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Itami and Kenage epilogue

Itami stood on the balcony watching the landscape move in the gentle wind. Kenage walked up behind her.

Itami smiled brightly and turned around.

Kenage smiled at her. 'Beautiful.' he thought.

Itami kissed Kenage and smiled at him. "Thank you." she said.

"For what?" Kenage asked.

Itami smiled and walked towards the door. "For everything." she said (like at the beginning of the movie.)

She walked into the house and Kenage followed. Itami picked up the crying boy from his crib. He smiled seeing her hold Moku. He walked over to her and put an arm around her shoulders.

"I think I love you." she said.

"Oh good," Kenage replied. "Cause I'm never letting you go." he said kissing her gently.

Kyoko handed Kanae her son. She ran over to where her little daughter slept peacefully. She sighed happily watching her.

"Hello, Mrs Tsuruga."

Kyoko turned around. "Ren," she smiled.

Ren stepped next to her and watched the small child sleep.

They watched her in silence each thinking about their lives.

"Kyoko," Ren said after a few minutes.

Kyoko looked up at him.

"This is how I always want to live with you." he said. "In a way, I want to live happily ever after."

Kyoko looked up at him with a strange look in her eyes. Then she smiled. "I can see that." she said.


16 years later:

Ren looked like he was about to kill something. The door was closed and Yukihito was in Ren's grasp. "Yukihito, keep your son away from my daughter!"

"They're not doing anything, Ren. It's just prom!" he insisted. "They'll be fine."

Ren was a little protective of his little girl. She was his first child, she had his golden hair and Kyoko's face. In many ways she was like the angel the Kyoko portrayed for someone's MV. But he was protective of all his children, not just his oldest girl.

Ren grunted. "Kyoko try to tell him that..." Ren turned but Kyoko was gone. "Kyoko? Boys? Jade?" Ren's youngest ran around the corner. "Hiso, where's mommy?"

"Mommy said she was going out to spy!" the five year old said happily then put a finger to her lips. "But Sshhhh," she said. "It's a secret from Jin. She left as soon as you started yelling at uncle Yashiro."

"Why didn't you say anything?" he said to Yukihito. Ren threw the man a bag. "Get dressed, we need to get to that party."

"I'll stay here and watch the others. You go spy on the prom."

Ren ran out and Yukihito sat on the couch. Hiso sat next to him and smiled.

"Where's Cho?" the little girl asked.

"She's with her mom tonight." he said. "How about I take you all over to my house?"

The Tsuruga family came to life at his words. As soon as the words were out of his mouth kids appeared out of nowhere.

Yukihito started counting. Jin Tsuruga was at the prom with his son, Musha. Then the twin boys Chisoku and Aadil, they were fifteen. Then the twelve year old girl Jade, she had Kyoko's hair and could cook circles around almost anybody. Then there was the ten year old, Rippa. He was a handful just like his father. Then the seven year old Himeko who was constantly writing stories. Both action and regal. Then the youngest was Hiso.

It's a good thing he was taking a bus. Ren still had his sports car, but The Hizuri's, Kyoko's practically adopted parents, somehow had gotten then a stylish van as well... which was much like a limo. Yukihito shook his head as the kids stood in a line waiting for him to put his shoes on.

"Come on, uncle Yukihito." Chisoku prodded.

"Let's go." Aadil finished.

Yukihito could swear he could hear Kyoko in their tone. They looked so much like Ren it scared him. With the gold hair though they kind of looked like Kuu Hizuri.

Ren had told him ten years ago about Kuon Hizuri. Everything made sense after that. They kept the name 'Tsuruga', but the real names were Hizuri. The kids loved the idea of their two names.

Everyone dressed up to hide themselves from the public eye as they walked to the bus station. They all acted and were recognized as the Tsuruga children and for the roles they played. Especially Jin and Rippa. One of the Tsuruga family favorite games was: Don't be spotted on the street.

Yukihito chuckled as the kids paraded to the back of the bus. He saw Maria Takarada on the bus with a young man.

Maria smiled discreetly at the kids as they passed by. The granddaughter to the president of LME grew to be a wonderful, beautiful and cunning girl. She winked at her favorite nieces and nephews as they passed by her. They would not greet each other in public, it would give them away. Maria was the one who invented the game so they were doing their best for her.

The boy next to Maria, though, felt irritated by her wink at the older man (Yukihito).

"Maria," the boy grunted. "Why are you winking at him? I'm over here."

"Buck up, Hio-kun. I only have eyes for you."

Maria and Hio were soon to be engaged. Yukihito knew because of the state the president and Maria's father were in. Plus, it was still his job to know everything. He chuckled and sat next to Hiso.

As the parade walked into his house Yukihito smiled seeing Kanae at the table reading a script. With three children in acting she was getting big roles as a young mother, some as love interests, some like Mio. Kanae was one of Japan's top actors right along side of Ren and Kyoko Tsuruga.

He smirked as she looked up and scowled.

"Yukihito who told you to bring the Kyoko brigade?"


Everyone tackled the woman.

"Mo! Why am I always attacked by children?"

The children, like Kyoko, burst into dramatic tears as Kanae lectured them about being polite and not jumping on people.

Yukihito looked over at a small doll that Kyoko had made sixteen years ago. He smiled. Cho looked similar to said doll. He smiled thinking back to the movie set so long ago.

Yukihito decided he enjoyed his life. He was happy. He had his wife and three kids, his friend had his wife and their seven kids and sixteen years prior it was he, Yashiro Yukihito, who brought the Tsuruga couple closer together by writing their first movie they acted in as a couple: Arranged Love.

Yes he was quite pleased with his life.


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The names of the Tsuruga family in age order:

Jin = gold - 16

Chisoku = Speed - 15

Aadil = Honorable - 15

Jade = um... Jade - 12

Rippa = handsome - 10

Himeko = princess - 7

Hiso = star -5

And for anyone who's curious

Kanae = Beautiful woman.

Musha =Warrior. - 16

Kisho = one who knows his mind. 13

Cho = butterfly - 10

Didn't look up Yukihito. My bad. Sorry. XP

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