Alyssa sat and stared at the statue, letting her eyes trace every crack and curve of the rock. It had been there since she was a little girl, standing in it's place to watch her grow into a young woman. She loved it, actually. Had begged her mother constantly not to get rid of it when she'd decided to rebuild the garden. She didn't even know why she liked the statue, really. It was pretty, yes, but not that different from any other bit of stone she'd seen. Perhaps she sympathized with it. She didn't have very many friends, not since she'd had that accident that burned half her face. They all just kinda... disappeared on her. Gone off to befriend others who didn't look like a female Twoface. And here it was, an angel, crying and alone.

She reached out and lightly touched it's wings. They were smooth and cold under her fingertips. They seemed to be the only part of the rock that wasn't cracked, and part of her wondered if it was meant to be like that, or if it was just decaying strangely for some reason.

"You're my best friend, you know." she murmured to the unmoving angel. "It's pathetic, isn't it? It's something you'd think a little kid would say. 'Hey, this inanimate object is my friend!' Sometimes I think I'm going mental." she gave a sheepish smile, knowing that it didn't even have a mind to understand her with. She sighed and continued tracing the carved feathers. "You're always here for me. You were there when I got my first car, when I learned to ride a were there when skittles died. I can't imagine looking into this garden and you not being here."

She continued to circle the silent angel, to trace it's other wing, it's arm, it's hands, "Funny, sometimes I feel as if you might actually be alive...but that's impossible, isn't it?" she sighed and pulled away, though her eyes lingered on the statue a moment longer. She was just being silly again, she told herself. It was what everyone else said. Suddenly feeling mildly depressed, she turned from it, intending to walk back to the house.

Something brushed the top of her head, and instinctively she reached up to grab it. A single red rose had landed on her head, but that couldn't be right...the rose bush was on the other side of the garden. A shiver went down her spine, as if she were being watched, and she turned to look at the statue. It was still there, like always. Was it just her, or had it moved just a little? She shook her head, dismissing the thought.

Alyssa went back inside, leaving the weeping angel in it's loneliness once more.