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Alyssa sat patently on the bench, listening to the soft, rapid sounds of pencil on paper. She'd gotten it the colored drawing material as requested, and it immediately set to work on the promised picture.

She sighed to herself, a simple exhale, and wrapped her arms around her middle tightly. In a short while, she'd be able to see what her angel looked like. Her stomach twisted lightly with...what was it? It felt almost like nervousness, but no, that wasn't it. It was...anticipation, maybe?

The sound behind her stopped, and in that same instant something brushed against the back of her head, lingering just a little longer than necessary. Taking the hint, she closed her eyes. A moment later the notebook was placed on her lap.

She opened her eyes, and gasped at the detailed image presented to her. She could have sworn she'd only waited about five or so minutes, how fast could the statue move, exactly?

The picture was more of a work of art, something that should have been in a museum. It was her angel, standing on a pedestal against a white background. The silver grey skin almost matching it's statue form, but appearing much smoother and more natural. The hair was a much darker color, nearly black. The eyes were golden, matching the robe it wore. And the wings...

The wings were unfolded, each feather drawn flawlessly. The top was the same as the skin, but further down they lightened, and at the bottom they were a deep amber color.

The angel stood with it's hands folded neatly in front of it, a small smile softening it's features. A small note rested on a separate piece of paper, placed under the picture.

This is what I see when I look into a mirror. If I look at any other of my kind they turn into the same thing I turn into when you look at me, so this should not be taken as an accurate representation of what we look like as a whole.

I hope you like it.

Alyssa felt a soft pang in her heart at that last sentence, and she quickly closed her eyes again, giving it the freedom to move around again, "You're beautiful."

The book was taken from her, only to be returned but two seconds later.

As are you.

Shock flooded through her at those three simple words. Her? Beautiful? But...her scar...

She looked up to see the statue in front of her, it's gaze centered on her, as if waiting for a reaction. She carefully placed the book beside her on the bench and ran up to it, closing her eyes at the last instant so she could wrap her arms around it in a tight hug.

"Thank you." she whispered, nuzzling her face into it's shoulder. Then, after a moment, " you."

Her angel wrapped it's arms around her, squeezing her softly in reply.