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After one week Byakuya was finally allowed to go home with Renji, thought Hajime still had to remain at the fourth division for further observations, much to Byakuya's displeasure. It had taken quite a lot of persuasion to make the clanhead go home without his son. He just didn't want to leave his son behind, not after almost losing him.

But after Unohana-taichou had assured him that she'd personally look after the little premature child and that he could –obviously- visit him daily, he'd given in. Thought, in the end, he was still at the fourth division from the moment the sun came up till the time Unohana send him home because he needed to rest. Each day went like that until they were finally able to take Hajime home. Four weeks after he was born.

And the first thing the noble did when his son arrived home was wrap him in his scarf with a soft smile touching his lips and take his son to the council to present him as the new heir and officially get him named as a Kuchiki.

"You chose a beautiful name Byakuya-sama." The head elder said with a smile. "A beautiful name for a beautiful little boy. Congratulations Byakuya-sama. You have every right to be so very proud."

The clanhead couldn't stop from turning the soft smile that was playing on his lips into a full blown one.

And Renji did exactly the same when his husband stepped outside of the council with a soft nod.

Maybe things between them weren't the way they should be yet, but they were progressing smoothly. Slowly but smoothly. Byakuya was now steadily regaining his trust in Renji and Renji was equally steady, but slow none the less, falling in love with the ravenhaired nobleman.


7 years passed and Renji was sitting in the gardens of the Kuchiki estate, staring at his son with love clearly written in his eyes. Oh how he loved his little boy. He do anything in the world for him.

He snickered when he remembered that said boy was already quite the ladykiller, like he had been at that age, much to Byakuya's great displeasure. Ah, his husband really did not like that fact and he used every opportunity he had to blame Renji for Hajime's antics.

Thought it was also quite easy to see that it amused him as well, if not more than the fact that he hated it.

The nobleman had become more open, showing more and more of his feelings, his emotions. Thought it had taken an almost-divorce for that to happen. Renji, who had fallen in lave quite hard by then, had been annoyed by the fact that Byakuya just wouldn't confide in him, his husband, and by then already lover as well.

It had ended up in a huge discussion after which Byakuya had promised to open up more. He didn't want their relationship to end because of that, because of him falling back in old habits, now that they'd finally really loved each other. Now that Byakuya finally completely trusted Renji with everything he was.

He had come to the conclusion that he'd been hurting Renji by not confiding in him.

Renji smiled as Byakuya walked up to him, waving at Hajime before sitting down next to his lover, leaning back and letting his hands rest on his stomach in a relaxed way, sighing happily.

"and?" came the soft whispering voice of Renji, making Byakuya smile widely at his tattooed lover who was leaning towards him, laying his hands on top of Byakuya's

"It's a girl." He whispered back, making Renji grin the widest grin of his entire life before he kissed the old man lovingly.

"Ewww Dad. Don't kiss mom like that out here in the middle of the day. I don't want to see that."

Both parents laughed at that and pulled their son into a tight hug.

"Yeah well, your mom just told me that you'll be having a little sister to look after soon enough. It makes me happy so I'm kissing you both." He said teasingly as he kissed his child's cheek.

Hajime's face lit up in surprise before he kissed his 'mother' on the forehead with a wide smile that was almost equaling Renji's. "I'm going to a big brother! Can I tell aunt Rukia? I'm going to tell aunt Rukia!"

And within a mere few seconds time the little boy sprinted off towards the mansion, calling for his beloved aunt.

"He's going to be a wonderful brother." Renji whispered, smile still playing on his lips as he once again kissed his lover.

"And a wonderful clan leader as well." Byakuya added with the same smile. "He's learning so fast. Actually; he's just growing up so fast. I can barely believe he's already 7. He's already been undergoing training for 2 years."

"thankfully less intensive than yours." Renji whispered with a smirk, making Byakuya roll his eyes. "and yeah. I can barely believe it as well… Time sure goes fast."

The redhead stood up, pulling up his lover as well before hugging him tightly. They'd waited long enough with trying to give Hajime a sibling. Mostly because both Renji, the council and even Unohana-taichou thought it to be too dangerous for Byakuya's life. And Byakuya had agreed with it, yes, but his wish to have more children just won out over the fact that it could possibly be dangerous. So they had started doing some tests which would show them just how big of a danger it was as well as some ways to make it safer for him to bear children.

They had discussed what to do if Byakuya got pregnant after getting the results of the tests. And it were a LOT of rules. Byakuya had to go to the fourth division weekly for a complete check up on all his body functions AND those of the child. Then, he also had to go to a clan healer daily for a basic check-up. And near the end of his pregnancy he will have to go to the fourth division every third day. All of this just to be extra sure everything was going well.

"We better get going for your first check-up as well as plan all the others." Renji mumbled against his lover's lips, making the noble nod and follow the redhead outside after calling after Rukia to look after Hajime while they were gone.


A few months later Akahana was born. A little girl with bright red hair and deep purple-grey eyes. A weird combination, but somehow it really worked. A bright red flower. That was what her name meant. It was a delicate name, but somehow it sounded really powerful. She'd been brought into the world by a ceasarian with no causalities. Nothing weird happening. Everything had gone perfect and both parents were thanking every possible god for that as they held her in their arms with a proud look in their eyes. Hajime was going to be a real great older brother. He swore so to her when he held her.

Everything was just perfect. And they deserved it to be.


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