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Danny ran a hand through his jet black hair as he sighed in frustration. His other hand found its way to his jean pocket, producing s gold banded ring with a beautiful sea-green gem in the center. Danny stared at the ring as he ran his fingers over the gentle curvature of the piece of jewelry. He looked over to Jazz, who was busy reading a book on the couch in front of the picture window. She noticed how his eyes abruptly turned from hers and smiled, placing a bookmark on her page before setting the book on the coffee table.

"What's wrong, Danny?" She asked, carefully eyeing the halfa. He raised his head to meet her gaze, though he was uncomfortable in doing so.

"What makes you think there's something wrong?" He countered. Jazz rolled her eyes.

"Come on Danny, I know something's bothering you. There's no point in hiding your emotions because it will only take a toll on your physical health."

"Jazz, please, can we not talk about my health? Frankly, this has nothing to do with that..." She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh, well, care to enlighten me?" Danny blew out an exasperated sigh, tossing the ring over to her. Jazz inspected it closely, holding it up to the light to see it more clearly.

"Isn't this the class ring Dad got for you to give to S-" She cut herself off, slapping her hand over her mouth.


"Nothing!" She said hastily, "N-nevermind, but what are you thinking about doing with it Danny?" A blush made its way to Danny's face as his bangs covered his ice colored eyes.

"I-I was thinking about giving it to Valerie..." He said slowly. Jazz's jaw dropped, shock clearly displayed across her face. The red head sucked in a large in a large breath, brushing the hair from her face as she considered her thoughts.

"She's the Red Huntress, right?"

"Yeah..." Jazz was silent, her eyes filling with worry.

"Promise me you'll be careful?"

"Always," She smiled, walking over to give him a comforting hug. After a few moments of their embrace Jazz broke away, her index finger only inches from his face.

"If she gives you any problems I will not hesitate to tell Dad or Mom." She said sternly.

"Jazz, stop worrying, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself." He gave a small smiled, showing that he was still thankful for her concern.

"Sorry, overprotective sisterly instincts kicking in. I remember a time not long ago when you felt the same way about a certain guy I 'dated'..."

"That's different! He was a ghost bent on using your body to fix his own girlfriend!" Danny shouted, eyes flashing green as he thought of the memory.

"Then you should understand my fears, Danny." Jazz calmly stated, picking up her book from the table.

"You're just playing devil's advocate." Danny slumped back into the couch, blowing the bangs from his face.

"Perhaps, but in the end this is your decision Danny," She smiled, "And I'll respect whatever decision you make."

"Thanks, Jazz." Danny sighed in relief, allowing his head to fall to the cushion of the couch with a soft 'pfht' sound. He picked up the ring from where Jazz had left it on the table, throwing it up in the air and catching it with a satisfied smirk. Double checking that the shades were drawn and that his parents were still in the basement (doing things his mind could only speculate) and jumped through the ceiling to his bedroom. The halfa picked up his customized black and white cell phone (courteous of Sam) and scrolled to the V's in his contact list.

"Well, here goes nothing." He pressed the button, listening as the dialing tones passed.

"Hey, Danny!" The cheerful voice exclaimed.

"H-hey Val." Focus, he told himself, "I was, erm, wondering if you...would, uh, like to go to the park with me?" He mentally slapped himself. Gah, I'm such an idiot!

"Like a date?" Danny's face grew even more red, rivaling that of a tomato.

"W-what? No! I mean-" He heard her giggle from the other side of the line.

"It's okay Danny, and I just got off of work so if you could give me an hour I'd be happy to go with you."

"R-really?" He could practically see her smiling.

"I'll see you in an hour, Fenton." She said playfully.

"All right!" Danny clicked his phone shut in satisfaction.

Little did the two know that they were fist pumping the air at the exact same moment...

Just a couple of things, they're all older, probably 15-16ish (thus explaining Danny's attitude ;D). Oh Flirting with Disaster never happened, and for now assume that all of the other episodes have happened with the exception of Phantom Planet. Jazz is on break for college, just as an FYI :)

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