Chapter Twelve: Mei Arrives and The Exams Begin!

Naruto's POV

He woke up to the sound of someone pounding on his door and groaned in annoyance. He rolled over to the edge of the bed and slipped his legs over the edge standing up. He walked to his bag and pulled out his clothing making sure all of it was on properly and looked in the mirror to double check. He sighed in relief that he knew his mask was firmly in place and opened the door to see Hinoka standing there angry.

"What did Kontoma do now?" he asked getting the boys attention. "It wasn't me I swear!" Kontoma yelled making him pinch the bridge of his nose. "What is it?" he asked rubbing his temples. "Kontoma wont stop using his lighting Jutsu to shock us." Hinoka exclaimed making his eye twitch. "Why me?" he asked the ceiling. "Because Mizukage-sama loves you so much." Kontoma said blandly.

"Annoying brats." He mumbled under his breath. "Kontoma enough! Quiet misusing your lighting affinity, if you hurt one of your team mates you will never live it down." He said making the kid sigh. "I'm just having some fun." He said. "Your affinity is not used for fun it's a power to use in battle lets just go to the gates I am sure Mei will be here soon." He said getting them to look up excitedly. "Yea we get to meet Sensei's wife!" Kontoma said excitedly.

"You idiot she is still the Mizukage and we have seen her plenty of times." Hinoka said annoyed at him. "No we haven't Sensei would always get the missions we never saw her." Sarumani said blandly shutting them up. He chuckled lightly and looked at the silent two. "Hinoka has a point she is still the Mizukage to you and you will be meeting her but remember that she is still the Mizukage above all else." He said getting them to nod while staying silent.

"Lets go before you get too impatient." He said annoyed as they began to fidget in place. He watched them rush out of the hotel and sweat dropped at the dust clouds they left. "Over excited much." He said to himself disappearing in a swirl of water. He appeared at the gates seeing three dust trails rushing for him and waited patiently until all three of them appeared tired and grinning. "You may have to wait you know." He said getting frowns.

"What did you think they were just going to be here waiting?" he asked getting nervous chuckles from them in response. "Really?" he asked getting slow nods before shaking his head and wonder at them. 'Why did I get stuck with the dysfunctional group?' he wondered as they sat down and started a staring contest making him sweat-drop in response to the obvious boredom that rolled off them. His head snapped back to the gate as the sound of footsteps and quiet talking reached his ears.

He stood straight as the gates groaned at first then opened showing Mei and her guards. He smiled under the mask taking notice of the Nin nearby that were watching as well. He saw Mei's annoyed look break as he face lit up at the sight of him then grew worried. He walked forward to her seeing his team get up quickly to get a good look at Mei. He stopped in front of her getting her to bite her lip worriedly. "Hime, what is wrong?" he asked getting a sigh.

"I know I should be heading straight to Tsunade-Dono, but you need to know, I'm pregnant." Mei said making him sigh and smile lightly. "That is wonderful news." He said pulling her into a soft hug. He felt her relax and sighed knowing she was happy. "Hey, How is your team?" Ao asked standing next to them seeing him. He would have responded had something not exploded not to far away. "KONTOMA!" Hinoka's voice yelled.

He started crying Anime tears. "I swear Kami is getting back at me for something." He said as one boy was running towards him a pissed off female on his tails and another boy following her. He grabbed Kontoma as he tried to go by seeing the smirk take Hinoka's face as she thought he was helping but grabbed her and held them both apart in the air. "Why is it Sarumani is the only normaly one of you three?" he asked seeing Ao crying while he laughed on the ground.

"Sensei!" they both yelled. He sighed and dropped them. "What did he do this time?" he asked with an exasperated sigh. "Kontoma, blew up a stand with some stuff I wanted to get." Hinoka said making the boy stick his tongue out at her. "Why do you guys need to make me embarrassed to be your sensei?" he asked as Mei giggled. "Mizukage-sama!" the three said quickly sobering up and giving her a bow of respect.

"Never respect me, but they respect my wife." He grumbled getting her to smile back at him. He knew that smile and laughed nervously. "Sorry." He said seeing her smile lighten somewhat and nod. "Mizukage-Dono." Tsunade's voice called from not to far away. "Tsunade-Dono." Mei said stepping away smiling stiffly towards Tsunade. "It is a pleasure to have you in our village." Tsunade said in return just as stiff.

"Shall we discuss the Exams?" Mei asked gesturing towards the Tower. "Of course, follow me." Tsunade said walking towards the tower. He watched the two and sighed before following. "Sensei, why do they seem annoyed with one another?" Kontoma asked making him look over. "Due to the past between Konoha and Kiri, they don't have a very friendly relationship. I am happy to see that they are attempting to work past that." He said getting nods though they were still confused.

"I am going to need to stay with Mei, you can go ahead and look around, just don't break anything." He said his eyebrow twitching at the end before jumping away to a rooftop. He ran forward shooting for the tower. He reached the edge of the building and in a split second before it ended jumped seeing the open window. He managed to get right through it ad rolled for a second before standing straight up next to Mei.

"Hello Mei-hime." He said smiling at her. "Hokage-sama." He said nodding to her. "So he will be here to view his team?" Tsunade asked gesturing to him. "Yes." Mei said getting a nod. "I have to ask, have you heard anything about a boy named Naruto Uzumaki?" Tsunade asked hopeful. "You mean, the boy that left Konoha?" Mei asked. "Yes." Tsunade said. "I haven't heard anything beyond that he had left." Mei said getting a sigh.

A knock sounded on the door. "Come in." Tsunade said allowing the door to open. Standing at the door way was The Kazekage, Gaara, and Temari. "Kazekage-dono." Tsunade said while Mei nodded to the man getting one in return. "I assume you are here to observe the Exams?" Tsunade asked Gaara. "You assume correctly." Gaara said straight faced. "Mizukage-dono, congratulations on your marriage." Gaara said formally.

"Thank you." Mei said in return getting a slight nod. "I shall message for the Hotel your Genin are staying at to expect two VIP guests." Tsunade said making them nod in acknowledgment. "Kazekage-dono, have you heard anything of Naruto?" Tsunade asked getting a shake of the head. "I have no knowledge of where my friend is." Gaara said making Tsunade sigh and nod letting them leave. "I believe, if there is no other business, I will be going." Gaara said gruffly.

"Oh yea that's fine." Tsunade said making the man nod once before turning and walking off. "I will leave as well, see you at the Exam's Tsunade-dono." Mei said before turning to him. "Come on Koi." Mei said laying a single hand on his right arm softly after he turned to him. He smiled softly underneath the mask and nodded. He followed her out to see Gaara waiting. He nodded slightly to the man getting one in return as Temari watched with Kankuro.

"I shall enjoy watching your Genin in the Exam's Kazekage-Sama." He said cheekily getting the man to almost smile. "Confident in your Team, Kiri-san?" Kankuro asked making him give an eye smile to the man. "They have an interesting Dynamic, I am confident in them." He said with a small smile his eyes showing his smile. He turned his attention back to the door where his wife was looking back at him with a slightly amused smile.

He smiled under his mask and walked back over to her walking slowly next to her as they left the office and down the short hallway. he moved for a moment as one of the workers rushed by with a stack of papers and moved back over to her looking at her in worry. "You are ok?" he asked getting a small sigh and smile in his direction. "I am fine." Mei said reassuring him softly making him relax more. they walked out the large double doors in the front seeing the large street and crowds of people out.

he could feel the pressence of Ao watching over Mei as he was. he walked slowly down the street to lead her to the Hotel she was being booked in. He was happy to know it was the same as his but she would be staying in one of the more expensive rooms. he kept his pace slow on purpose out of worry though he could see the confusion on Mei's face and ignored it as they moved silently closer to the Hotel.

he watched the crowd closely seeing men looking at Mei in a lecherous Manner making his anger spike. He held the anger in but made sure not to give any notice to Mei looking over at him in worry. with each step he had to contain himself from glaring hatefully at the men around or moving to beat the everliving shit out of them. he noticed Mei relax somewhat when they entered the Hotel.

His anger held melted away when they entered as no one was inside that would look at her in such a manner, though deep down he was still pissed at the villagers. he made sure to follow her up to her room that had a small second bedroom meant for her guards. he stopped outside her large room seeing her moving to grab the door. "Koi, can i speak with you inside?" Mei asked sounding slightly nervous.

He grew worried as he hadnt known Mei to be the nervous type. He nodded and walked into the room with her as she moved to the bed sitting down and facing him. "Is everything alright Mei?" he asked seeing her fidget a small bit. "Naruto-Koi, I... I'm pregnant." Mei said quietly staring at the floor before looking up at him. he smiled a bit under the mask before stepping forward and taking her into a hug.

"You are not upset?" Mei asked making him laugh a bit. "Why would i ever be upset, this is the best news i could ever get." he said getting her to go from shocked to overjoyed. he felt his shirt wet a bit and calmed down letting her cry tears of joy before she pulled back and instantly pulled his mask down kissing him roughly. he was taken by surprise for a moment by in a second he relaxed into it and returned it with equal passion.

he let it break and pulled the mask up smiling and even though she couldnt see the smile his eyes were easily visible. "We can talk more later, I need to make sure my team is ready for the Exams, i'll try and be nearby whenever you need me." he said getting a small nod before he turned and moved out the door slowly and closing it before he lazily moved down the hall to the stairs moving for the room he was booked in.

he stopped at the edge of the hallway seeing his team waiting outside the room talking and sighed out loud as they saw him and started running over to no doubt start asking him a million questions at once and give him a migraine. 'Why Kami, even when such great things happen you have to give me this?' he asked crying internally as the confrontation with his evil students came closer with each steps.

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