layer of her panties as a wet stickiness had started to leak out.

"Naruto-kun" Hinata moaned out as she was far beyond reason now. Although it would have been scandalous to be caught, it's what made the situation that more exhilarating at the possibility of being discovered. Though she wondered if her decent into debauchery was her lover's doing or her own innate instinct, it didn't matter. She loved every moment of it as she reached back pulling out Naruto's member as she started to rub it while the blond had set aside her panties as his fingers began to skillfully move.

Stripping away a few articles of clothing, Naruto was left with just his shirt as Hinata had only her panties and fishnet shirt. Not wanting to waste another moment, they became one as they went at each other like a couple of animals in heat as they couldn't get enough of each other. Touch, taste, smell, it was all a bit of a blur. But for this moment, all they could think about was each other as their hunger and lust were insatiable. Though they could not quell it, it didn't stop them from trying.

But right in the middle of it all, "hello?" called a female voice. "Is there someone in there? We're currently looking for Naruto Uzumaki. The director is currently asking for the condition of the script".

Reacting instantly, "don't come in!" half shouted Hinata. "Naruto-kun needs his concentration to finish it".

Giving a quizzical look, the female attendant started to move inwards as she twisted the door knob. "Is everything OK in there? I heard some sort of disturbance".

Just as Hinata was about to answer, Naruto had begun to thrust even harder from behind as his other hand had fully revealed her clit as he rubbed it causing her voice to tremble. "You better answer or else she might come in" Naruto happily grinned all the while targeting her sensitive spots.

Hinata began to pant harder as she tried to steady herself to form coherent words. "Nothing's wrong" she stuttered, lips trembling all the while. "I just dropped something is all".

"It sounded like a big mess. I can call the janitorial staff in if help is needed".

"No!" Hinata almost shouted in poor or perhaps perfect timing as Naruto rubbed her sweet spot. "No help will be needed. You can leave now. Naruto-kun will be done with the script soon. So it's OK, you can go now".

Somewhat startled from the outburst, the female attendant left to go report to her boss.

Giving a soft sigh, Hinata looked back with a small frown. "That was mean of you Naruto-kun. What would have happened if she actually came in?"

"Nothing good I'd imagine. But seeing how wet you became and how tightly you're squeezing me, I think you're enjoying this too much".

Wanting to complain, she couldn't lie about the rush she felt. Continuing on with where they left off, there love making lasted for another half hour. Though they could have went longer, Hinata rather reluctantly had to stop it as they had a schedule to keep. Looking at the time, she felt panicked as she looked to the blond jinchuriki.

"Oh no, it's almost time and we haven't written the last scene! What are we going to do?"

"Don't worry about it" Naruto chuckled as he soon patted his new fiancé on the head. "I just finished writing it not long ago and my clone is delivering the script now. But I'd imagine some editing might need to be done in a few spots".

"Ehh? When did you write it?"

"The moment I got here" said Naruto giving a sunny smile.

Just as Hinata was about to ask her next question, several light bulbs had lit in her head as she understood the chain of events. It was now that they had acted the final scene as more than likely a Naruto clone was watching as he was jotting everything down. Sitting there to dwell on this, a small smile formed. Once this movie made it out onto media, she would definitely buy a copy as the last scene would from on and always be the immortalization of Naruto's love for her.

Then embracing the heiress from behind, Naruto smiled as well. "Come on. There are a couple things to do to finish here".

"OK" as they then left to finalize any last details that needed to be taken care of.

With minor alterations to the script keeping the movie under an 'X' rating, the film was approved and now within production. As months fell off the clock, it finally hit theaters with critics giving it a smashing success as audience had to agree that it was a movie worthy of being a Icha Icha sequel. Once it hit the stores, sales were at an all time high as a movie praised for being a fine tune balance of story, love, and eroticism as a sequel was now being asked for.

But for Naruto and Hinata, it was just the end of their vacation as they carried almost a life time worth of memories in that short week. For a time, they kept their engagement a secret until Ino would accidentally spill the beans. In a flash message, everyone in Konoha would know it. Although there were many reactions from friends and family alike, the sun and moon had each other and that's all that really mattered.

The End.

Author's notes: God I stink at writing these kinds of stories. But I had to end it one way or another.

So I thank everyone for taking the time in reading this fic and further extend my gratitude if you can review it as well.