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More Dimples

I swear I think we both passed out. Yes, ladies. He is that good in bed. The best part? I'm not sure he realizes it. Which, in my book, is sexy as hell.

I try to remain quiet as I roll over. Sam is sprawled over the left side of my bed. He's laying on his belly, the long curve of his back completely naked to my view. His skin is a lightly sun-kissed copper and I can't resist trailing my fingertips over it.

I suck in a breath. Good lord, you have got to be kidding me. There, in the dip just above the sheet covering the globes of his perfectly sculpted ass, another set of adorable dimples. The kind that make you blush. Ones that make you want to slip closer. So I do. I lean in nice and close. My lips feather over his shoulder blade as my thumb strokes over one of them.

The soft touch causes him to awaken. He rolls over to look at me, eyes shining as a satisfied smile plays over his handsome features. Without saying a word, he brushes a strand of hair off of my face and leans down to kiss me.

His mouth is warm and wet. His tongue flirts with mine in a playful caress as his thumb strums over my nipple and he settles over me. You'd think the weight of someone that tall and muscular - holy crap is he muscular! - would be oppressive. But it isn't. It makes me feel safe.

My hands coast up the planes of his chest. They glide over his shoulders and upper back. A tiny gasp escapes, my lips parting as he dips his low in an intimate caress. "Sam..."

I feel him smile against my throat. It doesn't take much for him to work me up again. I'm not sure I ever unwound in the first place. Touching me seems to make him happy. It also turns him on.

"Please..." I murmur, feeling the hot, hard length of him pressing against my thigh.

"Please what?" he asks, a teasing stroke setting every last nerve ending in my body on fire.

"Take me..." I breathe, arching into him.

He smirks, sucking his fingers into his mouth slowly before claiming mine again. I cling to him as he enters my body. Feel my toes curl as he thrusts shallowly, then deep.

Jesus, he feels good. Every. Last. Inch. From the tip of his nose as it brushes mine to the way the hair on his legs tickles my skin to...well...you know.

You know what they say about big men? It isn't just that they wear big shoes.

My body tightens and my eyes slam shut. A delicious tingle attacks my toes and wiggles its way up my calves. I loop a leg around his waist, covering one set of dimples only to look into the ones playing on his cheeks. It breaks me. Makes me shatter. Because nothing - and I do mean nothing - is more beautiful than his smile.

Except for maybe the dimples that surround it..