A/N: This was more of an informative chapter. It gave more background of Sasuke and Hinata. I find that fanfics that are too lovey dovey get boring quick. There are, however, cute moments in this chapter.

"Hinata come here really quick." Sakura said.

Hinata stopped where she was walking to then walked with Sakura into one of the patients that she was checking up on. From what she observed he patient was out cold, probably a minor concussion judging from the bruise on their head. When Hinata walked into the room Sakura took a seat by the window then Hinata sat on the separate chair beside her.

"The date is set six months from now" Sakura said with glee. As long as Hinata knew Sakura she had never seen her this happy.

"That's awfully soon after just getting engaged Sakura."

She smiled and looked out the window, "I know, but we want to get married as soon as possible." Then she looked at Hinata, "I want you to be my madrin of honor."

Hinata was shocked. Her? She was going to give the title to her? "W-What about Ino?"

"She's been a good friend of mine for a long time; we're really close almost like sisters but let's just face it. Ino can't manage her own business; she has to have the help of her family and Shickimaru. I love her but she does not know how to prioritize like you do and she caves under pressure. Weddings are very hectic and I need someone that is calm and a well-put-together person to be by my side. Hinata please will you do this for me?" She asked with pleading eyes.

"Of course I will Sakura." She was honored but what Sakura said was not true. Well put together? That was the opposite of what she was. Even though her and Sasuke had recently became a couple she was freaking out about so many things. How would her family and more important her father react? What would their friends think? She didn't event tell anyone and it was driving her crazy. She was a hot mess right now.

Since she could remember she was raised to not show her emotions. In her family image was everything. It didn't separate you from the weak, it merely made you look stronger than someone who was an emotional roller coaster ride and everyone knew it. If you show people that you are weak then you are dammed, as her father would put it and rarely did he curse.

This was especially true for her father. After her mother died she never saw him smile, not once. When she finished first in her class he simply gave her a pat on the back. He did not smile, he did not hug her, and he did not even tell her how proud he was. Just a little pat on the back.

Being raised under those circumstances made hiding her emotions one of her best skills. Nobody could ever read what her face told. She could smile when she was miserable and nobody could tell. She could lie with a straight face, no guilt shown. Happiness around her friends was the only time she would show her true emotion.

The only person who she ever met who could read her like a book was Sasuke. She didn't decide yet if it was a good or bad thing. When she did think about it was more on the good side. At least she had someone who understood her which was most women didn't get.

Sakura was another one of those lucky women. She had Naruto who always understood her and even if he didn't he would always pick her side even if he believed he was right. Growing up she had a crush on him but ever since junior year she looked at him more as a friend.

She was very happy for the two and even if she didn't think she could add anymore stress in her life, she was more than happy to be Sakura's madrin of honor.

"Oh thank you so much Hinata!" Sakura then got up and hugged her friend, "I know it's time consumed but I know it's noting we can't handle."

"I'm more than happy to help you with the wedding." Hinata said happily. This was not a lie; she really was happy for her friend and wanted to help make this the best day of Sakura's life.

Breaking the happy moment, Anko walked into the room, "Ah there you are Hinata, you have a guest waiting for you in the lobby." She said with a smirk.

Who would be here to visit her? Neji was off on a business trip, Hanabi was in school, and her father was where he always was which was at home.

The two girls walked down the hallway and down to the lobby. It slipped her mind that Sasuke would be sitting there waiting with flowers in hand, right when she was supposed to get out of work.

"Sasuke what are you doing here?" Sakura asked.

He got up rather confidently, "To see my girlfriend of course."

Hinata blushed but did not reject him when he walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek. She took the flowers from him, "They're lovely." She said.

Meanwhile Sakura was left utterly confused. They were acting so comfortable with each other, not nervous around each other like when people first start seeing a person. "Wait! What's going on? You two…are dating?"

"Sorry Sakura, I would of told you but you're always so busy and I didn't know the right way to say it."

Still shocked she asked, "For how long?"

"Technically a couple weeks ag—"

Sasuke cut her off "A couple months if you really want to get technical.

Hinata blushed at his interruption. She didn't want to get into the technicalities with Sakura of why it was considered a couple of months.

"I can't believe it. Who would have thought, you two, together of all people." She said with a chuckle. "Looks like you got your wish Sasuke." She said with a teasing smile. Whatever that meant, must have been an inside joke. "Well I hope you guys have a wonderful day wile I'm stuck at work." She said sarcastically.

"Sakura we need you in the nursery room." One of their co-workers said.

"Duty calls." She said dully then left.

Sasuke turned to face Hinata, "So today I'm taking you out to lunch."

"Maybe I should change first." Hinata giggled. She was still in uniform.

"Can I help you?" He whispered to her jokingly.

She smiled and started walking to the doors wile he opened it for her. "Maybe."

Sasuke and Hinata's relationship was never official boyfriend girlfriend status, but they basically were dating. The two went out to eat like a couple, went to the movies like a couple, and she basically lived over there which is what serious couples do.

Slowly people started to notice how much they were together, especially their friends. Sakura was one of the first ones to know and was followed by Ino, then when the both of them knew all of their friends knew about the relationship due to them being the gossipers they were; they just couldn't hold it in.

Sasuke didn't mind at all. He wanted people to know Hinata was taken and that she was taken by him. Hinata on the other hand didn't want everyone knowing that they had a thing. If her father found out before she had the chance to tell him she wouldn't know what to do. His ways were very strict and he might even disapprove of the relationship. She wouldn't know what to do if that happened. So far, no signs of him knowing have shown, so she wasn't too worried.

After they went out to eat for lunch and spending their time at the park they went back to Sasuke's house, where the couple usually spent their time.

"So I'm in Naruto and Sakura's wedding." She said starting conversation. She noticed he had been quiet today.

"Me too." He said.

"Why have you been so distant today?" She asked. Even though they had a nice time going out and walking together at the park, he had been quiet ever since he got a text on their way home. She wanted to grab his phone and see what it said but she wasn't that kind of person.

"My mother wants to meet you."

She giggled. Really? That is why he was so worked up.

"So? I'm good with parents."

"That's not what I'm worried about. It's just…she has an issue."

"Well what is it?"

"She has Alzheimer's. I just hate to be around her for it, and I know it's not her fault but I can't help but feel guilt whenever I see her. Before it escalated so bad I barely spent time on her because I was selfish and focused on myself. Itachi actually spent time with her so now when she starts to remember things she barely remembers me as much because I didn't spend as much time with her." He paused "It's gotten so bad overtime. Itachi told her about you and now she wants to meet you, but I don't know if I can handle the guilt. I feel more guilt every time I see her."

She hugged him, and he returned the hug. She looked up to him, "Well I'll be by your side so it's not as bad." He smiled a bit and kissed her. "Your so perfect." He whispered.

"I know." She joked.

He smiled back and picked her up, taking them to his (basically their) room.

"Let's just cuddle tonight." She said. "I'm tired."

"Anything for my hime." He said putting her on the bed then slid in right next to her.

She felt so warm when they were cuddling, and so protected. She surprised him with a kiss. He returned it and it felt like they were kissing for awhile when it was only about five minuets. She broke the kiss "I love you." She said.

He was a bit shocked. He knew they felt something very serious with each other but he always thought he would have to say it first, and he liked that she said it first because he knew she meant it.

"I love you too." He said, then kissed her back passionately. After awhile they fell into a blissful sleep afterwards in each others arms.