WOW kick. A Winchester tip - whenever you gank a witch, always make sure to raid her vegetable garden afterwards.

We join the brothers in the motel room, just finishing their supper …

Diclaimer: I don't own anything Supernatural, magic, odd or even vaguely interesting.


"Hey-yy-eyy Shammy," Dean drawled, kicking at Sam's legs under the table.

"Yeah?" Sam replied, unsuccessfully suppressing a giggle.

"I' m flyin'," Dean chuckled, "here I go … wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Making swooping motions with his arms, Dean somehow managed to slap himself in the ear.


"Y-you jus' smacked y'shelf, dude," Sam snorted gleefully.

"Well, I prob'ly desherved it," Dean mumbled, rubbing the wrong ear.

Still laughing helplessly, Sam toppled backwards off his chair; "I felled o-off the d-dumb chair," he sniggered from the floor.

Dean grinned droopily; drifting cross-eyed and flapping his arms; "I'm still flyyyyyin'," he crooned.


That was one awesome mushroom omelette!