AN: here's a small prologue to awaken your curiosity…. I'm very curious to know if you would like to read a story as this one. But I promise that except for Ichigo dying, there shall be no more character deaths.


Byakuya could hear Renji scream in agony as the lieutenant was cradling his dead lovers body. "Please! Ichi, Baby, please open your eyes and look at me, please! You can't be dead! Please!"
Tears were streaking down his face, his eyes red and swollen. His heart obviously broken into more than a million pieces.

As no reaction came from the substitute shinigami Byakuya saw how Renji's eyes took on a dead, cold look full of hatred and pure rage and killing intent.

"WHERE ARE YOU!" he screamed, standing in and drawing Zabimaru, bot not releasing the sword into shikai or bankai.

And that's when it hits Byakuya what the redhead was planning. The lieutenant was planning on getting himself killed by the same hollow that had taken Ichigo's life.
He quickly flash stepped to Renji's side, knocking him out and catching him, laying him on the floor before killing the hollow and taking Renji in his arms again, carrying him to the senkaimon.

"I'm so sorry Renji. But I can't let you do this. I cannot let you take your life this way. You shall not take your life while I stand and watch. Even though Ichigo is dead, that does not mean you should die."

He watched the senkaimon close just when Ichigo's body disintegrated into spirit particles.