Story by Sorablood I do not own The Powerpuff Girls

It was a dark depressing day in Townsville Mojo jojo was destroying the town with his newest robot. The Powerpuff Girls quickly sprigged into action knocking down the giant robot with the mutated monkey in it to the ground.

"Give up Mojo jojo there is no escape." The leader of the Powerpuff Girls said as they where ready for anything Mojo might try; but before they knew it Mojo had press the eject button sending him flying in the air all the way back to his laboratory.

"Should we go after him?" Bubbles asked.

"Nah let him be we will probably see him again in a few hours." Blossom said back as she headed for home.

"Yeah he is probably thinking of another way to try and destroy us as if that day will ever come." Buttercup said fallowing Blossom back home with bubbles hot on her trailer.

"Curses those Powerpuff Girls how do they always defeat the great Mojo jojo without putting up much of a fight if they where fighting themselves they would have to use all of there energy." Mojo said pacing back and forth. "I've got I as the great Mojo jojo will create clones of the Powerpuff Girls not like the Rowdyruff Boys who never come home or do what I say or those Powerpunk Girls who don't listen to anyone and where created by Professor Plutonium but girls who will be obedient and wont leaf me. I must get started right away."

Hours later

"I Mojo jojo have finally have done it I have created a machine that can make clones out of anyone with just a bit of DNA. Now how am I Mojo jojo going to get DNA from those dreaded Powerpuff girls?" Mojo said to himself. "I have got it I'll just sneak in to their house and steal some of their DNA from their brushes or something." As he headed for the girls house. Mojo was right outside the Powerpuff Girls house looking threw a window to see what was going on.

"Bubbles are you ready yet? I am about ready to start the movie." Buttercup asked. She was sitting on the couch with her boyfriend Ace.

"Yeah I am ready." Bubbles said as she walked into the room with a bowl of popcorn and sat next to her boyfriend Snake or as she called him Sanford.

"Don't start it without me!" Blossom said still in the kitchen.

"Well hurry up then!" Buttercup shouted.

"Okay, okay I m here start it." Blossom said rushing in to sit on the ground with her boyfriend Aku.

"Who wants popcorn?" Bubbles said out loud to everyone.

"The great Aku wants popcorn." Aku said as he took a hand full of popcorn and begin to eat it."

"Do ya have to over complicate everything?" Ace said to Aku.

"This is just how the great Aku talks. And don't get me started on your heavy New York accent." Aku replied to Ace as he gave him a smirk.

"Ohhh he'ssssss gotsssss you there bosssssss." Snake said to Ace.

"Oh shut up Snake." Ace said as he glared at him.

"Would you guys just stop fighting and watch the movie." Bubbles pleaded.

"Fine" Ace said as he leaned back and put his arm around Buttercup.

"Ugggg teenage girls and their boyfriends." Mojo said to himself as he used his jet pack and flew up to the girl's room and climb threw the widow. He was looking around to try and find where there would be some of their DNA. Mojo looked at Buttercup's pillow and found a piece of her hair and put it in a bag; but before he could look at Blossom and Bubbles pillows someone was coming up stares.

"Crap" Mojo said to himself as he grabbed his jet pack and flew out the widow.

"That's weird I thought I heard someone up here.' The vampire male said as Buttercup fallowed him up to her and her sister's room.

"You probably got better hearing than I do or your just hearing things." Buttercup said to her boyfriend.

"Yeah probably I mean who would sneak into the Powerpuff Girls house when they are here with their boyfriends." Ace said as he kissed Buttercup on the forehead and headed down stares.

"Or maybe he got out." Buttercup said as she headed down stares.

"Well its only one of the girls hair but I Mojo jojo can get the other two's hair later lets see if this one works." Mojo said as he landed in his laboratory and walked over to the machine and put in the hair and pressed the button. A bunch of lights and noise went off and then the doors opened to the machine covering the room with fog and when Mojo could finally see who it was he was astonished by the results it wasn't a teenage girl it was a man in his mid 20's. The man fell to the floor and was on his hands and knees as his black hair coved his face, as he seemed he was trying to catch his breath. He had green skin and a very muscular body all he was wearing was his white boxers. As Mojo was looking at the strange green man he notice a tattoo that covered almost all the man's back that said DEAMON from HELL. The man looked up at Mojo and Mojo saw his pure red eyes full of hate; he also had a lip piercing and sharp blood sucking fangs that could easily rip threw human flesh.

The first words the green skinned man said where "Master I awaken to serve you at all cost." He put his left hand to his chest and kneeled down on one knee.

"Uhhhh hello I am Mojo jojo and I-I wait a minute your not one of the girls opposite you look more like, like….." Mojo said as he tried to find what he was trying to say.

"Ace?" The man said as he stood up.

"Yes but how I Mojo jojo took it off of Buttercups pillow what was his hair doing… there oh GOD." Mojo said as he got an un-wanted picture in his head.

"If I may ask a question master what is my name?" The man said.

"Uhhhhh something related to Ace ummmm like uhhh Arces or something Mojo." Mojo quickly thought of as he checked Arces's biology.

"Arces. Do I have a goal in life Master?" Arces asked.

"Uhhhhh actually you do." Mojo said as a smirk grew on his face. "You have to bring down the Powerpuff girls and anyone who gets in your way; but Arces first go put some clothes on." A few minutes later Arces came back fully clothed he was wearing a black tank top, leather jacket with the sleeves cut off, red lather straps with spikes that crossed and going down his arms and legs, blue jeans, black boots, and a white and black checkered hat.

"Alright Arces these are the Powerpuff Girls. The red one is the leader her name is Blossom the blue one is the soft one her name is Bubbles and the green one is the one you need to fear the most she is know as the strong one her name is Buttercup. Understand Mojo?" Mojo jojo said and then looked at Arces waiting for a response.

"Yes! So if I bring the green one down first she wont get scary for when I bring down her sisters next I will target the red one seeing as she would know what to do when I bring the blue one down and by calculating that if I bring down each one with in five seconds so it wont give them time to think on a counter attack so basically the goal is to not stop exerting energy. Corrected master?" Arces asked Mojo.

"Uhhhhhhhhh yes!" Mojo replied in shocked of how smart Arces was. "Any way you know hat to do."

"Yes master" Arces said.

"Well you are going to need a weapon and…." Mojo started then notice Arces jumped out the widow to ground and was super fast. "Oh no he doesn't have a weapon from the great Mojo jojo oh well it not like he will last long any ways Mojo."