They had knocked him out again. Kurt woke up, groaning quietly as he once more attempted to move any part of his body that was not his head. No luck. Karofsky still had not told him what they – whoever they were – were putting into his body.

"Well hey there, buddy." A cheerful female voice broke into his thoughts, drawing his attention from the ceiling to the front of the room. An older woman, slightly tall, with short hair, and wearing a black track suit, was standing by the door watching him. Kurt could only glance at her for a little bit before his neck started to hurt and he had to rest it back upon the cold, hard table.

"Who are you?" Kurt asked coldly.

"I'm your new best friend." The lady laughed, moving closer to stand beside the table so she could look down upon him. "My, oh my, I was right to pick you, Hummel. You're an attractive one aren't you?" She turned and left him to go over to the counter, rifling through what sounded like a whole bunch of papers. "You'll be perfect for my collection."

Kurt frowned, not understanding what she was talking about but knowing he did not want to be a part of whatever she meant. "Sorry, lady, but I don't belong to anyone, nor do I want to become a part of your collection."

"Huh," The lady snorted, "according to my stalker file – yes, that's right I had you stalked; you really should stop going to Oak's Gym, they make you pay too much – you belong to one Tony Mitchells, correct?"

If Kurt could feel his heart beating in his chest right now he was pretty sure it would be racing. As it was, the room seemed to go several degrees colder and the only was he could tell was from the skin on his face. "Don't you dare touch Tony!" He spat out warningly.

The lady laughed again. "Now why would I want to do that? My grandmother who died from Pemphigus looked better than he does. No, you're much better looking than your little boy toy. I don't want anything to do with him."

Well, as long as Tony was left alone then Kurt could feel a tad bit better. "Who are you?" Kurt asked again demandingly.

"I am one Sue Sylvester, head of the Fantoccini organization, and that's all you need to know, Porcelain." Sue replied.

"Porcelain?" Kurt snorted. "What kind of name is that?"

"That, my friend, is your new name." Sue informed him. "