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Alex's POV

It's been a week since I broke up with Mason. And it's killing me. I mean, it's not like I wanted to break up with him, but I had no choice. OK, maybe I did, but still! Mason instantly wolfed up when he saw me talking to Chase! I already felt guilty enough when he almost kissed me.

"Alex? Where'd you go?" Harper's voice floats out to me on the terrace.

"What?" I groan and bury my head in my robe.

"Come on, you've been out here all day." Harper tugs on my arm.

"Noooooooooooo," I whimper and swat at her.

Harper sighs and lets me go. "Don't you dare ruin this dress," She smoothes the neon zebra print skirt. "Now come on. You haven't even eaten today!"


"Fine." Harper storms inside. "JUSTIN!" Oh crap.

My annoying brother stomps down the stairs from his room and follows Harper out here.

"What is it this time?" he sighs.

Harper grins, "Flash her inside."

"Why?" Justin hesitantly grabs his wand.

"Because she's been out here the entire day. Seriously, the neighbors are going to start complaining."

"Hey, why can't you guys just leave me alone?" I moan, "And can I get some water balloons out here? I want to terrorize our customers some more." And because it's the first thing Mason and I did together.

"Alex, I'm sorry, but you leave me no choice." Justin points his wand at me.

"Oh yeah? Well I beg to differ because I told you to leave me alone and to get me water balloons!"

But it's too late and I'm on the dirty orange couch in our living room. Harper and Justin laugh as they waltz in. I stick my tongue out at them.

"Ugh," I mutter and for the first time all day, get up and walk around. To make myself a sandwich though.

"DAD!" I scream.

"Huh?" He walks out.

"Where is the spicy mustard?" I fling open the fridge.

"I d'unno," he peeks in the refrigerator.

"It's always right in front of your lazy eyes!" my mom shrieks and snags it. She was right; it was in front of my eyes. I guess that's one thing I inherited form my dad.

"Oh," I sigh and unscrew the mustard cap, dumping half of the container onto a piece of normal bread. Then I shove the entire thing in my mouth and attempt to chew.

"I have on one shoe, jealous yet?" Max announces. But he trips down the rest of the stairs because his stupid shoe wasn't tired. Max was never a very logical person.

"MAX!" I yell at him.

"What? Aren't you jealous?"

"No," I roll my eyes, "Now either go put on your other shoe and actually tie them or take off the untied one."

"Um…" Max wanders to the chair across from the couch where I'm sitting and plops onto it, "Purple?"

Everyone in the room stops talking to stare at the genetically idiotic wizard.

Justin sniffs, "Purple?"

"Yeah, Mason's favorite color. It's purple, right Alex?" Max throws me a confused look.

"Yeah," I stand and wipe the mustard from my face onto the couch pillows, "Purple." Then I dash to my bedroom.

Now I can hear Harper chewing on Max about bringing him up.

I bury my head in my robe again and weep.

No, I tell myself, Be strong! Alex Russo doesn't cry! But it's no use. I miss British werewolf. I miss my Mason.