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Based on both the theory that Sugar is the Brittana baby from the future and the following Prompt: Sugar has been living with Santana for a few months since Santana and Brittany found out she was their child. Having been raised in a DD lifestyle, Sugar finds it hard to get over her guilt while in the past. Upon discovering how their future selves punish their children, Santana and Brittany decide to step up, while also juggling their own DD lifestyle.

Will contain non sexual spanking.

Chapter 1

Santana rolls her eyes as she wakes up to the sound of Brittany and Sugar banging and clanging around in her basement. Every Saturday and Sunday morning Brittany would come over and help Sugar work on the time machine, Santana used to help but apparently her girlfriend didn't appreciate her amusing comments and had banned her from working with them a few weeks ago. Now she has to settle with being woken up much earlier than she'd like on weekends and then spending a couple of hours listening to them making too much noise. Judging by the banging, she's sure that both girls have given up trying to be productive and have just resorted to kicking the machine every so often, not that she'd ever verbalise that opinion, sweet lady kisses from Brittany are too valuable to jeopardise. She rolls over and glances at the clock, deciding that she may as well just get out of bed since there's no chance of her being able to go back to sleep while her girls are thumping about. The latina sends her mother the usual vague mandatory text, to say that she's fine and school is fine and that she hopes her business trip is going well, before rolling out of bed and padding across her room. Santana smiles when she reaches the kitchen to find a fresh pot of coffee waiting for her and she reminds herself to thank Brittany later. Pouring herself a cup, she leans against the counter as she drinks it, listening to the sound of her future wife and future daughter laughing and joking in the basement. She wishes she could bring herself to ask Sugar about what kind of Mother she is in the future, is she a better mother than hers is to her? Is she strict or is she the type of Mother that lets their child get away with everything? She's scared to ask, fearful of the answer just in case it's something she doesn't want to her.

"San?" The latina jumps in surprise, sloshing her now luke-warm coffee onto her tank top and causing Brittany to giggle. "Sorry babe" The dancer states as she approaches the latina, wrapping her toned arms around her waist and chastely kissing the full lips of the girl she loves.

"How long have you been standing there?" Santana asks, blushing slightly.

"Just a few minutes,you were frowning so I could tell you were deep in thought, I didn't want to disturb you straight away. What were you thinking about?" Brittany asks.

"I was just thinking about stuff, nothing important" the latina lies, knowing that her girlfriend can see straight through her and is grateful that Brittany doesn't push it, merely just nodding and kissing her again. "Where's Sugar?"

"She went to get changed and then we're going to go get a movie for tonight, are you coming?" Brittany asks, already knowing the answer and not at all surprised when Santana shakes her head in the negative. She has noticed the latina becoming a little distant lately, never allowing herself to be alone with Sugar for too long, despite them living together. "Are you okay?" the blonde asks, for what must have been the thousandth time within the last few months.

"Yeah, I'm good. I'm just gonna go shower, I'll see you when you get back" Santana smiles a strained smile that doesn't reach her eyes, something that Brittany notices but chooses to leave it as a discussion to have later as she hears Sugar coming downstairs. "I'll talk to you later babe" the latina states, kissing Brittany before heading out of the kitchen, murmuring a quick 'morning' to Sugar as she passes her.

"Sorry, did I interrupt something?" Sugar asks, glancing over her shoulder at the retreating latina, her smile dropping as she watches her go. "Have I done something to offend her?" she asks nervously.

"No, of course not honey. As I'm sure you know, it's extremely obvious when Santana is offended. I'm sure you knew a whole load of Spanish curse words by the time you started preschool" the blonde jokes.

"No, not really. Mama doesn't like it when I curse" Sugar murmurs, blushing slightly as she realises that she just referred to the eighteen year old Latina as her Mama.

"You don't have to be embarrassed. It has to be so confusing for you to see us as teenagers and then try to work out how to speak to us. It's okay. You haven't done anything to upset Santana, she's just struggling like you are. It's not every day that you find out that you have a fifteen year old daughter...while you're eighteen" Brittany explains, noticing the guilt that flashes across the younger girl's face. "What is it?"

"I didn't know if it was a good idea for me to tell you or not but it doesn't seem like I'm going home anytime soon so I guess it doesn't matter" Sugar states, slipping a photograph from her pocket and silently handing it to Brittany.


Santana hears her bathroom door open as she rinses the shampoo from her hair, knowing it's Brittany and feeling disappointed when she doesn't join her underneath the warm spray of water. She can make out her girlfriend's silhouette through the fogged up glass of her shower and she watches her pull the lid of the toilet seat down and sit on it, obviously waiting for her to finish so that she can talk to her. The Latina sighs, it's never a good thing when Brittany can't wait an extra few minutes to talk to her about something. She turns the water off and squeezes her hair out before opening the shower door and grabbing a towel to wrap around her body.

"What's up Britt?" she asks lightly, leaning against the wall and studying the other girl.

"Why are you being distant? Brittany asks, deciding to get straight to the point.

"I'm not being distant" Santana answers instantly.

Yes Santana, you are. Sugar thinks she's offended you! You only ever spend time with her while I'm there, no matter how strange this whole situation is, you're her mother" the dancer states. "This is so much harder for her than it is for us, she's left behind her whole life and she is terrified that she won't get to go back and you, you are basically ignoring her. We've discussed this before, several times and I am not impressed Santana" the blonde adds."Sugar will be born in five years and you have an amazing opportunity to get to know your daughter before that and you're choosing not to. Is that the kind of Mother you want to be?" Brittany asks, feeling extremely cruel but knowing it has to be said.

"What if I already am?" Santana asks. "What if I'm already that kind of parent?" she adds, sounding smaller than Brittany has ever heard her.


"No. Don't say it Britt. You don't know that I'm not, you are this awesome person who can see the good in every situation and I'm, well I'm just not" Santana says. "What if I'm like my mother?" she asks timidly.

"If you were not a good parent then I can't imagine why I would choose to have three kids with you" Brittany states, her stunning blue eyes twinkling as she watches her news register on Santana's face, her almost black eyes welling with tears. She hands the photograph to the latina who stares down at the picture in awe. She gazes at her and Brittany's smiling faces, her finger tracing across the three kids sitting between them. Santana grins at the miniature Brittany, the tiny girl pressed into the older blonde's side and flashing the camera an almost identical smile, save for the missing front tooth. "That's Lily" Brittany beams.

"She's beautiful" Santana whispers, her voice thick with emotion.

"Lily Rose Pierce-Lopez" the dancer states. "Apparently she's extremely loud and annoying but the cutest kid in the world" she adds with a chuckle, reciting what Sugar told her. "The picture was taken a few weeks before she came here, Lily is six years old. And that" she says, pointing the the little boy sitting next to Santana with his head on her shoulder, "is Dylan Anthony Pierce- Lopez. He's ten years old and apparently thinks the sun shines out of your you-know-where" Brittany states. Santana beams with pride as she looks at her future soon, his tanned complexion and his jet black hair that looks as though it can't be tamed. She silently gazes at the picture, taking in as much detail as the photo allows before finally looking up at Brittany, their eyes that are shining with unshed tears, meeting. They stare at each other silently for a moment before Brittany moves across the room to stand with Santana and they study their family together.

"A mini you, a mini me and a perfect mixture of us both" The Latina grins, pointing at Sugar.

"So, tell me this babe, if you are such an awful mother to Sugar, why would we have two more kids?" Brittany asks. "Because from what I've heard, you're an amazing mother" she adds.

"I am?" Santana questions silently.

"Of course you are" Brittany smiles, "and that comes as no surprise to me" she adds, tenderly kissing her girlfriend's cheek. "So, what you need to do is talk to your daughter" the blonde tells her. "And apologise and explain your recent behaviour" Brittany tells her firmly, her hand sliding down to rest on Santana's backside and she gives her a pointed look. A flash of nerves crosses the latina's features, her breath catching in her throat as she nods, knowing exactly what Brittany is telling her.

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