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"No," I barely whimper. "No, no, please no…"

My knees buckle and I fall helplessly to the cold ground. The tears silently flow, gushing like Niagara Falls. My head goes numb and I can't process a single thought.

How could it all possibly end like this?

"Alex!" Chase's voice rips me from my mental breakdown and turns my depression to rage. My blood boils, churning with newfound adrenaline. I pick myself up from the ground, fists clenching, eyes burning, and heart pounding.

He did this. This is all his fault.

"Alex, I did it! We can be together now!" Chase's lips curve into a crazed smile. He spreads his arms wide, as if he's anticipating me to leap into them like in some stupid rom-com.

The world around me blurs red and all I can focus on is Chase. Without thinking, I propel myself at him, punches flying. My ears fill with shrieks and moans, and my eyes start to pool over again. The next thing I know, my knee is pinned on Chase's chest and Jenna's fingernails are burrowed into my skin with her attempt to hold me back.

I peer down at Chase to admire the damage I delivered that he deserved. His hands are enclosed over his nose, and his entire face is bloody. I guess I broke his nose.

"Alex, stop!" Jenna's voice cracks. I grimly look up at her horror stricken face, dumbfounded. "Mason wouldn't want this."


Time freezes as her words echo in my head, over and over, driving me back into that dark corner of insanity. Mason, Mason, Mason…

"Alex…" Jenna's voice seems a million miles away. "We have to do something about this idiot."

Chase, Mason, Chase, Mason… I squeeze my hands against my ears, willing everything to just stop. But Jenna's right. We do have to do something.

I gingerly pick myself up off the ground, knees wobbling. Jenna helps to steady me. Gripping her elbow, I glance at her again, and her eyes display that it's clear she knows the same heartbreaking truth about Chase's final action that I do.

"Okay…" I shake my head, trying to find the right spell. Chase is peering at me with a cross of admiration and stupidity. He's completely lost in Looneyville.

"Okay," I repeat. With the right spell in mind, I aim my wand at Chase, and start to mutter the words. "Up down, up do—wait!"

I stop and run a shaky hand through my bird's nest of hair. "Jenna, shorts." I hold out my hand and she places a single pair of the yellow and black checked shorts in my palm. I chuck them at Chase's head, and he glares at them, mystified.

"Okay." I nod, finally ready. "Up down, up down, circle square triangle." With a bright flash of light and a pop of smoke, Chase and the shorts disappear.

"Where'd you send him? And what's with the awful shorts?" Jenna questions my actions.

We both are still staring at the spot he disappeared from. "The Bermuda Triangle," I simply reply. "If he knows what to do, those shorts are his escape route. That way I don't have to bother with getting him out of there."

"So no more Chase."

"Not ever again." My voice breaks on 'ever' as realization sets in again.


I sprint over to his limp body, tripping over my own feet and crashing by his side. My heart leaps from being near him again. I've missed him so much it hurts.

"Mason…" I whimper, looking at his pale face. Terrified, I reach out a hand and touch his cheek. Sparks shoot through my fingers, but his skin is ice. The black blanket of truth finally closes around me, and I loose it.

The tears flow freely, quickly. I push on Mason, willing him to wake up, but I know he won't. I lean against his chest like how I would when we sat on the couch together. "Mason, I'm sorry," I sob, running my fingers through his soft brown hair one last time. The words keep coming, and I stumble over them unable to get them to stop.

"Mason, I'm sorry, this is all my fault. I never should have broken up with you. I wish I could take it back, but I can't, and never can. I miss you, and I miss you as a werewolf, and your British accent. I remember that day in Art when you came up to me for the first time, and then we had tea and dropped water balloons off the terrace and had that romantic montage with cheesy music and you got that pizza on your face. And I used the muse shell on you and I'm sorry for that, I know it was wrong, but I just wanted you to like me. And then we kissed in the rain. And when I found out you were a werewolf, I thought that everything would work out perfectly because I could tell you about me being a wizard, but…nothing has worked out. When Juliet bit you and you turned into a wolf, I thought I lost you forever, but if I knew about now… When I found you and saved you from those country wizards, I told myself I wasn't going to loose you again. When I quit the wizard competition and we weren't allowed to be together, it wasn't as hard, because I could still see you every day, but it still felt wrong. But with Chase at the Wizard of the Year ceremony, I don't know what I was thinking! I guess I thought you were a different person, fighting Chase and all. But I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for that. Breaking up with you was the biggest, stupidest mistake I've ever made, and there's nothing I can do about it now…."

I pause to catch my breath before trekking on. "Remember that necklace you gave me, the red one that glows?"I pull it out of my jacket, its light illuminating the atmosphere. "I never stopped wearing it after you left and turned into a wolf-wolf. And it has always glowed. Always… Mason, I'm sorry! I can't fix any of this, I wish I could… I'd do anything to get you back. I miss you, Mason. I need you, I love you… I love you."

I choke on my words. I fall onto Mason's chest, sobbing into his shirt. Words can't describe what I'm feeling. Nothing can. I'm broken.

After what feels like hours of despair, I hear footsteps approaching me. I barely look up, but jump when I see Artemis crouching near Mason's head.

"He's not a monster," I choke out. "I don't care what you think."

She shakes her head as if regretting her next moves. "Alex Russo, you have helped me greatly these past few days. You have a strong heart and great passion. That's why you would make such a good Hunter. But I know that you can't stay with me. And I respect that. What I hate is seeing you like this though." She pauses. "I can see that you care greatly about this…boy," she spits out the word, "but I suppose that I owe you in a way for all that you've done for me."

She waves at me to move away from Mason a few feet. Reluctantly, I crawl off and raise an eyebrow as Artemis reaches both hands down and lightly touches Mason's temples. Her lips slightly move, and suddenly, I'm blinded by a flash of white light so intense I have to turn away.

When I look back, Artemis is walking off to round up her Hunters. I can see Jenna standing by Tina at the edge of the clearing, silently watching us.

Wow, for once, Tina isn't talking.

Slowly I turn back to Mason. My heart falls when I see that he's still laying motionless on the ground. But his skin seems brighter, his lips redder, and his hair fuller. He almost looks…

Not dead.

"Mason?" I carefully whisper.

I think I see his arm twitch, but I'm sure that my mind is just playing with me. There is no magic strong enough to be able to bring people back.

I bury my face in my hands, sick of everything. I can't take much more of this. I'm barely breathing and I feel so…empty.

My heart comes to a standstill when I hear a ruffling behind me. I shake my head, telling myself it's just an animal, but part of me still seems to have hope. Prepared for more defeat, I turn around.

"Mason?!" I jump out of shock, not believing my eyes. He meets my gaze, his perfect chocolate eyes locking onto mine, and my heart skips. I blink over and over, but he still stares back at me. A smile twitches on his lips, and I finally snap. I propel myself at him, flinging my arms around his neck, not believing that he's here, alive. The tears gush all over again, and my stomach does flips when I feel his arms wrap around my waist.

"Mason," I cry, over and over again. My face is buried into his shoulder, his in my hair. I hug him even tighter when his voice simply chirps, "Alex."

Right at this moment, I know that everything with work its way out for the better. Chase is gone, and nothing is standing in between Mason and I. Absolutely nothing is in our way, just the way it should be. And right here, in his arms, I know how much I truly love him, and how much he loves me. And I know that I won't ever let go of him.