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Chapter 10

Time passed fairly slowly when I was not with Willy. Veruca kicked up a violent and sometimes painful tornado of destruction whenever she was not allowed to come with me, which was every visit. While her hot-headed temper had not improved in the slightest she was much better if Willy Wonka was ever mentioned in the house; she had even started eating his chocolate bars again, living proof that no one can resist a Wonka bar for too long.

Of course the first thing father asked me was if I had anything of value to pass over to Slugworth to which I simply slammed the bedroom door in his face. The maids tried so hard with my room, yet as soon as I enter the neat bedcovers turn to creased messes with clothes strewn across the floor. I appear to be living out of a Louis Vuitton suitcase as I am always travelling between Buckinghamshire and Willy's factory. And speaking of Willy, we have become increasingly close over the past month yet sometimes I will admit it is awkward when he and Charlie go off to spend the day in the Inventing Room without me and I am left to fend for myself talking to the oompa loompas (who I do not think understand me too well) or the Buckets. Charlie's family had taken up a permanent residence inside the Chocolate Room! Mrs Bucket was too attached to the little shack they lived in so Willy, being Willy, uprooted the whole place and deposited it in the Chocolate Room. How he accomplished it was completely beyond me. Charlie will be Willy's successor and spends everyday after school shut up in one of the hundreds of rooms experimenting, working or trying out a new type of sweet. I also offered to be a taste tester but Willy always objects saying I am too "delicate" to test on; maybe he just does not want a repeat of the Fizzylifting incident.

The Living Room I had been allocated on my unexpected first sleepover at the factory is now my official room and I'll admit it was comforting to know the chocolatier was only a few meters away from me at night. Willy was as cheerful as ever and sometimes Wilbur would stop by for a visit too, on which occasion Mrs Bucket would prepare an extra delicious dinner. She had taken it upon herself to be my personal chef at the factory, as if I did not have one at home. Willy's sales were perpeptually fluctuating between the grand tour and the endless bout of stories spilled from the Gloops, Beauregards and Teevee families mouths, which had both their horrors and their benefits. While the wildly exaggerated horrors of their experience had initially brought Wonka Bars rocketing down, none of them could deny the cave of wonders hidden inside the factory. Wonders the rest of the world were desperate to eat.

After a scrumptious meal filled with roast dinner and talk of sugar kites with liquorice strings an oompa loompa knocked before silently coming to stand beside Willy, an envelope in his hand.

"Oh, it's for you Diana." Said Willy brightly before breaking open the seal. My mouth dropped open at the neat, overly formal writing on the front and before I could think snatched the letter off Willy and hid it under the table. The whole table stared at me and I began stuttering out an apology.

"Umm, its from Veruca and I didn't think Willy should read it, in case she's in a strop with us again." I fumbled with the letter as my heartbeat increased.

"Ah hah." Willy gave me a weird look that made my insides wriggle, yet not in the way it did in Inventing Room.

"Is she still madly jealous that I won the special prize?" Asked Charlie with no attempt to hide the smugness tainting his voice.

"Charlie act like a brat." Scolded Mr Bucket.

"You mean don't act like her." Quipped Grandpa Joe with a wink.

"Father." Mrs Bucket raised one eyebrow while Willy and I laughed softly.

"I think she's finally calmed down about that, now she's just back to focusing on getting a new pony. The latest is she outgrew the other three." I rolled my eyes while shuffling towards the exit in an attempt to excuse myself.

"Did she not learn anything from the rubbish chute?" Asked Grandpa George.

"Maybe she was too far down to chute to hear the oompa loompa's song." Answered Willy, he seemed far away, lost in his own brilliant mind again, those stunning eyes had clouded over with mist. "Shame, it was ever so catchy."

"Well I'd better go and read this, thank you for dinner Mrs Bucket it was delicious as usual." I scurried out of the door, pausing to listen for a moment to catch Willy's voice.

"Diana's seems a little..off don't ya think?"

A stab of guilt engulfed me, it was becoming a little too prominent in my life of late as at least twice a week I attempted to confide to Willy, before my secret slipped out of my own control.

Nice going Diana, as if he will not be suspicious after the way you acted, no relationship can be built on a lie.

Thankfully Grandma Georgina turned the subject onto highlighters and why there was never a red one, allowing me to slip away up to my room, the letter clutched tightly to my chest. As soon as I made sure the door was locked behind me I pulled the formal writing out and hurriedly read the letter.


I am writing to you as your mobile is never on and I doubt you have seen the four text messages I have left you.

A phenomenal deal has been offered that will greatly benefit Salt's Nuts better than any other, there is talk of a potential collaboration. However it requires one thing, an Everlasting Gobstopper that Wonka is apparently working on for test purposes. It should be easy for you to steal one from him given your marvelous record and deliver it to me; however your mother and I want you home by the end of the week to be there when we close the deal.



P.S Veruca says you can have her old pony now she doesn't need it anymore.

I carefully took time to read the letter again before prominently burning it in the fireplace. Stealing from Willy once when I didn't even know him was one thing, it was another matter entirely committing the deed again when I was now so close to the eccentric chocolatier.

"The audacity of the man." I murmured, raking a hand through my chocolate hair, a part of me glowed every time I thought of Willy's comment.

However corrupt the letter was it confirmed two thing to me, the first that my secret had gone on for too long and that I deserved to be caught out. And that someone wants to destroy Willy's greatest and most prized invention by using my father's company. Did someone know of my close relationship to Willy Wonka? I suppose daddy could have blabbed it to the company, and what company was it? Surely one of Willy's main competitors.

"I won't do it." My decision was made, nothing would possess me to steal from Willy Wonka again.

"Do what?" Came a voice from behind me.

I screamed as my heart rammed itself in my throat, as I stepped away trying to catch my breath and hold onto my wits. How much had he heard?

"How on earth did you get in here?" I asked, one hand over my heart.

Grandpa Joe gave me a tooth grin, that glint of mischief in his eyes again. "Willy gave me his masterkey. I wanted to make sure you were alright."

"Thank you for your concern Joe, I'm fine." I smiled back feeling like a fake.

"Are you sure my dear? You seemed quite upset at dinner."

"I just didn't want Willy to get offended at what my sister had said." I lied quickly trying to keep my previous excuse intact.

"And would he have been offended?"

"Well, I certainly do not think he would have been pleased about it." I lied again, it felt as if I was sinking into a layer of dirt.

Grandpa Joe took a seat on the sofa next to me, "If you don't mind me asking, what was she writing to you about? Your sister hardly seems the type to be missing you."

"Well, it was mainly to brag about her new pony I think." I shrugged nonchalantly, lying through my teeth. The layer of grime was beginning to reach my shoulders and the room was getting hotter.

Grandpa Joe nodded again before standing to take his leave before pausing at the door. "She has incredibly good handwriting for her age," He remarked smartly, "and an excellent vocabulary too."

I closed my eyes briefly before looking slowly into the intuitive man's spectacles before looking away again. I opened my mouth to speak but was interrupted again.

"Even with my glasses its not that easy to fool me." He smiled tapping said glasses with a long finger, slowly the man began to approach me. I couldn't help feeling like the mouse trapped by the sly cat in the corner.

"I don't know what is in that letter you wanted to keep from Willy Diana; but bear in mind he is a fragile soul and if someone was with holding information he should know about then that person should come forth with it." He closed the gap between us and laid a gentle hand on my shoulder. "I know you don't want to hurt him but, sometimes we have to hurt the ones we love in order for them to be able to love us back and I trust you will do what is right."

I nodded ever so slowly, all the breath had left my lungs as I watched him leave in silence. Once the door had closed behind me I lay down on the sofa trying to calm my shaking body down. The dirt was suffocating me now, making me struggle to breath. I remained on the sofa for ten minutes before dragging myself to the bathroom intending on a long shower.

The water felt soothing on my goose pimpled skin and I rubbed the fluffy monogrammed towels harshly against my skin till it was red and tender to touch. I glanced at the 'W' before throwing the towels on the floor in favor of a completely plain purple one. Wrapping it round my body I exited the bathroom to see Willy Wonka stretched out on my sofa. He brightened when he saw me and laughed at my frozen posture.

"Sorry, I didn't know you were indecent." He winked yet had no intention to look away.

"How did you get in?"

"The masterkey." Willy proclaimed while withdrawing it from the endless list of keys instantly.

"I must get my hands on the damned key to my room and throw it away." I groaned before walking past the energetic chocolatier and into the bedroom. After changing into some decent clothes suitable for bed I plodded back out to the living room. Willy's presence had me feeling more comfortable than Grandpa Joe's mysterious warning and while I couldn't help but wonder if the old man had let anything slip to the infamous candyman. However upon seeing Willy's obvious ease as he emptied a dozen packets of newly branded Everlasting Gobstoppers on the coffee table. It appears the fable is true and fate is indeed a cruel mistress.

"Check it out Diana, the branding and packaging is finished." Exclaimed Willy excitedly.

"I can see that." I replied with a smile at the scarlet red gobstoppers, the size of baubles. Displayed clearly on the front was the infamous purple Wonka logo underneath the unmissable words WONKA'S EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER, FOR CHILDREN WITH VERY LITTLE POCKET MONEY, in a clear plastic wrapper. "They looks amazing." I admitted placing my hand over Willy's gloved one, he didn't tense up of freeze at all.

"Yeah they do." Willy's eyes were incredibly bright and this was the most excited I had seen him since the beginning of the tour.

"When do they release to the public?" I asked while unwrapping the one in my hand and popping it in my mouth, it only just fit in.

"They should be on the shelves by the beginning of next month." Was my answer and I allowed my smile to reveal some of my teeth. Perhaps I could prolong my trip home till the gobstoppers were already out, that way no one would be able to get their hands on them.

"You should get them out as soon as possible Willy."

He grinned flashing off those perfect teeth, "Your right actually, they are irresistible."

We lapsed into comfortable silence, me sucking on my gobstopper and Willy removing his top hat and relaxing on the sofa. "I could put the television on." I offered after a while.

Willy wrinkled his nose unceremoniously. "Ew, why on earth would I want that thing on? It rots your brain and leaves no room for imagination."

I laughed, "You could have told Mike Teevee that instead of shrinking him to the size of an oompa loompa." I chided with a small smirk.

"What was that? I was miles away."

I shook my head knowing fully well that Willy had heard me, I do not think I shall ever know why he chose to let those children act the way they did. We fell back into silence till I found myself getting tired of the gobstopper in my mouth and popped it back in its case for use later. It appeared we had finally run out of conversation, till Willy decided to voice his thoughts. "Are we always going to be doing this?"

I paused, "What do you mean like this?"

"Well, are you always gonna be travelling between home and here I guess." Answered Willy, he looked a little forlorn.

"I never really thought about it, but I suppose so."

Willy's forehead creased like when he is trying to perfect the three-course flavoured gum, which had stopped inflating people but still turned everyone purple. "But you mustn'y have been able to work inbetween visiting me and home."

"No I haven't."

Willy clicked his tongue, not appreciating my blunt answers, "Surely your job must be angry with you." He pressed causing me to squirm under those violet eyes.

"That may be because… I was fired."

"Fired." Willy's eyes widened at once before guilt spread across his face, he cast his head down. "It's my fault, I insisted you come and visit me so often."

"No Willy, it isn't at all." I jumped in, my hand resting gently on his plum shoulder. "I chose to come, I chose to ignore the seven letters warning they sent me because I couldn't stand to be away from you for too long."

My admission made me flush scarlet while Willy just stared at the chocolate river before us. An awkward silence ensued where I sat there watching him painfully struggle with this new piece of information, "If your worried about how I'll live then remember money isn't a problem for my family, if you can remember anything right now…" I trailed off as Willy Wonka refused to even nod that he had heard me. My hands toyed with the gummy bear and the building awkwardness was beginning to make me feel sick, combined with all the sugar that had entered my system and mixing with quivering nerves. After a while he muttered what seemed like the word "Seven…" and I had to stifle a laugh at how slow his normally brilliant mind was working today. His shining teeth slowly captured his bottom lip drawing every inch of my focus to his mouth and how easy, how simple it would be. Closing my eyes I reminded myself of the promise I made, to never admit myself to the chocolatier till he knew everything about me. The light, milky parts and the bitter dark secrets.

"Willy." I started only to be met at one with those abnormally enchanting eyes, I had let this go on for long enough, if he didn't accept it now he never would. "I want to be with you…but before we go any further I have to tell you…"

I never got to finish that sentence as I was stopped in my tracks by a soft, deliciously warm pair of lips against my own. My whole body screamed in delight yet my limbs remained frozen, I couldn't move. Willy had taken me completely by surprise. He gently separated leaving too much space for my liking, once I finally opened my eyes (that I didn't remember closing) I saw the mortified shame in his eyes.

"Sorry." He whispered, his eyes wider than I had ever seen them. My being still refused to operate and I simply stared at him, I must have looked ridiculous because Willy turned away from me, "Gee Diana, I'm really sorry I thought you wanted me to."

"I did." I spluttered finally, trying to regain some sense of control.

Willy glanced back at me briefly, "It's alright you don't have to lie. I just interpreted what you said wrong." His voice was the quietest I had ever heard it and my heart broke at how rejected he must feel that I didn't even react, never mind kiss him back.

"I'm not lying Willy and yeah I didn't expect that right at that moment but I don't regret it happening." I slowly edged closer to him before sliding my hand under his chin and trying to pull his face back round to mine. I was met with resistance. "Don't act all childish on me now." I chided playfully, but the chocolatier was now the one refusing to move.

"I'm not." He mumbled, perhaps lost in his own imagination again, or escaped there to deal with this.

"Your behaving as badly as Veruca." I implored, it was a low blow but succeeded in getting him to face me. Experimentally I leaned closer, it almost seemed as if Willy was now leaning away from me. Gripped with determination to prove him wrong I lent even further, my hand on one of his knees and closed the gap between us again, refusing to move. Very gently I felt pressure against my lips and smiled into the kiss before breaking away for air.

"Do you believe me now?" I asked with a smirk, Willy nodded quickly as an ear-splitting grin erupted across his face.

"Yeah!" He grinned, flushing ever so slightly. It created a pleasant contrast against his pale palor that caused my own cheeks to heat up. We were sitting there grinning at each other like love-struck fools and I did not care one bit, eventually Willy broke the silence.

"By the way, did you know your lips are slightly colder than normal?"

I blinked before shaking my head slowly and raising a hand to my lips, they didn't feel any colder. "How do you know yours aren't just extremely warm?" I challenged a playful hint in my voice.

"God everyone mumbles." Willy popped a Gobstopper into his own mouth much to my annoyance, I opened my mouth to retort but closed it in defeat.

"And you say I'm weird." I muttered.

"Mumble, mumble."


"Have I gone too far?" He asked wondrously, I simply laughed off his innocence as we lapsed back into comfortable silence. "Y'know that was my first kiss." Willy whispered and I nodded with a small smile.

"I know." I smiled back and inside I glowed at the knowledge of having such an honor.

"But not yours." He stated more than asked.

I paused, Willy was as good at making special moments as he was at breaking them. "No, it wasn't." I decided upon the truth for once and he nodded, I believe he already was aware of this. "But by far the best." I added, desperate to see that light in his violet eyes again. I wasn't disappointed.

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