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Note from the Shadows: Do not take this seriously, in any way, as this is comedy. This is what happens when you irritate a mad scientist. Please note that this is my first try at writing comedy, and may not be very good.

Glanlin Gets Pissed Off

The young woman hummed softly as she works on her suit of armor, tightening bolts here and there. Her hair was somewhere between purple and brown, held in a tight braid. Her eyes were a brown so dark to be almost black, her skin almost pure white. On the sleeve of her jacket were nine red spikes. She seemed human, yet these facts stuck out, leaving room for doubt. She sat comfortably on the floor of the lounge, facing the fountain with a gentle smile as she worked.

A heavy hand rested itself on her shoulder, and Glanlin Bolisi felt herself twitch. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help but read your mind from across the room, and the answer to your question is, yes!" The woman's eyes flashed purple for a moment, and she glared at the man. "Oh, so you are a desperate fool who couldn't get a date if his life depended on it?"

Glanlin bit her tongue the moment she said it, eyes taking in the mans appearance. A strong, heavy build, he was all and intimidating. "Oh come on baby! Don't be like that! Come on, let's go to my place for a 'team up'." She rolled her eyes. All brawn's and no brains, she thought. "Thanks, but no thanks." The man seemed upset. "Aw, come on! It'le be fun! I promise! I"lll show you my 'super power'." Glanlin rolled her eyes. "Not interested." Inside, she was seething. She tunred away, and gathered her stuff. As she turned to leave, she saw a flash of Primus armor out of the corner of her eye. "Oh for fricks sake..." she muttered, hurrying home,

By the time she got home, Glanlin was to angry to think straight, just setting her armor in it's place and starting to pace. "So many idiots..." she muttered. She paused, looking at a set of blueprints. "...Hm... Yes..." She gathered up her tools, going to work.

Two days later, she came out in full armor, something spherical under her right arm. She walked purposefully towards Caprice. She walked in, dropped the ball, and gave it a small kick to get it rolling, then quickly walked back out. She darted behind the building, deactivating her armor, then walked past the building. Multi-colored smoke started to leak out from under the door of the building, and a fizzling sound was audible. Glanlin hid a smile, and sat down to watch the show.

People started to flee the building, shrieking. Glanlin grinned, watching colored smoke and fireworks pour out from the building. Many of the people who came out were featuring skin or hair dyed by the smoke, or clothes burned by the fireworks. One couple's clothes were rather disheveled, as if they had been thrown on hastily, which caused Glanlin to laugh loudly. The walls of the building, and the ground, were starting to be dyes by the rainbow-hued smoke, fireworks exploding loudly. Glanlin twisted three of her wrist spikes in quick succession, and then a large amount of the smoke grouped together, forming words. "Do not anger the mad scientists, for we are clever, and enjoy explosions," it read.

Once Glanlin was certain everyone was out of the building and far enough away, she stood, and twisted one last wrist spike. With a resounding boom, Club Caprice exploded in a shower of fireworks. "Never piss me off."