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Summary: Sasuke Uchiha gets attached for the first time. They were just supposed to be friends with benefits. Nothing more.

A woman with indigo hair lay in bed next to a masculine figure. She traced his stomach wile she thought he was sleeping. His body was defiantly toned. She started playing with his dark raven hair then traced his defined jaw line. He was a gorgeous man after all. She never would have imagined they would end up in this position, never in a million years.

His eyes opened, which startled her. He smirked then sat up to the side of the bed to stretch, his back facing her. "You can spend the night tonight."

She was still sore from a couple hours ago therefore she was hesitant about staying over longer. It was already ten o'clock. "I don't think so."

He turned his head around, "You don't know what you're missing out on."

'His voice, just like velvet' she thought with a blush.

"I like it when you blush." This just made her blush more. He chuckled at this. "Come here."

She obeyed. Setting her down on his lap wile still facing him, he looked her in the eyes for a long time. He grabbed her left hand first then her right. Their fingers slowly started to intertwine. "You know your way too pretty for your own good." She loved how he was so sweet. Nobody knew this side to him but her, she felt honored. This time she was the first to kiss him. He was taken aback by this but didn't complain and proceeded to kiss her.

"I want you to be on top this time."

She hesitated at first, she wasn't experienced at all. It would be her first time on top. He noticed her nervousness. He could read her like a book.

"I'll help you" He kissed her as he lay back on the bed. Her legs placed on each side. He brought her hips down onto his and he entered her rather fast. She gasped. He looked at her with worry. "I-I'm still a little sore." She explained.

She picked up her hips, unsure of what to do. He put her back down and started rocking her with his hands. She noticed the rhythm rather quick and once she did she grabbed his hands and put them over his head and started to kiss his neck wile still riding him. He bulked his hips to make her go faster. "Hinata-hime" he wisperd. "You feel so good." She sped up a little more. He was on the edge, but he wasn't going to finish before her.

He grabbed her hips and started slowing her down. "What are you doing?" she asked. He went to her ear and whispered, "Get on your knees and elbows." She obeyed.

He then entered her from behind. He noticed her moans were a bit louder than usual. He smacked her ass and received a gasp in return. "You like it this way Hinata-hime?"

She didn't say anything, probably out of embarrassment. He didn't care if she was embarrassed or not, he wanted to hear her dirty talk. He started pumping into her harder and faster.

"Answer me."

"Ah— y-yes S-Sasuke-kun I l-like it a-a lot" She could barely get her words, it just felt so good.

She started to get tighter; he knew she was about to cum. He was glad due to the fact that he could barely last any longer. She felt so good.

She moaned as she came and he pumped harder. Soon after he followed and released himself into her. They laid there for a second but then Sasuke decided to put a blanket over them. He wrapped his arms around her, having her back to him. Something about her warm body made him comfortable. Something about her made him feel whole. He quickly dozed off to sleep.

The Uchiha woke up the next day to the sun shining in his eyes. 'Last night was great' He thought. He looked over and noticed Hinata was gone. A feeling of emptiness flooded him. 'This shouldn't bother me. I don't know why it is.' He usually never let anything get to him and especially girls. They were just supposed to be friends with benefits anyways, so it was right of her to leave before he woke up anyways. Still, he wished she had stayed.

He was going to carry out today's actions even if Hinata got to his head. He began with getting in the shower. A hot shower would clear his head he figured. It didn't. All he could think about was taking Hinata in the shower, her being all soaped up, her moaning, just letting him take advantage of her body. They would have to try that sometime he noted.

He finished washing up and then put on his clothes. He noticed that his clothes from last night were neatly folded on his dresser. Hinata's way of being considerable.

His doorbell rang. 'I wonder who that could be.' It rang again, and again, and again. 'Dobe.' Then reality struck him. 'Could he be back from his business trip?'

"Just come in!" Sasuke yelled from upstairs.

"Idiot it's locked!" Sasuke begain to walk downstairs and unlocked the door.

"What do you want?" He showed no emotion.

"Sasuke it's my first time visiting you since I left three years ago and your already fighting with me. That's typical for you! I came to visit my best friend, I wanted to say hello that's what I wanted."

He had missed his best friend but he was never one to show the slightest emotion, with the exception of Hinata. He was glad to see him though. He just wouldn't show it.

"Welcome back." Was all he said.

Naruto knew the type of person he was so he didn't get offended to the plain statement. Instead he just put on a big grin and said, "There is something I wanted to do though."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "What?"

"Well you see uhm..since I've been in town I haven't seen all of my friends yet. One in particular that I haven't seen is—"

"You wanted to pay Sakura a visit." The Dobe was still in love with her. Even after she denied him so many times he still thought he had a shot at her.

"Yes! We owe it to her to pay her a visit; she's probably stressed at work and wants someone to visit her so she can take a break. I mean saving peoples lives can be really exhausting, I can only imagine what she has to go through every day."

"Yeah she just has the worst life ever; she's such a hopeless little girl." Sasuke said sarcastically. They both knew Sakura was a very strong woman.

"Listen! You don't have to be a jerk about the whole thing you don't even have to go."

Sasuke went to grab his keys from the kitchen table as he was complaining.

"I'll go with you." He didn't really want to go, but he had nothing better to do today and refused to sit at home all day.

"Oy! Why does Tsunada-sama always make us do storage? I hate putting away things!" The pink haired women stated. "I'd rather be helping out a patient or something, anything but this."

"You could sponge an old pervert again instead." Hinata giggled at the memory. Last time Sakura had to give a sponge bath it was an old perverted man who tried to bust a move on her.

". Very funny Hinata." Hinata giggled again in return. "Do me a favor though, go get the box from the front desk and bring it in here." Hinata obeyed her boss and went to the front desk. She then noticed something particular. Blonde hair. Not just any blonde hair but bright blonde hair that was crazy and spiked. She knew it could be only one person she knew, Naruto Uzumaki. He returned. She then noticed the man walking beside him, Sasuke Uchiha, whom she had just spent last night with. She didn't know if she should stay and greet Naruto or grab the box and hurry up and run to the storage room and hide from the Uchiha.

By the time she made her decision to run to the storage room, it was already too late. Naruto and Sasuke were standing right before her.

"HINATA!" He grabbed her and pulled her into a big hug. She was blushing greatly. The Uchiha noticed this. He knew she had a thing for him back in the day and that Naruto had been oblivious to the young girl's love for him. He wasn't sure if she still had feelings for him, but if she did he didn't want her around him.

"Hello Naruto, how have you been?" He put her down with a smile. "Great! What about you? You sure do look amazing!" She blushed at this comment. The Uchiha didn't like their conversation; he especially didn't like the blushes he was giving her. He didn't like any of it.

"Thank you Naruto, but may I ask what it is you are doing here?"

He stated with a blush, "I'm looking for Sakura-chan."

"Right this way" She led them down to the hallway where she was in, taking the box with her.

"Let me get that for you Hinata!" Naruto grabbed the box out of her hands graciously.

"Thank you Naruto."

Sasuke just walked in the back. He had been silent the whole time. The Hyuga women hadn't even looked his way the whole time they were there.

Hinata opened the room to the storage door and found Sakura arraigning the bandages.

Imminently Sakura noticed who Hinata arrived with. "Naruto, Is that really you?"

"The one and only! He stated with a big grin." She ran and gave him a hug. "How long have you been in town?"

"Since yesterday but Granny made me fill out paperwork right when I got here, I didn't even come home until eleven."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "She would." She looked over at Hinata, "Hinata would you mind sorting the rest of these out wile I catch up with Naruto?, Sasuke you can help her."

"O-okay." Said Hinata. Did she really just stutter to Sakura? She knew she didn't need to be nervous around Sasuke, she just didn't know if she liked what they were doing. How could something that felt so good turn out to be something so bad? Using each other for sex was not something good people did. She had morals and she never thought she would be dragged into this type of relationship and surely not with heart throb Sasuke Uchiha.

Sakura closed the door behind her. Hinata got up to open it to remind Naruto he took the box with him, the box was filled with toilet paper they needed in the stock room, but Sasuke quickly grabbed her arm. It startled her but she refused to look up.

"Where were you this morning? I woke up and you were gone." Was he angry at her? She wondered.

"I had work." He still held on to her arm. "I didn't think you would mind anyways."

Covering himself up he let go, "I didn't. I was just curious." It did bother him though. He didn't know why. Plenty of times when he had slept with other woman he had wished they left in the morning just like Hinata did. So why did it bother him so much?

Letting go of the anger he had, he shoved her to the door. He started to kiss her neck. She bit her lip trying to muffle her moan. He started to lift up her skirt until she stopped him.

"We can't. Not here. Not now."

He locked the door and proceeded. "Nobody will know." His lips crashed onto hers as they kissed passionately.

"What if someone tries to come in or they hear us?" He began to unbutton her uniform showing her lace black bra. He unclasped it from the front and started to suck on her nipple.

"Sasuke." She whispered.

"Just enjoy this" He hiked up her skirt. His fingers entered her from the side of her underwear. "You're already so wet. I could just take you now. We could have a quickie. Save the rest for tonight."

He got his answer with her unbuttoning his pants. He turned her around so her hands were on the door. She bent over slightly and he entered her. She tried so hard not to moan, Sasuke just knew how to please her. He was right, it was rather quick. She came only after five minuets. He came after seven.

"Come to my house tonight Hime. I'll pick you up from work. When do you get out?"

She was confused at this statement. He called her Hime but they were just supposed to be friends with benefits. The way he was talking to her last night was too romantic to be just friends with benefits. Something just wasn't adding up.

"I get out at nine." He finished buttoning up his pants, kissed her forehead and went for the door. Before he left he said "I'll be here then." Then proceeded to close the door.