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Chapter 8

Kahlan & Cara

"I gave it to her."

A series of loud murmurs resonated through the hall, causing some to just stare blankly at Kahlan, some to yell accusingly, and others just whispered to one another. The young Confessor didn't know if what she had just done was the right move, but she couldn't take it back now. The other purple clad council members seated behind the Chairman all gasped while Priscilla smirked; she had Kahlan right where she wanted her.

"Mother Confessor," she said slyly, "You do realize that you are only allowed to take mates. You're certainly not allowed to marry without the council's consent," Priscilla smiled again, motioning to the shocked citizens behind her. Kahlan clenched a tight fist behind her back but refused to let her emotionless mask slip. She would not let this vile woman get the upper hand.

"I understand. But you see, Cara is my mate. And we're going to get married, whether the council approves or not," Kahlan stated firmly and took a step forward. Cara didn't want to interfere, but she wished she could just hold Kahlan's hand and tell her it would all be all right. Instead, Cara flicked one of her Agiels into a waiting hand, her right hand, and began to calmly wave it around in the air. The Mord'Sith smirked when she saw the Chairman grimace, and Cara briefly wondered what the repercussions would be if she took this woman down right now.

"How will you continue the line of Confessors without a proper mate? You cannot just decide to abandon your duties."

"I am not abandoning my duties," Kahlan protested, but the persistent Chairman interrupted her.

"Abandoning the Midlands. Honestly, Mother Confessor, stop playing these games with me."

Kahlan's jaw clenched slightly and Cara took another step closer to Kahlan.

"I assure you Chairman, I am not one to play games. I never said I would abandon my duties as Mother Confessor, and I am certainly not abandoning the Midlands," Kahlan said in a short manner, and Cara could see her delicate hands begin to shake slightly. No one would have noticed, as they all were too busy accusing the Mother Confessor of deserting them. The only one who was still sitting was the young Lord Remus, his bright green eyes sporting a look of pity for Kahlan. Cara saw Lord Remus' eyes grow wide, the other council members repeating the action in suit. The quick-witted Mord'Sith spun around to see Kahlan, the Mother Confessor's hands still shaking. Looking back into the crowd, Cara realized they were not staring wide eyed at the Mother Confessor's shaking hands, but at her eyes. Afraid to turn around, Cara slowly rotated to look at the young Confessor.

Kahlan's once beautiful blue eyes were now a horrible pitch black, so incredibly black that Cara could not define the pupil from the iris. It was happening again, and this time Zedd was not here to help Cara calm her fiancée down. Reacting quickly, Cara took Kahlan tightly by the arm and whirled her around, thrusting her back into the wall next to her throne.

"Kahlan, calm down," Cara hissed, still holding Kahlan's arm. Luckily, Kahlan was still slightly coherent, and she responded to Cara's holding her arm.

"Cara, what are you doing? I'm fine, just let me talk to the Chairman," Kahlan said quietly as she looked beyond Cara, like she was only half invested in their conversation. Angry, Cara slammed Kahlan back into the wall, her green eyes dark with rage.

"Stop that! You're not fine, your sick!" Cara screamed and the room went silent in an instant. The Alliance members felt like they were intruding on a private conversation, but they had to stay until dismissed. Also, they were too intrigued and frightened to leave. Cara didn't want Kahlan to have this...this... whatever this was. It terrified her that Kahlan could at any moment loose her sanity and confess someone. Cara thought it was even worse than the Con Dar. At least the frightening Blood Rage was predictable. The Mord'Sith was honestly scared that Kahlan would one day loose her grip on reality and fall into madness.

Kahlan's terrifying black eyes focused on Cara, her thin lips curving into a frown. She didn't understand.

"What do you mean, I'm sick? I'm fine Cara, really. I've been through worse-"

"You don't remember anything, do you?" Cara asked, but it was a question the Mord'Sith knew the answer to. Kahlan stopped for a moment, trying to process what the blonde was saying.

"What don't I remember? What are you talking about?" the Confessor asked frantically, and Lord Remus stood up.

"Our second week here, after the first Alliance meeting. You went crazy, and Zedd had to use magic on you to get you to calm down."

Kahlan could only stare at Cara, her mouth hanging open.

"Your eyes were black, and you confessed me. Well, tried to, anyway," Cara said bluntly, and the entire room gasped in shock.

"Mistress Cara, why aren't you dead? How can you resist confession?" Dagra asked innocently.

"That's none of your concern," Cara said coldly, not even turning around to address the D'Haran man.

Kahlan's brow was furrowed in confusion, "I-I don't remember that. Why can't I remember that?" Kahlan said quietly, like a child.

"I don't know."

Kahlan's muscles suddenly tensed as if she were trying to hold something in. Cara grasped the young Confessor's hands, interlacing their fingers. The Mord'Sith sighed heavily before whispering into Kahlan's ear.

"It's alright. Let it out."

Kahlan looked up at Cara, eyes still a frightening black. A dark tear ran down her face, shaking her head.

"No, I'll hurt you. No, no, no, no, no, no," Kahlan said, shaking her head vehemently.

"You won't hurt me dear. Just give in."

"No, no, no, no, no, no." the Confessor repeated, begging to cry.

"Kahlan, you trust me, don't you? Just confess me, I swear it will be okay."

Kahlan looked up into Cara's green eyes with her black ones, finally letting herself relax. A smile spread across her face an instant before Cara felt Kahlan's power course through her. Her every nerve felt like it was on fire, and her joints felt as if they had become unhinged. When the firey pain had at last receded, Cara finally took a breath.

"C-C-Cara, I'm sooooo so-rry," Kahlan barely choked out before she collapsed into Cara's arms, crying in her lover's embrace. Cara laughed, holding Kahlan tightly.

"Don't cry, Kahlan. You know I can't handle crying."

Cara felt a hand on her back, and saw a green scarf hanging down out of the corner of her eye.

"Come on ladies. I think this meeting is adjourned," Lord Remus said, and Cara nodded. She quietly helped a still hysterical Kahlan up, ready to carry the brunette out the door. Surprisingly, Kahlan stood up on her own, wiping the black tears out of her eyes. Smoothing the front of her dress with her hands, the Mother Confessor stood in front of her throne. Her delicate hands were clasped together in front of her, and Kahlan stood tall in front of the council.

"This meeting is adjourned."

Cara stood at the altar, hands at her side, waiting for her lover to come striding in through the door. Zedd had told her to be patient, but the Mord'Sith was not one to wait for things to happen slowly. She tapped her finger on her Agiel, an impatient habit of hers. Dressed in her fitted white leather, everyone thought Cara looked strikingly beautiful. Only her sister and her family were at the wedding, along with Lord Remus, Koloclicin Dagra, and Anna the maid. Unfortunately, Denee had not responded to the girl's wedding invitation. Kahlan had been upset at first, but then accepted it. She was just worried about if her sister was all right and safe.

When Zedd nudged her in the ribs, Cara stood up straight and turned her attention to the ornate double doors some length away. Zedd had been able to make the wedding an outside event, but had also made a doorway so the ceremony would be traditional, as Kahlan wanted it. The lyre player began to strum his stringed instrument, cueing the bride to enter. Cara's palms were sweating, and she felt like there were two hundred pounds of Dragon's Breath going off inside her stomach. The Mord'Sith didn't know how to compete with these feelings, but all her nervousness and anxiety melted away when Kahlan strode through the doors. In a strapless white dress that trailed out behind her, with her hair in loose curls and laden with red flowers, Kahlan looked absolutely stunning. Cara couldn't help but smile, and everyone turned around to see the beautiful bride. Smiling as well, Kahlan walked down the flower petal isle to the music of the lyre. Cara had asked for D'Haran battle hymns to be played, and Kahlan absolutely agreed. Although a bit dark, Kahlan knew that this union and the wedding was a mix of the both of them. Both of them needed to shine.

As Kahlan walked past the few guests that had come, they made spitting motions to the bottom of her dress. A D'Haran tradition, Cara had said. But Kahlan didn't care about them, she only had eyes for the dazzling blonde before her. Kahlan couldn't wait to meet Cara up at the altar, but she had to keep in line with the music. At last, Kahlan was with Cara, holding hands at the base of a cherry blossom tree. Kahlan's cheeks were begging to hurt from grinning so much, but she couldn't stop. She loved Cara so much. After everything they had been through, both believed that they deserved this.

Cara nodded to Zedd, beginning the ceremony. The two women weren't paying attention to what Zedd was saying, but they were just waiting until the end, waiting to start their new lives together.

"Cara Mason, do you swear to have and to hold your wife, to love her for all eternity, to stay together in sickness and in health?"

"I do."

"And Kahlan Amnell, do you swear to have and to hold your wife, to love her for all eternity, to cherish and support her?"

"I will."

"I now pronounce you joined in holy matrimony, as... well... wife and wife," Zedd joked, getting a good laugh out of everyone. Cara smirked, glaring playfully at the old man.

"Alright, alright, Wizard. You've had your fun. Get on with the marrying and such."

Kahlan laughed, covering her smile behind her hand.

"Okay, okay. You may kiss the bride," Zedd laughed, and Cara flung Kahlan's vail off her head and pulled her into a kiss. Everyone cheered, even Cara's brother in law. After the girls broke away from each other, they held hands as the walked back up the isle, more than ready to call each other 'wife'.

After the wedding there was a small reception for everyone who attended. Kahlan and Cara sat at the head of the banquet table, everyone else spread out on either side of them. They were having some sort of sausage that Zedd had requested, but neither Cara nor Kahlan had ever heard of the foreign dish. Kahlan raised her head from trying to examine her meal when Cara's sister, Grace, held her hand.

"I am so happy for the two of you. Honestly, I never thought Cara would've met someone, with all that glaring she does," the blonde said, smiling sweetly. Kahlan couldn't help but laugh, nudging her new wife in the ribs. Cara characteristically glared at Kahlan, then at her sister.

"It doesn't help to be intimidating."

"Auntie Cara! Auntie Cara!" shouted a small girl of about four with curly blonde hair, jumping onto the surprised Mord'Sith's lap.

"What is it, sweetie?" Cara asked in a baby voice. The little girl looked at her funny, but continued on.

"Is this your lady friend?" she said, pointing a finger to Kahlan. Smiling, Kahlan gave a little wave to the girl. Cara nodded, looking at Kahlan.

"That's your Auntie Kahlan. Want to sit on her lap?" Cara said sweetly, handing the little girl to Kahlan.

"Is this what your going to be like when we have children?" Kahlan joked, and Cara got tense. Not noticing anything, the little girl began playing with Kahlan's long hair.

"Your hair is so long," she said, mesmerized.

Kahlan ignored the small girl, putting a hand on Cara's arm. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I won't-"

"No, it's alright. I know you didn't mean anything by it," Cara said, taking her wife's hand and squeezing it tenderly. Relieved, Kahlan turned back to the small girl in her arms.

"How old are you, cutie?" Kahlan asked in a cutesy voice, and the little girl tried to hold up the correct amount of fingers.

"Four!" she announced, holding up five fingers.

"Close enough!" Kahlan laughed, hugging the girl. She put the small girl down when Cara nudged her in the ribs. "What?"

"Someone's here for you," she said, and Kahlan stood up and ran to the door, knocking over the chair and almost ripping the bottom of her dress.

"DENEE!" she screamed, pouncing on her sister. The smaller woman lost her balance for a second, reoriented herself, and then hugged her sister back.

"I've missed you so much," she said, tears in her eyes.

"I've missed you too, little sister," Kahlan laughed, begging to cry. Denee smiled, raising a hand to wipe the tears off her sister's face.

"Don't ruin your makeup, Kahlan. Creator, you look beautiful," her sister said, smiling. "Who's the lucky man?"

"That would be me," Cara said, raising her hand. Denee's eyes widened, and Kahlan took her hand.

"Denee, please. Just forgive each other, for me. Please," Kahlan pleaded, and Denee took one last judging look at Cara before hugging her fiercely.

"Welcome to the family," she said, and Cara laughed.

"Thank you."

"Kahlan, Kahlan!" another voice shouted, and in skipped in little Rachel, towing Marsha in behind her. Kahlan immediately dropped down to her knees, catching the girl in her arms.

"Oh, Rachel! How'd you get here?"Kahlan asked, hugging the girl.

"You're sister invited us!" Rachel exclaimed, and Kahlan laughed.

"How are you Marsha? Are you all hungry? We have plenty of food," Kahlan said quickly.

"I wouldn't count on that!" Zedd shouted from the table, and everyone laughed.

It had been a while since they had all seen each other, so everyone was sharing stories. Of course, Kahlan and Cara had to share the story of how they met, how Cara proposed. The guests were all enjoying themselves, everyone getting aquatinted with each other.

"So, Mother Confessor," said Antony, raising a hand. "Who's name will you take?"

Everyone turned to the newlyweds, eager for an answer. Honestly, all of them had been wondering the same thing. Cara smiled at Kahlan, squeezing her hand.

"We've decided to take Kahlan's name. Since she's the Mother Confessor and all, and we don't want to have different names. Also, Cara Amnell has a nice ring to it. Right, dear?" Cara said, looking to Kahlan with a grin on her face. Kahlan blushed, making everyone laugh.

"I suppose. Kahlan Mason would've been a mouthful," Kahlan added, everyone making sounds of agreement. They all continued to talk until dusk, then Kahlan allowed them to choose rooms they wished to stay in. When everyone left, Kahlan and Cara walked back to their room. Just as Kahlan was about to open the door, Cara stopped her.

"What? You want to get me in that bed, don't you?" Kahlan said playfully, and Cara smirked.

"I'm supposed to carry you through the threshold, right?" Cara said, and before Kahlan could object, the strong blonde scooped her up and carried her to their bed. They both fell into the fluffy white mass, giggling and kissing.

"Today was absolutely perfect," Kahlan said after awhile.

"I know. Now stop talking, I want to kiss you," Cara said, and Kahlan pulled her forward into a passionate kiss.

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