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Chapter 8

2032 - 5 days before Sugar travels back in time.

Santana sighs heavily as she walks back into the house after dropping the kids off at school, her head pounding from their bickering over the radio. She's thankful that Lily had been desperate to go to her school's breakfast club, it means she doesn't have to drop Lily off an hour after her brother and sister...she only has to leave the house once during her morning off. She makes her way into the kitchen and switches the coffee machine on before heading upstairs and gathering all of Dylan's dirty laundry, rolling her eyes at just how much clothes he has managed to go through in just a few days. At least now Sugar does her own laundry, even if she does ignore the rest of her room. Santana quickly throws Dylan's clothes into the washing machine and pours herself a coffee to take upstairs with her, smirking as she knows Sugar had thought it had been an empty threat when she said she would clean her room for her.

"How the hell does she live like this?" Santana murmurs to herself as she glances around the messy bedroom. She rolls her eyes at the typical teenage ways of tidying, a clear path to the bed and closet. The latina crosses the room and pulls open the curtains and opens the window to let some, much needed, air into the room. She places her mug on the night stand and starts stripping her oldest child's bed, dumping the sheets on the floor next to her feet. "She is such a pig," Santana mutters. Yes, her bedroom had been untidy when she was fifteen but her bedroom had been a palace compared to Sugar's and, at least, had been clean, Sugar's room smelled musty and had a layer of dust on most of her things. Santana sighs and walks across to the walk in closet, tripping over a pair of shoes as she walks inside it to find her daughter's other sheets. She rifles through all the crap on the shelves and pulls the sheets down, frowning when she hears something clink at the back of the shelf. "I warned her about leaving empty glasses up here. Seriously, it must be easier to just bring them down rather than go to all this effort to hide them," she sighs.

Santana stretches up onto her tiptoes and feels around the shelf until her fingers graze against cool glass. She grumbles under her breath and strains upwards, struggling for a moment until she manages to grab hold of it, her eyes widening in surprise as she pulls it down. It's not an empty glass like she thought but a half empty bottle of tequila instead. Anger seeps from her pores as she glares at the offending item in her hand, wondering if she will be able to stop herself from killing her child. She recognises the brand as the kind she drinks, the same kind she and Quinn had been drinking during the last party they hosted. At the time, Santana had assumed that she and Quinn had finished the bottle, her hangover the following morning had convinced her of that. Now she knows that isn't true. "I'll kill her," Santana mutters darkly as she storms out of the closet and out of her oldest child's bedroom, cursing in Spanish as she goes in search of her cell phone. She locates her phone on the kitchen table and furiously swipes her thumb across the screen, scrolling through her contacts until she reaches her wife's name.

"Hey, baby. To what do I owe this pleasure?" Brittany's melodic voice floats into her ear.

"I found tequila hidden in Sugar's closet," Santana states angrily, skipping straight passed any pleasantries.

"What?! Santana, are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure! I know what tequila looks like!" Santana snaps, rolling her dark eyes.

"Okay, sorry, of course you do," Brittany placates her wife. "Is it full?"

"No. Half empty. She probably stole it from the last party we had but I don't know if she drank any, I'm not sure how much of the bottle Quinn and I had," Santana explains.

"San...you and Quinn finished the bottle. There was two bottles though, I bought two. You definitely didn't drink any of the second bottle," Brittany murmurs.

"So, it was Sugar." Santana is convinced that her blood is boiling as rage sets in and she pinches the bridge of her nose.

"It seems so, but we need to talk to her first," Brittany sighs. "We need to hear her side of the story. Make sure she knows to come straight home from school instead of going to drama club. We'll talk to her once she gets home."

"She's just going to deny all knowledge of it, Britt."

"She's the world's worst liar, San, and if she knows what's good for her then she won't even try to," Brittany murmurs darkly. "I gotta go, babe, I'll see you when I get home. Make sure you're in the corner." Santana feels her stomach lurch at her wife's words and she swallows thickly. "I love you, bye!"

"I love you too, Britt." Santana places her phone back on the table with a heavy sigh. She drums her fingers against the wood, jumping back and forth between feeling nervous about her upcoming punishments and fury about finding stolen alcohol in her fifteen year old daughter's bedroom. Sighing, she picks her cell phone back up and types out a quick text message to Sugar.

Come straight home after school. No drama club, just home. Your mom and I need to talk to you.

Santana smirks slightly as she presses send, knowing her daughter will work out that she's in trouble by the lack of a kiss on the end of the message. Good, a little healthy fear never hurt anyone.

Present day

Sugar smiles weakly as she sits down opposite Santana at the kitchen table, feeling as though her head is about to explode and praying that the aspirin kicks in soon. The smell coming from the frying pan causes her stomach to churn uncomfortably and she silently curses Brittany for choosing this morning of all mornings to make a greasy fry up. The small smirk on Santana's face tells her that Brittany is doing it on purpose.

"Breakfast?" Sugar grimaces at Brittany's offer and silently shakes her head. "Are you sure? A nice greasy breakfast always makes me feel much better," Brittany explains.

"No thank you," Sugar responds shortly, feeling her stomach plummet to the floor when Brittany ignores her and places a loaded plate in front of her anyway. Santana can't help but chuckle as Sugar sprints out of the kitchen, her hand firmly clamped across her mouth.

"Mean," Santana playfully scolds her girlfriend.

"It wasn't mean, it was educational," Brittany corrects her. She grabs the plate she had placed in front of Sugar and sits down next to Santana with it. "It taught her an important lesson; hangovers suck. I bet she doesn't touch alcohol for a long time," she adds with a sky grin.

"You're a genius, Britt."

"Duh," Brittany smiles, leaning over to sweetly peck Santana's full lips before going back to her food. Santana wrinkles her nose in disgust as Brittany digs into the unhealthiest meal she has ever seen, silently drinking her coffee as she waits for Sugar to come back.

"Feeling better?" she asks when Sugar eventually shuffles back junk the kitchen, grabbing a can of coke from the refrigerator before sitting down.

"Yeah, a little."

"Throwing up always helps," Brittany states, seemingly not at all bothered by the fact that she's talking about vomit while eating her breakfast.

"You should really try to eat something, it'll make you feel better," Santana states. "Even just some toast." Sugar gazes at her hesitantly, chewing on her bottom lip and trying to work out if her stomach can handle any food.

"I guess I could try to eat some toast," Sugar eventually says, pushing her chair back and moving to stand up.

"It's okay, I'll take care of it, stay where you are," Santana tells her, standing up and moving to the toaster. Sugar glances at Brittany and notices the small smile on the older girl's face. It surprises Sugar that she feels so comforted by the simple act of Santana encouraging her to eat breakfast and then making it for her, even if it is just toast. She finally feels at home here, with her parents. Of course, she misses her home, the older versions of her parents and her siblings but being with the younger versions helps her.

"Thanks...mama." Santana offers her a shrug and a kind smile, as though it's natural for her to make her daughter breakfast which, in a way, it is. Sugar watches as the eighteen year old version of her mama moves around the kitchen, thinking about what's going to happen later and trying her best to swallow her nerves. She doesn't miss Brittany's beaming smile and she loves that she put it there and made her mother so happy, despite the recent events. A comfortable silence fills the decent sized kitchen, it only being broken by Sugar when she thanks Santana as she hands over the toast.

"So.. we wanted to talk to you about last night," Brittany says once Sugar is finished eating. The younger girl nods nervously and gives her mom her full attention, feeling a pang of anxiety deep in her gut. "You promised Santana that you wouldn't drink alcohol, what happened?" Brittany questions.

"I don't know..I was just talking to Rory and then he offered me some and...I don't know, I just..I wanted him to like me," Sugar mumbles.

"Honey, getting drunk with a boy isn't what's going to make him like you. He's going to like you plenty for who you are," Brittany states softly sharing a small, worried glance with Santana.

"Yeah...right," Sugar scoffs.

"No, he will. You're an amazing girl, Sugar! You're beautiful, you're smart, you're funny..if he doesn't like you then he's an idiot," Santana says seriously. "If a guy wants to get you drunk it's because he only wants one thing and he is not getting that," she adds firmly.

"Definitely not," Brittany agrees, shooting Sugar a stern look. Sugar stares back at them in stunned silence, unsure of how she feels about having this conversation with them. "You're still a virgin, aren't you?"

"Yes! God, I really do not want to talk about this! Sugar stutters, her face bright red. She doesn't miss the look of pure relief on Santana and Brittany's faces. "Look, I won't drink again until I'm twenty one, I swear."

"Good. We'll be watching you," Brittany informs her. "And Rory," she adds warningly. Sugar nods and stares down at the table, humiliation flowing through her. "Now, Santana...your mama is gonna handle your punishment. After this it's a clean slate, you'r not grounded or anything. Who normally takes care of your punishments?" Brittany questions softly.

"Both of you, just whichever one of you is there," Sugar mumbles, embarrassed.

"Hey," Santana murmurs softly as she reaches across the table to gently grasp Sugar's hand in her own. "Remember what I said, you don't need to be embarrassed, we've both been spanked before," she reminds her. "You trust us, right?"

"Yeah, of course I do. You're my parents...much younger versions but still..my parents," Sugar states quietly and honestly. Santana smiles softly and sqeezes her hand reassuringly.

"You understand why I'm going to spank you?" Santana asks.

"Yeah, I got drunk after I promised you I would stay away from alcohol," Sugar whispers.

"And you know that I'm only doing it because I love you?" Sugar's eyes snap up to gaze at Santana tearfully, her face breaking into a smile. "I know I don't really say it but, I do. You're my daughter," Santana mumbles.

"I love you too, both of you."

"We care about you so much, honey, and that's why we're gonna start taking our role as parents much more seriously. Our age is going to come into it, we're your moms and we're gonna act like it," Brittany explains. "We're fully prepared for you to sometimes get mad with us and dislike us for putting our foot down," she adds. Sugar nods dumbly and eyes the two older girls carefully.

"Why don't you go shower and get dressed. Once you've done that I want you to wait in your bedroom until I come up," Santana tells her. She watches as Sugar shuffles out of the room, waiting until she is out of earshot before turning to face Brittany, her dark eyes full of panic.

"Stop worrying, babe. You did amazing," Brittany murmurs, her crystal blue eyes filled with pride as she leans forward to softly kiss her girlfriend.

"What if I screw this up? What if I don't do it properly or she hates me or.."

"Stop! Babe, you've spanked me before, you know how to do it. You always make me feel so loved and looked after and it's not going to be any different with Sugar. You heard her, she trusts you and you are already an amazing mother, you're not going to screw this up..I promise that you won't screw this up. And there is no way she'll hate you, she doesn't hate the future us and I get the feeling that she's been over one of our laps plenty of times," Brittany states seriously, gazing deep into Santana's eyes. "But if you're not comfortable doing this then I can do it, it's not a problem, babe."

"No, I need to do this. I need to step up...I can do this."

"Are you sure?" Brittany questions studying her girlfriend intensely.

"Yes. I wouldn't force myself to do it if I wasn't comfortable," Santana nods. "I'm sorry, I'm just..freaking out."

"It's okay. You're gonna be great, just like you are with me." Santana smiles when she hears the unwavering trust in Brittany's voice and she nods, determination setting in.

2032 - 5 days before Sugar travels back in time.

Santana sighs loudly as she slumps down on the sofa, grabbing the remote and turning the television on. She has thirty minutes before she needs to be in the corner and she plans to spend it watching awful daytime tv and making fun of the bad acting. She tries to force herself not to think abour her upcoming punishment, but even the terrible lifetime movie she's watching doesn't distract her from the fact that in an hours time she will be over her wife's knee.

"You're having a productive morning, I see." Santana barely manages to swallow the surprised yelp that rises in her throat when she hears Brittany's voice.

"Jesus, Britt! You scared the crap out of me! Santana exclaims, rolling her eyes at the amusement written all over her wife's face.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist," Brittany grins. She slumps down next to Santana and presses her lips against her wife's in a sweet greeting. "We finished up a little early, I figured we could talk about Sugar before we deal with your overspending."

"Good idea," Santana mumbles as she tries to ignore her hammering heart and flip flopping stomach.

"Where's the bottle?" Brittany asks her, Santana sighing and pointing to the coffee table. "Yeah, that's definitely one of ours," Brittany nods, "What are we going to do?"

"You mean apart from warming her backside for her? I have no idea" Santana grumbles. "She's fifteen years old and she's been drinking and..."

"We don't know for sure that she's been drinking, honey," Brittany interrupts softly.

"Okay but, at the very least, she stole from us and then tried to hide it," Santana states seriously, anger flashing in her dark eyes.

"I agree that she needs a spanking just for the stealing alone and I think we need to have a serious chat with her about her recent attitude. she's been a complete brat lately and we've been letting her away with too much for a little while now," Brittany murmurs.

"And her bedroom is disgusting," Santana says with a grimace, "Seriously, Britt, it's not just messy..it's dirty. It's gross," she adds. "I feel like I need a shower just from being in there."

"Well if even one drop of the tequila has touched her lips then she's gonna have plenty of time to clean her bedroom because she's not going to be leaving it for a long time," Brittany states firmly. She looks satisfied when Santana nods her agreement. "We do need to hear her out though," she adds, reminding her wife.

"I'll call Quinn and ask her if she can take Lily and Dylan tonight. Lily always gets so upset when there's arguments or punishments and I imagine it'll get pretty heated tonight," Santana sighs, standing up and reaching for her cell phone.

"I'll do it," Brittany says, "you go upstairs and get ready for your spanking."

"You wanna do it now?" Santana asks quietly, gazing at her wife like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

"There's no point waiting until noon to go into the corner now that I'm home," Brittany shrugs. "I would have thought you'd want to get it over with."

"Yeah, you're right, I do."

"Okay, well, go upstairs and go into the corner," Brittany orders in a gentle, but firm, voice. She stands up and pulls Santana into a tight and reassuring hug, lightly kissing her forehead. "I'll be there in thirty minutes." Brittany watches her wife leave the room and lets out a heavy sigh, it's going to be a long day.

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