Pairing: Harry/Draco
Prompt #: 28 .
Rating: strong NC17
Word Count: About 35K.
Summary:: Veela are very sexual creatures, and when Harry wakes up on his 18th birthday he finds himself unbelievably horny all day long. Draco walks in on him in a restroom and finds Harry wanking, and since he's wanted Harry for a long time he's happy to offer to "scratch the itch" for him. Since neither realizes that Harry's a Veela who's just come into his inheritance, they also don't realize they've just bonded by having sex - until the distance nearly kills them both when they part ways afterward. Now they've got to live together while they figure out how to undo the bond...

Warning(s): a lot of sex, some on the rougher side but all consensual, bonding, mild D/s concepts, mild violence, sexual harassment, dirty talking Draco, mention of mpreg but none present, mentions of past abuse*

Beta: A huge thank you to niteshine.

Note This is the last part of the original version I wrote for the Valentine Veela fest, the revised and longer version will be up at some point, but I'm incredibly busy at the moment with other fest fics that need to be finished first. Thank you for reading, any feedback is highly appreciated.

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Draco sat in the library, a stack of ancient tomes in front of him. With a snarl he cast aside yet another one, disgusted by what he'd found. Everything pointed to him being stuck with Potter, there didn't seem to be a way to break the bond. There had been numerous attempts, all had resulted in the death of both mates. He couldn't give up though, there had to be a way to get his life back. Maybe there was an answer in potions, there was always a way to reverse a bonding potion, maybe that was his way out.

He'd just reached for one of his more advanced potions texts when the library doors burst open. Looking up, Draco gawked at the very naked Harry Potter standing in the doorway. Potter's eyes were wild, but the only Veela attribute showing were his wings. The fact that the wild eyes were directed at him didn't sit well with Draco, nor did the purposeful strides the Veela was making towards him. At least the brunet wasn't aroused, Draco didn't think he wanted to deal with a horny Veela at the moment.

"What do you think you're doing?" the blond hissed, "My parents could see you, put on some clothes this instant." Harry didn't respond, simply came up to him and climbed into his lap. "Get off me this instant!"

"I can't," Harry bit out, "I have to be near you right now."

"Like hell you do!"

"The bond," the brunet started, stopping to swallow thickly, "The bond hurts alright? I have to be near you right now. So shut up and just leave it alone before you force us to have sex right here."

Draco's jaw snapped shut, cutting off the insult that wanted to burst forth. He'd forgotten that antagonizing and rejecting Potter openly would strain the bond so much. He really shouldn't have, he'd seen the results multiple times in the past few hours alone. Sighing heavily, Draco took out his wand and conjured some clothing for the brunet, unwilling to risk his parents walking in on him with a naked Veela in his lap. It would be bad enough if they walked in when Potter was in his lap at all, he had a feeling he'd never live down a lack of clothes. Merlin knew his mother would probably start pressuring them to have grandchildren and solidify their bond right that moment, while his father would likely try to kill them. Neither were reactions he wanted to face.

Grabbing the potions text, Draco thrust it at Harry. "If you're going to sit in my lap you may as well make yourself useful. Read up on bonding potions."

"You really want to break the bond?" Harry asked weakly, his eyes down turned as he took the book.

"You cannot honestly tell me you want this," the blond said, "You were going to marry that Weasley chit, become and Auror, and go have your fairy tale ending. Can't do that with me."

"I wasn't going to do that," Harry countered as he flipped through the pages, moving out of the way as Draco reached for another text, "I never felt anything for Ginny, not really. I'm gay, I could hardly be with her. The whole Auror thing...well I don't know. If I still wanted to do that I don't see why being mated to you would effect that."

Draco looked at the brunet critically for a moment before shrugging. "Fine, so you wouldn't have married the Weaselette, but you can't be an Auror. No Malfoy can be in such a dangerous field, much less the bearer. You will need to find something less life threatening to do with your time."

"I don't really want to be an Auror anyway," Harry insisted, "Not after the past year. Chasing down Voldemort's...well chasing down the key to killing Voldemort, actually doing it, I don't want that anymore. Something less likely to kill me than chasing dark wizards around sounds pretty good to me."

Eyeing Harry for a moment, Draco decided not to press whatever it was that he wasn't being told. He didn't really care, it wouldn't matter once he was free. Turning his attention away from the Veela, Draco began reading over the various arranged marriage bonds used in the past and possible ways to break them. He'd managed to get through over a dozen different bonds and discarded their counters as possibilities before Harry let out an exasperated sigh.

"This is just gibberish," the brunet announced, the potions text falling onto his lap.

"No it's not," Draco said, rolling his eyes, "If you'd paid any attention at all in potions you'd understand it."

"Well it's kind of hard to learn anything from Snape," Harry defended.

"Professor Snape was an excellent teacher," the blond hissed, eyes sparking in defense of his godfather.

"I'm sure he was," Harry shrugged, "But he hardly wanted to teach me. All he saw was my father and he tormented me for it."

Draco had to admit it was true, but he wasn't' about to tell Potter that. "If you hadn't been so interested in fame perhaps he would have treated you differently."

"Excuse me?" Harry snapped, "I hardly wanted any of the fame I had. I didn't even know I was a wizard, let alone famous until I got my Hogwarts letter. I never wanted that madness, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Now it's even worse, the reporters hound me every time I go in public. If I were to try to fend them off they'd turn on me again. Do you know what that's like Malfoy? To have every paper smearing your name over a lie?"

"You didn't know you were a wizard?" Draco asked, avoiding the subject of the press altogether. His name had been smeared quite badly recently, he could attest to how it felt.

"It doesn't matter," Harry said, turning back to the text in his lap.

"No, I want to hear this," the blond insisted, one hand coming up to block the page, "How could the single most powerful wizard alive not know what he was?"

"I'm not the most powerful wizard alive," Harry murmured, his cheeks heating as he looked away, "And...well my relatives don't really like magic all that much. Didn't want it in their home."

"But it's what you are!" Draco exclaimed, horrified by the idea of a life without magic.

"Yes, well, they tried their best to get it out of me. Can you move your hand?"

Staring at Harry for a moment, Draco slowly retracted his hand. He had a feeling that this was not a subject the Veela was comfortable with and that pressing it would not end well. He didn't want to do something that would stress the bond right then, but he would be damned if he didn't find out eventually. "What don't you understand about the potions?" he asked, allowing the subject to be dropped.

"Pretty much all of it," Harry admitted, his eyes flickering up to meet Draco's.

Sighing heavily, the blond motioned to the chair next to him. "Sit over there so we can look at this together," he instructed.

Harry stood slowly, clearly not happy about breaking contact, but willing to do so. Taking the indicated seat, Harry pulled it over so that his thighs were pressed against Draco's and leaned over the text that the blond had placed on the table. "What about this?" Harry asked, indicating a passage with his finger, "I don't understand why it warns against sliced spleenwart, it says you need it in the potion."

"Really Potter?" Draco asked incredulously, "You don't know that? The way you prepare an ingredient effects its properties. Sliced spleenwart will create a toxin, it has to be crushed or whatever you make will be poisonous."

Tilting his head slightly, Harry watched Draco's face light up as he talked about the various characteristics of the potion. Letting his mate's voice wash over him, the Veela allowed himself to bask in their closeness and the fact that Draco was no longer actively pushing him away. He may have been searching for a way to break the bond, but the blond was engaging him in a way that he hadn't previously. Harry didn't care if it was in a professorial role, he wanted this attention from his mate. Draco's love of potions was also clear, the excitement sparkling in his eyes couldn't be faked.


Harry trailed after Draco silently, enjoying the quiet. Their time in the library had been pleasant, the blond not pushing him away and even spending several hours teaching him about potions. Harry couldn't help but to feel some hope that maybe he'd be able to manage a friendship with Draco, even if they blond wouldn't fully accept their bond. At this point he'd take what he could get, he just didn't want their bond to be completely destroyed.

Draco barely noticed the Veela trailing after him through the halls, his mind deep in thought. The library had been...nice. He wasn't sure he was entirely comfortable admitting that, but he hadn't felt quite as much anger towards Harry as usual. The way the brunet had sat and listened to him go on about potions had been oddly satisfying, the fact that he'd actually paid attention and asked questions was simply a bonus. Usually when Draco started talking about potions he would be pushed away, his parents insisting that they simply couldn't keep up with him while his friends refusing to even touch on the subject. He'd always wanted to be a Potions Master like his godfather, but only Snape had ever listened to him go on about them. Even then, the Potions Master would constantly correct him rather than let him figure the problems out on his own. To have someone just listen as he worked his way towards the conclusion had been...nice.

Pushing open the door to the informal dining room, Draco stopped short, staring in shock at the mountain of food on the small table. His mother was gazing at it in bemusement while his father had gone stony faced. "What's the special occasion?" he asked as he pulled out his chair and sat.

"It would seem that Mipsy has taken a liking to Harry," Narcissa said, smiling sweetly at the blushing Veela.

"I meant to tell you about that," Harry grumbled, "Elves like me..."

"Of course they do dear," Narcissa said sympathetically, "They can't resist you. I'm sure that Mipsy will make sure that everything is perfect for you from now on."

"I don't see why myelf shou-" Lucius started, only to cut off abruptly at the scathing look his wife sent him.

Suppressing a grin as the Malfoy patriarch was effectively cowed, Harry sat next to Draco, wilting slightly when the blond pulled his chair farther away from him. Turning back to Narcissa, Harry smiled softly. "I actually meant to ask you if it would be alright for me to bring my elf here. He's all alone at Grimmauld right now and I'd rather he not begin plotting again."

"Oh of course dear," Narcissa said, glaring at her husband once again as he opened his mouth, "We'd be delighted for your elf to come help. Now, I hope you two have worked things out, I'd like a peaceful meal tonight."

"Mother," Draco drawled, a hint of a whine entering his voice, "Will you please desist in your hope of this bond working?"

"Draco, darling," Mrs. Malfoy's voice took on a slight edge that had both male Malfoy's sitting up straighter, a look of clear apprehension crossing their faces, "I thought we'd been over this. It is an honor to have a Veela in the family, especially one as powerful as Harry. There is no way for you to break your bond and considering how appropriate it is, I wouldn't dream of asking you to. Now, have you given any thought as to when you will have your first child? I was thinking shortly after your official wedding ceremony, it will look better to the public."

"We haven't talked about it," Harry said weakly, eyeing the blond woman cautiously, "I'm still processing that I can even have children."

"Of course dear, it's quite the scary prospect. Still, I think it would be best if you considered it."

"Yes, ma'am," the Veela murmured, studiously looking down at his plate.

The rest of dinner was horribly awkward, Narcissa kept dropping hints about how many grandchildren she wanted while Lucius glared at everything except his wife and Harry, mostly because he seemed to fear what his wife would do. Draco had turned an interesting shade of pink by the end of the meal, his hands clenched into fists. Harry just wanted to flee, completely unsure how to deal with a welcoming and baby hungry Narcissa. When they were finally finished, Harry and Draco left as quickly as they could, rushing up to Draco's bedroom. Harry stood awkwardly to the side as he watched the blond move around the room.

"You're sleeping on the couch tonight," Draco announced, "And you're staying there this time."

"Can you leave the curtains open so I can see you then?" Harry asked, "It helps quell my instincts."

"Fine," the blond sighed, "Now, I'm going to take a soak, feel free to do whatever it is you do, just don't bother me."

Harry nodded silently, watching the blond disappear into the bathroom.


The next day Harry sat slouched over the table in the library as he watched Draco read through another book on bonding reversals. He was slightly heartened by the fact that the pile of discarded books was much larger than the pile of possibilities. It didn't sit right with him that his mate was so eager to be rid of him, but he was still hopeful. With the curtains to Draco's bed open last night he'd managed to stay on his couch, though he'd hardly slept as every time he nodded off he'd jerk back awake to make sure that Draco was still there. He was fairly certain it was the stress of a poor night's sleep that had caused him to pounce the blond as soon as he was out of bed. They'd ended up in the shower together, Harry's lips wrapped around Draco as the blond thrust into his throat. The Veela loved the fact that he could take his mate in fully, something that he was fairly certain Draco appreciated as well.

"What are you smirking about?" Draco asked, glancing up from the heavy tome in front of him.

"Nothing much," Harry said, "Just thinking about how good you felt shoved down my throat." The blond turned a delicious shade of pink at the statement, eyes immediately going back to his book. Harry was happy to let him read, content to simply watch the blond.

"Will you stop staring at me?" Draco demanded, eyes flicking back up.

"I'm not disturbing you."

The blond just gritted his teeth and looked back down at the book. "Tell me about yourself," he prompted.

"What do you want to know?" Harry asked, feeling slightly guarded.

"Anything you find interesting. If you're going to be here you may as well offer me some entertainment."

"Well," the Veela said slowly, "I like Charms."

"Charms?" Draco asked, looking up from the book, "I would have assumed you loved Defense."

"Well, yeah, I do," Harry admitted, "But I like Charms more. Everyone just assumes that I love Defense because I'm good at it. Of course they don't take into account the fact that I had to be good at it, what with Voldemort. But there's something about Charms that's really fascinating. It's harder for me, but I like the challenge."

"Hmm," Draco hummed, leaning back in his chair, "What was your childhood like?"

Harry looked away sharply. "Can we not talk about that?"

"Oh come now, Potter, you can't react like that and expect me to simply drop it. So, you grew up with muggles, how was that?"

"Really, I'd rather not talk about this," Harry insisted.

Draco gazed at him for a moment, a frown marring his face. He knew that he should probably drop the subject, but he was insanely curious as to why Harry wanted to change the subject. "I believe I have a right to know," he tried, inwardly cheering at the look of guilt that flashed across the brunet's face, "I'm the one who has to spend my life with you after all."

Harry perked up considerably at that, latching onto the possibility of a future together. "Well," he said slowly, "It...It wasn't very good. My relatives hate everything to do with magic, including me."

Draco waited for him to continue, but when Harry seemed to be finished he sighed heavily. "Fine, don't tell me, see if I care."

Harry grimaced at the hurt tone, biting his lip as he tried to decide what to do. "They were abusive, okay? I really don't want to think about it, I never have to see them again and talking about it...I just don't want to."

Draco froze, realizing he may have overstepped his boundaries. Yet...this was a perfect opportunity at the same time. Potter clearly didn't want to talk about this, didn't want to even remember it. If he pushed him, he could possibly get him to want to break the bond. He was sure it would be easier if they both wanted out.

"I have the right to know," Draco said, "I'm your mate, I need to know."

Harry slumped forward slightly, curling in on himself. He was partly ecstatic that the blond had acknowledged what they were, but he also dreaded this conversation. He knew he had to have this conversation eventually, he just wished that it was later rather than sooner.

"I'm only saying this once," he said softly, eyes downcast, "Then I don't want to talk about it again, alright?"

"Fine," Draco conceded, pleased that he was finally getting his way.

"Until I was eleven I lived in the cupboard under the stairs," Harry began, absently noticing that the blond had stilled, "I didn't get my own clothes, just whatever my cousin had outgrown. The first clothes I had that were my own were my Hogwarts uniforms. I did all the housework, cooking, cleaning, gardening, from the time I was five. I didn't know I was a wizard, didn't know how my parents died. I didn't actually know my name wasn't Boy or Freak until I went to school and the teacher called me Harry. I didn't get to eat much, I didn't get to eat at all if my cousin was still hungry. It's probably why I'm so short, malnutrition is hard to overcome. Once I got to Hogwarts I got my own room, but I was locked away so no one in the neighborhood could see me, my relatives didn't want anyone to figure out what I was. It doesn't really matter, I don't have to see them ever again. I don't actually know where they are anymore."

Draco sat in silence, eyes riveted on the brunet. Harry's head was bowed so he couldn't see his eyes, his shoulders hunched defensively as if he expected Draco to lash out at him. The blond had a feeling that there was more to it, much more, but couldn't bring himself to pry any further. Clearing his throat, Draco looked away, glancing down at the text in front of him, the words not registering in his mind.

"Quidditch," the blond suddenly said.

"What about it?" Harry asked, his voice still soft and his head tilted to hide his face.

"Tell me what you think of it."

"Well, I love Quidditch," the Veela said slowly, "I can't think of anything that's more thrilling than flying, it's like I'm free. I suppose that has something to do with being a Veela. I actually am curious how well I can fly with my wings, maybe I could be a seeker without a broom from now on. Bet I could still beat you."

"Is that a challenge?" Draco asked, eyes narrowing as he gazed at a suddenly amused Harry.

"I'm simply stating a fact," the brunet said airily, "I have always been the better seeker between the two of us."

Pushing away from the table, Draco began to stride towards the library door. "Well come on, Potter," the blond snapped, "Time to show you your place."

Frowning slightly, Harry followed his mate through the halls of the manor and out onto the grounds, a gasp escaping him at the sight. "You have a Quidditch pitch?" he breathed, his voice soft with awe.

"Of course I have a pitch," Draco said, "I am a Malfoy, we always get the best of everything. Now, time to prove how great you are, pull out your wings."

"I haven't flown with them before," Harry said cautiously, hands coming up to unbutton his shirt.

"Well, we'll just see how natural of a flier you really are then," the blond huffed, eyes locked on the smooth expanse of the Veela's chest.

Grinning nervously at his mate, Harry concentrated on bringing forth his wings, sighing slightly as they unfurled from his back. Giving them a brief stretch, the brunet tried an experimental flap. When nothing happened he tried again with more force. With a startled cry Harry lurched forward, barely managing to keep his balance. Shooting a glare at a snickering Draco, the brunet spread his wings once again and flapped. He managed to get a few inches off the ground, but was also propelled forward at the same time. Landing face first in the dirt, Harry groaned loudly.

"Maybe I need a teacher," he grumbled.

"Oh no," Draco snickered, "I quite like watching you try to figure it out. Maybe I should levitate you and drop you, see if you can get it then."

"Don't you dare," Harry hissed as he struggled to his feet, absently pushing his glasses further up on his nose.

"Why do you wear those ghastly things?" Draco asked.

"What things?"

"Those glasses. Surely you can afford to have your vision corrected, or at the very least get something less hideous."

"Oh," Harry murmured, his fingers touching the edge of the large frames, "I've only ever had this pair. Never really thought about it actually. Wait, I can get my vision fixed?"

"Of course," Draco huffed, "There's this wonderful thing called magic. You may have heard about it. We'll get your eyes fixed as soon as possible."

"Okay," the Veela breathed, eyes wide as he watched the blond turn and head towards a small broom shed. Draco had said we, something that while small meant quite a bit to Harry. The fact that the blond would plan on Harry being around long enough for it to matter...Harry couldn't begin to describe how that made him feel.

"Here," Draco called from the shed, "Take this broom for now."

Trotting over to the blond, Harry dutifully accepted the Comet 290, a frown marring his face as he saw Draco take out his Nimbus 2001. "That's hardly fair," he pointed out.

"If you wanted fair you wouldn't have had any interest in me," Draco said airily, "Just think of this as an opportunity, Potter. This way you get to show me how you're such an excellent flier despite the slower broom."

Scowling at the far too smug blond, Harry tucked his wings away and straddled his broom, waiting patiently as Draco mounted his own with a small box in his hand. "Ready?" the blond asked.


"Right, first to catch the snitch wins," Draco said.

Harry watched avidly as Draco reached opened the box, a snitch flitting out and away. "Go!" he cried, pushing off the ground and taking off in the direction the small golden ball had headed, pointedly ignoring the indignant cry behind him.

Circling the field quickly, Harry tried to locate the fleck of gold that would give away the snitch's location. Draco was following suit, moving higher in the air in an attempt to spy it. Darting across the pitch towards empty space, Harry grinned as he heard Draco give chase thinking he'd seen the snitch. Turning sharply and following an invisible path along the edge of the pitch, the Veela reveled in the feeling of his mate chasing him. Turning skyward, Harry slowed and finally came to a stop, grinning at Draco as the blond flew past him. Draco simply huffed, eyes turning back to the pitch in an attempt to actually locate the snitch.

Climbing higher in the sky, Harry began to circle the pitch once again. Catching a glint just below Draco, Harry dropped into a dive, purposefully setting a collision course with the blond. Draco gave a startled yelp when he saw the Veela plummeting towards him, rolling his broom out of the way. Grinning madly, Harry shot past him, one hand stretching out and grabbing hold of the small golden ball. Pulling up sharply, Harry felt his feet graze against the grass.

Turning his broom back towards a very sour looking Draco, Harry held his hand up triumphantly. "Seems I can still out fly you," he laughed.

Narrowing his eyes, the blond flew up so that his broom was right next to Harry's. Leaning over so that their lips almost touched, Draco covered the suddenly very still Veela's hand with his own. "Best two out of three," he breathed, fingers quickly extracting and releasing the snitch.


Harry laughed lightly as he listened to Draco complain about how he had cheated in their seekers match, explaining away why he'd lost all but one of the nine games they'd played. The blond seemed to be stuck on the idea that Harry had used his Veela charms to attract the snitch and that it clearly couldn't be seen as a real match. Harry just let him go on, happy that Draco seemed content to walk side by side with him for once. He had to admit there was a distinct thrill about flying with his mate. Watching the expressions of joy flit across the blonde's face stirred something within Harry, he wanted to see that expression more often. Draco even seemed more relaxed around him, more accepting. It was almost as if they were friends. Harry thought he could live with that, live with his mate being more of a friend than a lover.

The pair rounded a corner in time to see Ron and Hermione exiting the Floo room looking somewhat perplexed. "Hey guys," Harry called, raising a hand to wipe some sweat from his forehead.

Before Harry could process what was happening he found himself flat on his back, Ron's tongue shoved in his mouth. Trying to yell indignantly, Harry attempted to push his friend off only to squeak into the kiss as Ron thrust his hand down the front of his trousers. A loud snarl sounded to his right just before the redhead was ripped off him and thrown across the hall by a furious Draco.

"What do you think you're doing Weasel?" the blond spat, standing in front of a stunned Harry.

"Ow," Ron moaned, one hand coming up to rub the back of his head, "What happened?"

"You just decided to sexually assault what is mine," Draco growled, advancing on the redhead, "Get out of my sight and don't come back until you've learned how to control yourself."

Ron looked at Harry in horror, one hand covering his mouth. "I'm so sorry mate, I...fuck, I'll go..."

Harry made no move to stop his friend as he fled into the Floo room, his attention completely focused on Draco. Hermione hovered uncertainly, clearly torn between staying to comfort Harry and leaving to make sure Ron was okay. Finally her concern for Harry won out and she cautiously approached the Veela.

"What did you mean by that?" Harry asked softly, ignoring Hermione as she attempted to help him to his feet.

"What do you mean?" Draco sniffed, eyeing the brunet wearily.

"That I'm yours."

"I was simply defending you," the blond said, waving a hand imperiously, "I could hardly allow that little...display to continue. It doesn't mean anything, I'll find a way to free us and we'll be nothing to each other once again."

"You claimed me," the Veela insisted, "You want me here."

"I most certainly do not. It was merely a slip of the tongue, it meant nothing."

"You don't get to do that!" Harry cried, surging to his feet and knocking Hermione away, "You don't get to jerk me around like this! You have to choose, either you want me here or you want me gone, but you can't keep going between the two. The bond can't be broken, you know that despite what you're saying. So choose, be my friend, my acquaintance, or my lover. We'll make it work, but stop leading me on and making it seem like there's a chance for more."

Draco stared at harry as he stalked down the hall, Hermione trailing after him. He found himself rooted to the spot as he thought over Harry's words. He certainly hadn't meant to make it seem like there was a chance for any sort of companionship between them. He may not have been as cruel as he could have, but that was just to keep from stressing the bond too much...wasn't it? Leaning against the wall, Draco ran a hand over his face as he sighed heavily. If he had to be completely honest with himself he did rather like the idea of being with Harry. It was just that the way this had all happened was not how he wanted it to happen. He'd always wanted the brunet in some way, always fixated on him. At first he wanted him as a friend, later he wanted Potter to acknowledge that they were equal, wanted his respect. He'd lusted after him for years, wanted to dominate and own him, wanted to have him as a lover. But he wasn't allowed to.

Draco was the Malfoy heir, he was supposed to marry a pureblooded witch, have an heir, and continue on the family in all its glory. But what glory was there? The Malfoy name was horribly smeared because of his father's actions, tarnished beyond his own repair. No self respecting family would marry one of their daughters to him at the moment, he'd have to accept a woman of lower standing if he wanted a wife. Besides, society would see Potter as a pureblood now that he was a Veela, the creature blood washing out any lingering muggle traces. Having Potter in the family would also help reestablish the Malfoy name and he could easily provide an heir once the time came.

Looking down the hall, Draco frowned. He may not like that he had no idea that he was getting into a permanent bond when he'd offered to shag Potter in the bathroom, but then again he'd likely have had no choice at all if his parents arranged a marriage for him. He had chosen Potter in a way and this time he had gotten what he wanted. Harry wouldn't reject him this time, wouldn't deny him the contact he'd always craved.

Making up his mind, Draco set off down the hall, intent on finding his mate.


Draco was furious. He'd searched the entire manor and grounds, but it seemed Harry had left shortly after their confrontation. The blond had to find out from a house elf, his mate hadn't even bothered to let him know. Of course he couldn't go after him, the wards not allowing him to leave the property, so he was left to stew by himself. The brunet hadn't even returned for dinner, something that had caught his mother's attention. While his father may have been pleased by Potter's absence, his mother had cut him down to size, making it abundantly clear how displeased she was with his actions. After such a ruthless dressing down, Draco had slunk back to his room, only to find it empty.

He hadn't thought of the possibility that he'd actually push Harry away, that the Veela would reject him over his behavior, but the idea wouldn't leave his mind now. There had been no reported cases of a Veela rejecting their mate after bonding, only the mate rejecting the Veela and trying to free themselves. Ultimately the pair would die because of the mate's actions, actions that Draco himself had been about to take. What if Harry rejecting him was what would actually break the bond? The thought chilled Draco to the core.

Sitting on his bed, the blond stared at the empty couch that he'd banished Harry to the previous nights. He hadn't realized before just how far away it was, how much distance he'd been putting between them. He'd even forced Potter to help him try to find a way to break the bond, he couldn't imagine what kind of image that portrayed. The Veela must have given up on him completely if he would reject him and simply leave.

Draco shot to his feet as the bedroom door opened, a disheveled Harry shuffling in. "Where have you been?" the blond demanded.

"Out," Harry muttered, shrugging slightly, "Headed to Grimmauld for a while then went to see my godson Teddy. Why?"

Draco looked the brunet over critically. The Veela looked absolutely haggard, like he would drop dead at any moment. He could practically see the strain of the bond on Harry, how it was tearing him apart. "Get in," he said simply, climbing back into his bed.

Harry stood frozen, eyes wide as he stared at Draco. "What?" he croaked.

"Get in," Draco repeated.

It seemed Harry didn't need to be told twice as he undressed in a flurry of motion and practically jumped under the covers. The brunet seemed to hesitate as soon as he was in the bed though, clearly unsure if he was allowed to actually touch Draco or if he would be banished to the far side of the mattress.

"Oh for Merlin's sakes," the blond huffed, reaching out towards the brunet.

Harry let loose an odd coo as he snuggled into Draco's side, his head buried in the blonde's neck. His body was still tense though, as if he expected to be pushed away at any moment. After only a moment's hesitation Draco turned to face him completely, his hand tilting Harry's face back. Looking deep into emerald eyes, the blond leaned forward, touching their lips together softly.

"Is this real?" Harry choked out as they parted, "Or are you toying with me again?"

"It's real," Draco said, "I want to try."


"I promise it is, I want more than just a friend. I'm a Malfoy, we always get the best and I doubt anyone can say they have as good as you."

Harry crushed their lips back together as a hand came up to grip his hair. Draco allowed himself to be rolled onto his back as he thrust his tongue into the brunet's mouth, his legs falling open invitingly. Harry settled between them as he kissed his mate, his movements languid but no less passionate. He wanted to savor this moment, wanted to remember it forever. Slowly he pushed Draco's night robe open and allowed his fingers to trail over heated skin, relishing every whimper and moan he pulled from the blond. Drawing back to look down at his mate, Harry was overcome with a profound sense of rightness. His magic was content for the first time, even as it reached out towards Draco there was a certain serenity to it that Harry hadn't realized was missing.

"What are you looking at?" the blond asked, eyes hooded with lust and something else.

Harry just smiled, leaning back down to press their lips back together. Reaching out with his magic, the Veela summoned the small vial of lube and quickly slicked his finger. Rubbing between Draco's cheeks, Harry drew back and gazed down at the blond questioningly.

"Oh for the love of," Draco huffed, "Yes you can top, now get on with it."

Grinning widely, Harry brought his mouth to Draco's neck, sucking on the skin as he carefully inserted a finger. Draco grunted at the intrusion, a hand tangling in messy black locks and one leg hitching up over Harry's waist. The brunet purred happily as his mate reacted to him, drawing him closer rather than pushing him away. Bearing down with his hips, Harry ground against the blonde's arousal as he prepared him. By the time Harry had worked his way up to three fingers, Draco was panting harshly, his head thrown back in ecstasy.

"Please," Harry groaned, "Please."

"Yessss," Draco hissed, undulating under the Veela's body.

Carefully withdrawing his fingers, Harry grabbed the lube once again, liberally coating his erection before lining himself up with Draco's entrance. Emerald eyes held steely grey as he slowly sunk into his mate's tight heat. Panting heavily, Harry pushed until he was fully embedded before leaning down to capture Draco's lips once again. Kissing his mate languidly, the Veela slowly pulled out before thrusting back in, relishing the gasp Draco made against his lips.

Draco tilted his head back, eyes falling shut as he gasped for breath. He'd never felt so utterly complete in his life. His very magic seemed to be humming with satisfaction, jumping slightly with each thrust Harry made. All he could do was cling to the brunet as he gave himself over fully for the first time. He'd never felt so connected to any of his past lovers, never felt like he belonged in this way. He couldn't remember why he'd been so opposed to this bond, so set on breaking it when it was utterly brilliant. Running one hand down Harry's back, Draco felt the way the muscles moved under the skin with each thrust. He could feel the immense power within the brunet, power that was being held under perfect control for his pleasure.

Crying out, Draco thrust up against Harry as hard as his position would allow, desperate to feel him deeper within his core. The only acknowledgement on the blonde's demand was a soft growl and teeth worrying at his neck, the Veela intent on keeping his slow languid pace. By the time Harry began to speed up his thrusts, Draco nearly incoherent with pleasure. Their magic lashed out against each other, twisting together and mixing as their very magical cores combined. As their cores converged both men cried out wordlessly, clinging to each other as they rode out their peaks.

Draco slowly became aware of the world around him, a contented feeling settling deep inside him. Tilting his head to the side, he gazed at the dark haired man half lying on him. "My mother's going to want grandchildren immediately now," he croaked.

Harry grunted noncommittally beside him, his eyes unfocused as a hand brushed over Draco's chest.

"And my father will likely throw a fit."

More grunting sounded from the brunet.

"I expect the press will have a field day."


"I'm a pretty, pretty princess."

"I'll get you a crown then."

"So you were listening," Draco smirked, letting his head fall back against the pillows.

"I'm always listening, I wouldn't put it past you to test me."

"Mhm," Draco hummed, eyes falling shut as he basked in the feeling of the completed bond, Harry cuddled against his side.


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