E/O Drabble challenge, word: kick.

Summary: To be one step ahead can be one step too much – something Dean Winchester should've known...

A/N: 100 words on the dot – three times, so don't miss chapter 2 and 3 to see if our hunters can handle THIS kind of 'foe'.

The cold was seeping into his bones, slowing down his frantic motions and leaving him dazed. His fingers had stopped to search for something to hold onto, his feet were in a deadly grip, unable to kick their way out of this trap.

His body had betrayed him, acting on instinct rather than sending an emergency call to his brain. He didn't have the strength to care. Mud-smeared eyes opened, watching blue lights dancing over the haunted swamp.


He chuckled.

They were real, as real as friggin' leprechauns and evil clowns.

And soon enough he'd be one of them.