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Lily hurried out to the Hogwarts grounds, hoping to catch up to James. No such luck, he was well out of sight. The wind started to pick up a little, and Lily covered her face with her hand, attempting to block her wild hair from blinding her. Spotting some fifth year Ravenclaws lounging near the lake, Lily hurried up to them.

"Hey! Did any of you see James Potter pass around here?" She called out to them. They looked up, surprised, but then one of them shrugged and pointed to the edge of the grounds.

"Yeah, he went running off towards that direction about five minutes ago." A dark haired girl she recognized as Sophie said.

"Thanks!" Lily called back, already heading in the direction Sophie had pointed out. By this time, even though it was barely noon, the sky had started to darken a little. The wind screamed in Lily ears as she paced across the Hogwarts grounds scanning the area for any sign of James. Then, just as she began to give up hope of finding him, she spotted a head of black messy hair hiding under a tree, a good hundred meters from any other students. Lily practically sprinted to him.

"James?" She asked cautiously, sitting down next to him. He looked away from her before

"James." She tried again. He still didn't answer. It started to drizzle.

"James, it's raining. We should go inside before we both catch a cold." She warned him softly, attempting to take his hand. He pulled away.

"I don't care." James answered coldly, turning to look at her. His cheeks were tear-stained and his eyes were blood-shot. Lily's heart broke looking at him. How could anyone stand to look at the man the love, the strong care-free man, the one who always took it on himself to cheer the rest up, look so small and disheveled. Lily felt tears building up in her own eyes, and she pulled James into a hug. This time he didn't resist. "They're dead."

"Oh James," She sighed, and then when he started to cry, her already broken heart shattered into a million more pieces. This was worse then the time Snape called her a mudblood, worse than when Petunia called her a freak. This was the first time she had seen the real effect of the war on someone so close to her, someone who was usually so full of light and life. And now James' light had died along with his family. Lily's blood burned, and she vowed to herself at that moment, that she would do whatever it took to bring down the bloody bastard that caused this much pain to innocent people. "James, everything will be all right."

"No! It's not going to be all right!" James yelled at her, standing up. "This isn't some stupid fight between Sirius and I! This isn't a prank gone awry! This isn't about some stupid feud between the Slytherins and Gryffindors. This isn't about Hogwarts. There is a bloody war going out there, and we're doing nothing! PEOPLE ARE DYING EVERY SINGLE DAY AND WE'RE JUST SITTING HERE AND LIVING IT EASY! THEY ARE DEAD. MY PARENTS ARE DEAD AND IT'S MY FAULT THAT I WASN'T THERE TO PROTECT THEM!" James punched the tree hard, wincing in pain, but he didn't care. He didn't care that his hand was now bleeding, or that he was soaked to the bone from tears and rain, all he cared about was them. How he had failed his parents.

"I failed them." He continued, a little more softly. "I –"

But James never got to finish his thought, because before he knew it, Lily was kissing him. At first he was shocked, but soon her was kissing her back with more passion either had ever experienced. His hands wound around her waist, and he deepened the kiss, her lips so soft, they're lips fitting together so perfectly. Before he knew it she was pushing away, looking up at him through her amazing emerald eyes.

"I love you James."

And James kissed her again.

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