Hi! This is a historic moment! This is my first fanfic… EVER…

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Heep Speaks: Why I did it

Why did I do it? Why did I kill the malcadh? I, Heep, the most humble of all wolves would normally never do such a thing. If not for Faolan. Faolan was too proud, much too proud for a mere gnaw wolf. Showing off all his skills and gnawing. He couldn't control himself, the way he ruined the brrygis. He didn't know anything about the Wolves of the Beyond either. He should not have returned from his Milk Mother, the grizzly bear, Thunderheart. He didn't know how lucky he was, able to hide his splayed paw. When newborn pups see him, they immediately think: "Oh, what a wolf! He must be high ranked!" But when they see me, they think: "How pitiful. A tailless wolf, even unable to show his respect by tucking his tail in. True gnaw wolf. Shunned forever." Oh yes, shunned forever…

That's why I killed the malcadh and framed Faolan. Then he would be torn limb to limb and everything could be back to normal. Maybe even my humble self would become a wolf of the Watch! My chipped tooth did me good during the first competiton, but it was also my doom. And everyone was talking about his beautiful carvings, Faolan's talents. Heep is just in the background. Old Heep, tailless yellow gnaw wolf. Even a wolf as humble as myself has feelings of jealousy once in a while. It felt good to tear into its soft flesh, feel the blood redden my muzzle and splash on my claws, hear it's cries of agony. FAOLAN, THIS IS FOR YOU!

If anyone finds this, they'll know. Someone, for once, will understand me. This is why I did it. You would too, right?


Awww poor Heep.