Chapter One: Goodbye

General POV

It was there no doubt. The thing or should I say things that would drive one to do what Naruto was planning to do. Not many people would ever believe someone could be sane through 16 years of harsh evil that only the Villagers could commit. Naruto was the one person who broke that belief, and even though he did the belief broke him. The rage and anger Naruto felt towards the Villagers was at a peak no one who knew his happy go lucky self would believe.

No one would expect him to finally give up on the happy fa├žade he had made everyone believe he was. No one would expect him to leave to give up on the Village he once called home, they couldn't and they wouldn't believe that. The truth though was less as kind as their whole hearted belief that he loved Konoha.

Naruto's POV

It was quiet on top of the Hokage Monument. The height was giving him a view of the entire village. The calm wind blew gently leaving a sense of peace in the afternoon inside the small village. He watched the area disdain clearly on his face. His eyes shifted straight to the Hokage Tower. The look softened slightly knowing one of the people he truly cared for was currently inside said building. He had been thinking about what to do.

Wiether he should leave or stay. It was a long debated question for him but he finally decided to leave. He knew how some of the people here would take it but with so few in many it wasn't much to deter his decision. Their was another reason, his family on his mothers side was a very powerful clan from a long lost village.

The majority of them had died out but the bloodline she had left him wasn't something he was going to let the village exploit. He had made his decision one that would hurt some people but was worth it in the long run. The withheld information of who his father was, was included in his reason to leave. It was the scroll he found that made him known to who his father was.

The placement was strange for him he wouldn't have thought the gigantic Mansion he found would even be his. He entered on the day of his birth due to wanting to hide from the villagers on their drunken rampage for him. When he entered the home he got a strange feeling of safety and love and moved around the large building.

When he found a large study like office area he saw three scrolls lying on a desk. He was curious and had grabbed them shocked to see his name addressed on all three. The first was the same size as the second one while the third was the largest one on the table. His attention was brought straight to the one he held in his hands. His fingers fumbled to untie the string that held the scroll closed. Once open he began to read it hoping it was something special from his parents.

Dear Naruto,

Hey son your probably wondering why I never let you know about the Kyuubi or who I am which must make you very angry. As you know I am Minato the Fourth Hokage. The Kyuubi was placed in you because I couldn't ask someone to let me seal it in their child if I wasn't going to give up my own. I have asked the village to treat you as a hero and hope that they have but I am not sure. In the scroll along with some stuff from your mother I left some tri-pronged Kunai and the technics for the Rasengan and Space time jutsu I made. good luck son.

Minato Namikaze

His fingers were numb and his mind couldn't understand what he just read. He placed the scroll on the desk as he realized what he just read. He looked straight over to the scroll his mother had written him. He was still numb on what his father had told him but he really needed to see what his mother had left him like he had done with his father. He undid the scroll slowly wondering just what she could say to him.

Dear Naruto,

Yea its me Kushina your mom. I only have a little time to write this since they say I am dying from blood loss. I wanted to say I love you and in the scroll that your father put together I left all of the Uzumaki clans Jutsu and my sword for you. Make our clan proud. Be sure to take care of yourself and once I see Minato I am going to beat the shit out of him for putting you in such a position.

Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze

He let the scroll drop out of his hand and onto the desk. He leaned his head on his hand using the desk for support. His mind was numb and his thoughts sluggish from the information it had to deal with. He finally found out who his parents were and looked at the large scroll on the desk. It was about the size of his torso and had a rope so he could carry it. He grabbed the thing and placed it on his back while shoving the two others into scroll pockets on his jacket.

A few hours later he was sitting where he was right now staring at the Hokage tower. His scroll he had written in his hand smooth against his skin even though it was going to be rough for everyone to read and listen to. He sighed and jumped to the tower placing the scroll in the late night bin near the tower knowing Shizune picked up the mail every day at 7 am. He saw the sun was an hour away from setting and jumped from roof to roof towards the gate. He stopped on top of a roof near the gate and slipped down into the dark alley next to him.

He looked around the corner and saw a small boy and looked again surprised seeing Konohamaru walking down the street. He walked to the kid slowly and placed a hand on the kids shoulder. "What are you doing out here? Konohamaru." He asked seeing the kid turn around and look at him. "Nii-chan?" Konohamaru said surprised and curious. "Hey can you help me a bit I need you to distract the gate Guards." He said getting a curious look.

"Why? Where are you going?" Konohamaru asked curious and saddened. He sighed and squatted down to Konohamaru's level. "I am leaving." He said seeing the boy look down said. "I want to give you something before I go, but I need you to close your eyes." He said to the boy as his head shot up at him saying he wanted to give the boy something before he left. He watched the boys eyes close and wait for him. He pulled the goggles off of the boys neck.

He retied his old Hiate around Konohamaru's neck in replacement of the goggles. He saw the boy look down at the metal plate with Konoha's symbol etched onto it. He watched the boy get the Two guards to run off after something and stand by the gate. He walked up to him and saw the boy was looking down silent tears running down his face. He smiled sadly and placed his hand on Konohamaru's head patting it seeing the boy look up.

He walked out the gate's knowing the boy was watching him walk away. He knew exactly what the Council would want to do once they found out he left the village and wondered where he could go that wasn't in fire country. Iwa was out of the question since his fathers relationship was awful with them. The only other options he had that were nearby were Suna and Kiri. He couldn't go to Suna since their relationship with Konoha would be ruined from his being there.

He sighed knowing Kiri was the only place he had left to go to. 'Well it is only a few hours out of Fire country and I am close to the border. Besides it would be nice to see the place Zabuza had lived in before.' He said jumping from tree to tree miles flashing by in the rush of his mind. When he was finally brought back he had fallen to the ground from the tree line ending at a dock where he boarded a ship going to a tree filled island and reaching a tree line that had a mist wall on the other side.

He went onto the other side seeing a large mist cloud reaching as far as he could see. He sweat-dropped wondering just how he was going to find the village. He shrugged and ventured down to the beginning of the large mist. He saw a post with a red fabric flag on it. As he ventured further into the mist losing his ability to see far he noticed posts kept coming up with flags showing the path. He stopped at one seeing it held a seal that lightened the mist so he could actually see the post.

He watched them go by and must have past fifty of the posts. 'Damn where the hell is this village?' he thought seeing the sun was close to being set and didn't want to be here when it was night knowing it would be twice as difficult to navigate. He ran into a board and stepped back to look at it. "Welcome to Kirigakure." He mumbled looking forward to see a large wall and gate before him. He stepped past the sign seeing the mist clear up to almost nothing.

He raised an eyebrow when he saw that the gate was better protected then the Konoha one. There had to be at least six of them watching the mist carefully. He saw two turn to him and look him up and down. "State your name and business." One guard said. "Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Here to join Kiri." He said getting the two ninja to look at him in shock and suspicion. "Follow me. We will bring you to the Mizukage." The guard said stepping towards him with the man next to him.

He nodded and followed the Guard while the other stood behind him prepared for anything. "Your much more prepared then Konoha." He said getting a chuckle. "We do our best to actually protect ourselves." The guard said. he nodded along with the man as a large tower was placed in front of him seeing a large blue flag that had a Kanji for water on it. The inside looked the same to Konoha but he was ignoring that as he was brought into the Mizukage's office.

"Mizukage-sama. This boy wishes to join Kiri." The guard said gesturing to him. "What is your name?" the Mizukage asked smiling at him. "Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." He said smiling back at her seeing a slight fluster flash across her face. "Well you want to join the Kiri ninja core?" Mei asked eyebrow raised as she shook of the blush. "Yes." He said his smile still in place. "Hmm well your power is at least Jounin level I could grant you permission to join at Jounin." Mei said looking down at the papers on the desk.

He smiled and nodded seeing her pull out a scroll. "Where do you plan on staying?" Mei asked. "I am not sure. Haven't thought about it." He said. "Well if your going to be a Kiri nin then you need a place to stay and some new clothes." Mei said thinking it over. "Well my home is large enough and it can get lonely. You can stay with me. Now lets get some clothes for you." Mei said getting a smile from her. "Of course Mizukage-sama." He said bowing lightly to her.

"Please call me Mei." Mei said getting him to nod and smile again. He followed her through the shopping district. "Good thing we are changing your clothes. Those are disgusting." Mei said her nose wrinkling at the sight of the clothes. He grinned and nodded. "Yea. In Konoha it was they only thing I could buy." He said getting a frown in response. He looked up at the large bland sign. 'Ninja Clothing and Supplies.' He thought seeing the door was open for customers.

He walked in quickly seeing Mei wave him on to find something to wear. He smiled at how all the clothes were some form of Camo. The cargo pants he picked were light blue grey and white camo. He was moving on to the shirts when he saw the weapons isle. He walked down it looking. He saw the average Kunai and Shuriken but saw two weapons that caught his eye. Two brother Kodachi with black blades and blue hilts.

He grabbed them seeing as they would be helpful to learn to use. He decided a camo shirt with missing right sleeve would work. He pulled it on and strapped the Kodachi to the white sash that wrapped around his waist. He walked to the counter seeing Mei turn to him and a glazed look appear in her eyes. He saw her shake her head and small blush spread across her face. "You look nice Naruto-kun." Mei said before looking away slightly.

"We would like to have ten of these style suits sent to my home." Mei said to the cashier getting a nod. "you will have to wait a while to get your Jounin vest." Mei said gesturing to the grey Jounin vest Ao was wearing. He nodded and smiled at her.