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"Oi. Idiot apprentice. Time to get up."

Allen frowned, turned over, and drifted back to unconsciousness.

"Idiot. Get up."

Allen groaned and threw his head under the pillow.

"If you're not up in three seconds… I'm going to throw… erm…" Cross paused here, considering his surroundings. Allen heard a clink and a shuffle, and his master continued. "I'll throw this tea. Now get up. Rouvelier wanted to talk to you."

Allen was unperturbed by the threat of being pelted with tea. He burrowed deeper into the mattress.

Cross dropped the jar of tea and brought a fist down on Allen's head. Allen yelped, flying up and, in the process, smacking Cross in the face with a pillow.

"Did Rouvelier want to talk to just me? Or everyone else too?" Allen snapped, irritated out of sleep.

Cross glared at him from behind his glasses. "I believe he requested an audience with your friends as well. Now hurry up. It's not in your best interest to keep Rouvelier waiting."

As tired as he was, Allen knew this was true. The man had a certain dislike for all of the teens working in the Black Order: Lenalee, Kanda, Lavi, Daisya, and Marie included. Komui hated him for it and even the Generals had a slight contempt for the man, as his dislike of their disciples meant that he had a dislike for them, by some twisted logic.

Cross swiftly left the room, leaving Allen to get dressed and hurry quickly to his meeting.

Upon entering Rouvelier's office, Allen had a strange premonition that something wasn't quite right. He had noticed Komui's absence where the man was always present, and generals Tiedoll and Klaud were missing. Bookman was probably deep within the recesses of the library. Master Cross was probably getting drunk.

As Allen took his seat, the oak door behind him swung shut with a bang. Rouvelier lazily took his seat behind his desk. Allen's friends (and usually, teammates) sat in a half circle of chairs around the front of the man's desk.

Rouvelier cracked a cold smile. "We all seem to be well today, yes?"

Nobody moved or said anything.

"Quiet much? Hm, too bad… I was hoping for a lovely conversation…"

Kanda spoke up. "Just tell us what you want with us, and then let us continue on with our day."

"Touchy, touchy. You guys are all so cold. Must you be so anti-social?"

Kanda glared, and Daisya lifted his chin a bit. Everyone else glared from their jaded, six-in-the-morning eyes.

Rouvelier rubbed his chin. "Well, I'd hoped we'd all be a bit more sociable, but I suppose my general assumption of you all was correct. I'll just tell you. You're all here for a reason: to be tested. Possibly killed. I've decided to run a few tests, on the immune systems of teenagers. You can either come willingly, or we can force you. You will all have my virus in your systems for one measly year. If you can resist it and live, then kudos to you. If you cannot… well then, I suppose you're good as dead. In the event that you should be in a critical state, we will make no attempts to save your lives. As we speak, your mentors and… brother… are being briefed on the situation."

Lenalee opened her mouth to speak, but Lavi cut her off. "You can't do this! It can't possibly be allowed!"

Rouvelier gave him another cold smile. "Oh, but it is! I ran it by the High Generals. They approve of it, as a simple experiment."

Allen and company fell silent. Behind them, the door cracked open, and Rouvelier beckoned. Seven scientists that none of them recognized filed in, syringes in hand.

The teenage exorcists all began to reach for, or form, their Innocence, when it became evident that resistance was indeed futile. Allen's eyes closed as the scientists began to do what they had to do: pulling up the sleeves of the teens, inserting syringes. Allen shivered as the cold steel slid into his veins, on his wrist.

Hardly a minute later, Allen felt the needle recede from his wrist, and he opened his eyes. He felt normal. He didn't see anything other than the cold stare from Rouvelier, and the stony faces of the scientists. Lenalee had tears in her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. Lavi, Kanda, Daisya, and Marie sat there, doing nothing. Allen lowered his gaze to stare at the deep red button of blood that rested on the inside of his wrist. That might be the death of me, he thought.

The door slammed open behind the unfortunate teens, scaring them all out of their sad reverie. A livid trio of Cross, Komui, and Klaud stormed in; Tiedoll and Bookman stood uncertainly in the doorway. There was sadness and anger spread over their faces—just not as violently bloodthirsty as their three companions.

Cross grabbed Rouvelier's shoulders, throwing him up against the wall. "What. The. HELL. Do you think you're doing!" Komui shouted before Klaud or Cross could say anything.

Rouvelier smirked. "I'm simply running a controlled experiment. It was cleared by the High Generals this morning."

Cross kept glaring. Komui blanched, and Klaud was giving the tall man on the wall death's stare.

Klaud stepped back, pulling Komui with her, defeat was on her face. If the High Generals had approved the demise of their apprentices, then who was she to argue? Komui reluctantly followed her to Lenalee, and Bookman and Tiedoll tentatively stepped into the office, moving to their respective charges.

Cross stayed put, still looking torn between letting Rouvelier go and sparing his position, or killing the man and being killed in return. He eventually settled on leaning in and hissing something in the other man's ear, then dropping him and leaving the room, his hair swishing around him. Allen simply arched an eyebrow, then left for his room, leaving the other, distraught adults to their apprentices, and, in Komui's case, only remaining family.

Rouvelier couldn't help but wonder at how he'd irritated the General Cross. The man was always known for his cold disposition, but what he'd just said may have just changed Rouvelier's view on the man.

He'd leaned in and hissed coldly, "That boy is all I have left. He means the world to me. If he dies… I swear to God, I will come in here and shoot your fucking head off. I don't care if they kill me for it. If he dies, you die. Is. That. Clear?"

Rouvelier wouldn't put it beyond Cross to kill him, but he'd never considered how the boy was a weak point for Cross.

He let a cold smile curl his lips once again. This was going to be fun.

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