"Son of a-!"

Phoenix rose a brow at Allan from her position on the ground. He had burned his hand while checking the engine of the truck again. That was one weird thing about the truck. The engine was always warm, even after an hour of leaving it off. Another weird fact was that the camper on the back of the truck recently started to smell like tacos. Rabbit blamed it on the night when the group had Taco Bell. A few drinks later, Dusty had passed out in the camper. The next morning , it smelled like tacos, which was no big deal until the smell did go away. The whole thing was blamed on Dusty. 'His farts last night must have embedded into the carpet.'

Rabbit leaned out of the window with slight smirk evident his face. "What? Have you forgotten how to change the oil?"

Allan gave a glare to Rabbit as he leaned to the right. "No. It's not my fault your truck is messed up."

Rabbit's hand must have hit the window switch because the window came down (obviously) and he hit his elbow pretty hard on the window. He gave a grunt and ducked back in. It was Allan's turn to smirk while Phoenix kept a straight but slightly twitching face.

"That's what you get Rabbit." Phoenix stated.

"Karma," Allan shook his head. "Look, I'm going over to Bill and Jo. I'm done working on this for now," He said while wiping his greasy hands off. "You can come if you want." He took a swig of water before heading over to the now forming crowd.

"Yeah, wait up." Phoenix stood up and brushed the dirt off the back of her faded blue jeans. There was a bit of dirt on the front and some caked onto her knees where they were ripped. She faced Rabbit who bravely rested his chin on the window. "I know you are bored too, no need to act all 'whatever'." Rabbir rolled his eyes and stepped out of the car.

"Oh, I'm not acting all 'whatever', you just want me to come with you and you know it." He grinned, walking alongside her. Phoenix gave a laugh.

"Ah! You know it!" She shoved his side.

"Will you two come on? I'm not going to wait forever ya know!" Allan said, clearly annoyed that the two were walking like snails. Technically slithering. Or sliding. Doesn't matter.

Sorry it's so short! What do you think snails do? I FINALLY wrote in third person. I found out that I could not write in third person, whatsoever.