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Alissa POV

I blinked; the reflection of the sun off of a window was blinding me. I tilted my wings and glided out of range of the light. I stretched out my arms and spun around in air. Man, I love flying! There's nothing like the feel of the wind in your hair, and the power of the updraft just lifting you higher and higher! I take a moment to really feel the wind. I feel it rush up my face, through my hair, over my wings, tickling every little feather, then down my back as it spirals down my tail. Up here was the only place where I could feel this way, where I could feel free. Why is this the only place, 600 feet above the tallest buildings? Because I'm a mutant. Up here, no one can see me, no one can criticize me, and no one can hunt me. Up here, I'm safe.

I'd been on the run for almost 8 months now. I cringed as I thought back to that painful night, the night I left. It was too terrible; I had to stay focused on the mission at hand. I had to find some place to sleep.

I scoured the streets for a hotel or something, preferably something out of the way, where I could get some privacy. I take a moment to really survey my surroundings. I was in some town (if you could even call it that. I mean, it was huge!), somewhere just outside of New York City. I looked around, and made a mental map of all the alleyways and empty buildings, places I could hide if someone found me and called the cops.

I pass by small shops, apartment buildings, hotels with neon glowing "No Vacancy" signs, and a small shopping mall. Ok, so maybe this town was bigger than I thought. There's gotta be some place that my limited/no income can afford. As I head farther in, I hear some commotion. I look up and see… something crazy.

There were three or four huge blue and purple robots in the middle of town! They were attacking the buildings and anything in between, including people. "Oh, no," I thought. Before I had time to really freak out though, a huge black jet appeared behind one of the buildings. I saw a bunch of people jump out and start running towards the robots. "A bunch of lunatics trying to be heroes," I thought. Boy was I wrong. A girl who looked about fifteen or sixteen raised her hand and a lightning bolt came out of nowhere and struck one of the robots. Another guy shot red laser beams out of his eyes at another robot. Then a man looked like he was slashing one of them with a bunch of knives. There were puffs of blackish purple smoke everywhere, and wherever one appeared, a new dent showed up in one of the robots. There were so many people filing out of that jet, I couldn't even keep track of 'em all, but I knew there was something odd going on.

Farther up the street, closer to me, another, smaller robot landed. I fluttered to the top of a building, behind a raised skylight for cover. This robot was red and black and shorter than the others but thicker. It raised its arm/gun and aimed it at the people fighting the purple robots. There was another puff of blackish purple smoke, and a dark figure slammed into the gun, throwing off its aim and making it fire at one of the other robots.

"Hey guys! A little help over here?" the dark figure shouted at the people attacking the purple robots. They didn't respond. I guess they were too caught up taking on the other four robots. "Hey! Guys! I need some help! Please!" I was starting to get worried about him.

What do I do? What do I do? I thought frantically. The robot grabbed him with the non-gun hand and pinned him down; its pincher-like grip stared squeezing him tighter. "Ok, that's it, foolish decision time." I reached into my bag and pulled my little half of a ski mask out and pulled it over the upper part of my face, so everything from my nose up was covered, except my eyes. I pulled my grey, wolf-like ears trough the holes in the top I'd made earlier. I hid the rest of my stuff behind a crate and spread my wings. I ran and leaped off the rooftop.

I swooped up behind the robot and opened my mouth, and a huge jet of fire surged through. My fire is hotter than most normal fires, and melted right through the back of its hand, thereby making it release its hold on the dark-colored guy. It swung its other arm at me. I gracefully dodged it and came right up in front of its face. I opened my mouth again, and melted right through its cold, metallic face. There was a sparking sound, and all the lights on the robot went off. I landed on the un-melted part of its head and turned to the guy I'd helped.

Now that I was closer, I could see him more clearly. I was almost shocked at what I saw. As the guy stood up, I could see he was really young, about fourteen, and clearly a mutant. Like me. He was covered in dark blue fur, and wearing some weird uniform with an "X" on it. There were two pointed ears poking out of his thick curly black hair. When he looked at me, I could see his eyes were golden. He had an almost elfish face, until he smiled, revealing two sharp pointed canine teeth. It's not that his smile was creepy or anything, but the fangs kinda ruined the whole elf thing. In fact, it was really sweet…

"Thank you, so much. You saved my life," he spoke with an accent, I couldn't place it. German, maybe? A blue, pointed tail flicked behind him.

I flicked my own green, furry-tipped tail in response. "Um…yeah, no problem. Don't mention it," I responded awkwardly. I was still caught up staring at this guy. He looked kinda strange, but he was really cute. I spread my wings and tried to fly away before I said something stupid, but he called back to me.

"Hey! Where are you going?" There was a *bamf* noise, and a puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared, the blue guy was standing right in front of me. "If you ever need anything, just give us a call, alright?" He reached out and put something in my hand. I noticed he only had two fingers and a thumb on each hand. In another puff of smoke he was gone.

I looked down at what he had put in my hand. It was a business card of some sort. The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters was written across the top, next to some symbol with an X that looked a lot like the symbol on his uniform. I shoved it in my pocket and took off for the rooftop. I grabbed my stuff, and took off in the other direction. "That was too close," I thought. "No more heroics," I told myself. Agreed. Now that that was taken care of, I could focus on the other major thing on my mind. Who was that mysterious blue mutant boy?

Kurt POV

I glared across the table at Remy LeBeau. That guy had the best poker face in history, and we were just playing Go Fish! "Um…" I hesitated, "Do you have any 2s?"

Remy looked at me and smiled, his red eyes gleaming triumphantly. No! I thought. I'd bet five bucks on this game! I was NOT going to lose. I had basically the whole freaking deck, and no matches. I was screwed.

"It's your lucky day, fuzzy," said Remy, with his thick Cajun accent. He smiled gently, and I sighed with relief. He was handing me the 2 of diamonds when a siren went off.

"Attention X-Men. There's been a Sentinel attack in town. Everyone suit up and meet at the X-Jet in five minutes!" The Professor's voice rang in our minds.

"Wunderbar," I sighed, another Sentinel attack? This was insane! But oh well, the people need us, we can't let them down. Even if they didn't know we existed and would probably hate us if they did.

I teleported up to my room and in a couple minutes I was suited up. I teleported down to the X-Jet hangar just in time to board. Everyone was crowding on, so I just teleported to the seat in between my adopted sister Rogue-who was engrossed in a riveting conversation about the number seven with Gambit-and Wolverine. "You ready to take out some robots, elf?" Wolverine growled.

"I guess. But seriously, this is the third attack this month! I just don't understand what they're looking for. Is it us? Are they trying to tell the world about mutants or something?"

"You're askin' the wrong person, bub. I don't see anything for them to gain, even if people did find out about us," Wolverine shook his head. "You're right; this whole thing is really crazy."

I could see the city through the windshield. Right in the middle of town were four giant blue and purple Sentinels. "Here goes nothing." We landed the Jet somewhere behind the robots where hopefully nobody would notice. Like a mob everyone shot out of the Jet and attacked the robots. Storm opened up with a huge lightning bolt on the center one, Cyclops took off his visor and blasted another one, Wolverine unsheathed his adamantium claws and just started slicing into the nearest one. I did my best and teleported right onto the head of one. I slammed a hammer I'd taken from the Jet (why there was a hammer there, I'll never know) as hard as I could into its skull. I dented it, but I hardly did any damage. I sighed. So I started 'porting around and slamming the robots wherever I could, trying to find a weak spot.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw another Sentinel land a few hundred yards up the road. This one was shorter than the rest, and had its red gun aimed right at the X-Men. I had to do something! I dropped my hammer and teleported over to the red one and slammed myself into its gun as hard as I could; throwing off its aim and making it hit one of its buddies. It turned on me; I knew I couldn't handle this thing all by myself. I screamed for help, but no one responded. It kept trying to grab me with its pincher like hand, I dodged it barely. I tried to send a mental message to one of the psychics on the team, but no one heard me. While I was distracted, trying to make contact with them, I misjudged a leap and the robot grabbed me and pinned me down. I was in so much pain, I couldn't even teleport. I knew I was going to die.

Just before I thought I would black out, an angel appeared in the sky. Huge golden-brown wings descended upon the Sentinel, and then she opened her mouth, and an eruption of flames spilled out, melting through the back of the robot's hand. Its grip loosened on me, and I was able to wriggle free. I looked up and saw the angel blasting fire into the face of the Sentinel, shutting it down when its circuits melted. She fluttered up onto the back of its head and I could look at her for the first time.

She wasn't in fact, an angel. She was a mutant. Now that I saw her in front of me I could see she was a young girl, perhaps fourteen or fifteen years old, with a mask covering most of her face and flowing brown hair and eyes that matched her glorious golden-brown wings. On top of her head two wolf ears poked out. At first I thought they were part of a costume until they flicked at different sounds. I saw a green, furry tail twitching behind her, the little fluff on the end looked so soft. My gosh, she was beautiful.

"Thank you, so much. You saved my life," I sputtered out. "Thank you, Captain Obvious! Of course she knows she saved your life! That's WHY she came to rescue you, isn't it?" I could tell my tail was flicking nervously behind me.

"Um…yeah, no problem. Don't mention it," she replied. But then she spread her wings and tried to fly away. Did I scare her? "Oh please, God, don't let her be scared of me!"

"Hey! Where are you going?" I teleported up to her. I couldn't just let her go! "What do I say? Do I ask her name? Do I introduce myself?" I hadn't been that nervous since Wolverine asked me to try out his new Danger Room course. I lamely pulled out one of Xavier's business cards and handed it to her. "If you ever need anything, just give us a call, alright?" Then I teleported outta there and back to the rest of my team before I did something even more ridiculous.

When I got there, Jean had all but imploded the last Sentinel. "Hey, Nightcrawler, sorry we didn't get a chance to get over there. Was everything ok?" Cyclops asked me.

"Jah," I mumbled, still thinking about the girl who attacked the Sentinel. "Everything was beautiful."

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