Poetry, something I'm not the best at.

But, I thought I'd try. So, with a rather cliché plot, here is a... fairly lengthy poem.

Oh, and if I owned Kingdom Hearts, then they would be a lot more Yaoi... and some of the Organization would have lived.

He looked upon the spiral stair,
To the love that wasn't there,
His sisters step, his mother not,
The villains in this dark plot.

They scowled at him, made him work,
They kept him busy, he couldn't shirk,
His bones were weary, his arms were scarred,
From the fire, which to his hands charred.

Meanwhile, Prince Riku did cometh home
From hunting, where he did roam,
He rode through the palace gates,
And heard his father talk of mates.

Soon after, a ball was planned,
Invites sent across the land,
For the Prince was to find a wife,
For him to love for all his life.

But Riku disagreed. "No!"
He shouted. "I want no disco,
I want no wife, I want freedom!"
"But think about this kingdom."

Father tried to sway his son,
But Riku list'd to no reason,
No ball he wanted, no dance to decide,
The woman to him would become a bride.

But nether the less, the invites went,
And what, to Roxas, this meant!
He readied an outfit, feminine,
A dress, dark purple and light green.

But step mother said "No no!"
And Sisters went. "You can't go!
The Prince wants a wife, not a man,
And you don't even have a tan!"

They tore the dress, and his hope,
And then they left, and let him mope,
He cried and cried his heart out
Calling him a 'stupid lout'.

So Roxas cried, but then did show,
His godmother, fairy, "No go!"
She shouted. "Go to the dance!
You deserve this chance!"

And so, with a flick of her wand,
Many things happened around the pond,
A pumpkin carriage, gold, with horses,
Horseman, footman and armed forces.

And a new dress, replacing rags,
That must have had expensive tags,
Of blue and red and sparkling gold,
It made him feel rather bold.

And on his feet, in sparking white,
Formed shoes that sparkled in the light,
The fit him well, and so he entered,
The carriage, so well centred.

So in his carriage, shining bright,
He travelled quickly through the night,
Knowing that when midnight struck,
He would run right out of luck.

Through the gates his carriage rode,
And so lightly, he sort of flowed,
He climbed out, and with astonished gasps,
He escaped from lecherous grasps.

Into the hall, he strode with guard,
And listening to a wonderful bard,
He stood in a corner, feeling nervous,
Accepting drinks from waiter's service.

Riku, upon his tall throne,
Said in a discreet moan.
"Why all girls, why no boys?"
He sighed against the background noise.

Then his eyes fell upon a corner,
Where, looking like a mourner,
But for the dress, a beautiful affair,
Stood a person, with eyes so rare.

The Prince stood, and walked over,
Roxas wanted a four-leaf clover,
He held out his hand, which was taken,
And Roxas felt himself awaken.

Riku held the young boy near.
"Hello." Was whispered in his ear,
The young blond's face did turn red
But smiled as the Prince lead

Him in the dance. "What's your name?"
"Do you know that I'm no dame?"
"Of course I do, but that's no matter.
But could you tell me who did shatter

The skin of those lovely hands?
Who is so cruel in all the lands?"
Roxas answered "It's from the fire,
It may burn, but is not dire."

Meanwhile, sat against a wall,
Three people had the urge to maul.
"She is familiar, is she not mother?"
"Yes, he looks like your foster brother.

"But that can't be, he's a he!"
One said. "It can't be!"
"It isn't sister, Roxas has no cash,
That couldn't be bought by that trash!"

Round and round did the two waltz,
And Riku thought he was not false,
The blond was the envy of the girls,
Dressed in silk, and jewels and pearls.

Soon, they left the massing crowd,
Two doors opened, and allowed
Them to leave the stuffy room,
And to the garden, the flowers bloom,

Where they kissed, short it was,
But Roxas made a small faux pas,
For hearing the clock chime,
He ran from Riku and began to climb

The stairs, running from his love,
His tears fell, and by a dove
Statue slipped of one shoe and left behind,
Almost as if it was designed.

He leapt in the carriage, and drove off,
Disturbing just a single moth,
and as they fled, the last chime sounded,
And soon, the pursuit was confounded

As all that was in the road,
A lone pumpkin, and a toad.
And how the Price cried, never
Stopping for the love, lost forever.

But soon decided he to do,
And from a case he took the shoe,
And round the kingdom did he travel,
As he started to unravel.

The king found out, and all around,
Messengers were sent. 'To be crowned!
The woman dancing with the Prince
With so much beauty, one would wince!'

Very soon, the step family discovered,
And within an hour were with make-up covered,
And then, when the Prince arrived,
He instantly thought they were contrived.

But then, a glass did then shatter,
And the step mother headed towards the clatter.
"You stupid boy! Look what you've done!
That tea-set cost a lot, a ton!"

Within seconds, the Prince was there,
After moving quickly as a hare.
"Sorry madam, it is your daughters not,
Frankly, they are like a clot.

Now leave me be, leave me alone.
I have to think about the throne."
The step mother left. "No you, stay."
The slave-boy stopped, and turned his way.

"Try it on." The Prince did offer,
But Roxas declined. "I decline the proffer.
I'm a slave, a boy no less,
Who you choose, you shall bless."

"But why don't you try it? Even if
It fails. It's not like deciphering a hieroglyph."
And so Roxas, shaking slightly,
Took the shoe, ever so lightly.

On his foot, he slipped it on,
And Riku knew he was the one.
He wrapped his arms around his love.
"I love you..." He ran his glove

Up and down the Prince's back,
And Roxas felt he needed a quack.
This can't be real, it's all a dream,
This cannot be what it may seem.

Riku picked him up and carried
And through the hall and doorway ferried
Him to the carriage, into the coach,
Where Riku gave to him a broach.

"Thank you sir..." He was stopped.
"Don't say that, Riku has topped.
We are in love, you deserve to call
Me by my name, not sir, not at all!"

And so they left the family step,
And after two full months of prep,
They were wed, and for lack of better rhyme,
The were happy, for all of time.

And this is how, with shoe size,
A prince did get his ultimate prize.
And it's rather silly really,
None the size of his new lily.


Sorry, even I didn't think it would reach this length. Forty five verses... wow.

If you did read all of this, I'd like to hear what you thought of it.