"All I'm saying is don't fold the maps." I couldn't see Allan, but I was sure that he rolled his eyes as he took a swig from his water.

"I didn't fold the maps." He protested.

"Well Kansas is a mess and there's a crease right through Wichita." Rabbit paused for a second. Allan pointed his finger at him. Finding nothing to say he lowered it. "ROLL the maps." he finished setting the newly rolled maps on the fold out tables. I rolled my eyes this time.

"You two should really stop fighting." I grunted. In what I said, I wasn't expecting to get a response.

"Well Phoenix, you didn't fold the maps did you." Rabbit said raising a brow.

"Yep, Rab, you caught me. I folded it straight through Wichita." I stated blandly, yawning in the process. He scowled at us both.

"What am I going to do with you two?" He muttered walking off. Allan gave a toothy grin.

"Nice." He said lifting me up from my spot on the ground. A red shiny truck rounded the corner and headed this way. Allan caught sight of it too. "Who is that?"