Arces was running down the streets of Townsville with his super speed. All of a sudden he stopped there was a glass building which he stopped to look at. He looked closer to realize he didn't have a reflection when all the people behind him had one. He could see all the people walk by him, as they didn't seem to realize that he didn't have a reflection. He noticed a group of teenage girls were looking at him and they seemed to have a crush on him. He turned around to look at them and then started running again. Eventually, he started slowing down and the running became walking as he was thinking.

"If I cause some destruction, the Powerpuff Girls would come to me; but that would mean they are ready to fight. So, I should take them by surprise if I want a head start" Arces thought to himself.


"What the…!" Arces said out loud as a giant monster was tearing the city apart. It was eating buildings and causing commotion everywhere. "What the hell is that thing?"

Then the Powerpuff Girls flew in and was swarming around the monster.

"Damn it we never get a day off!" Buttercup screamed as she kicked the monster so hard he fell backwards.

"Don't hold your breath Buttercup. We are super heroes, we will never get a day off" Blossom replied as she punched the monster with the awesome power of her mega punch.

"Take this monster" Bubbles said as she pulled a tree out of the ground and walloped the monster with it. The monster fell laying dead on the ground.

"Nice job girls." Blossom said.

"Excellent job. That monster didn't even know what him," Arces said as he crept out of the shadow of the building.

"What th…!" The three girls said when they saw Arces.

"Who are you?" Buttercup demanded. "You look just like….!"

"Ace, your observations are correct. I know I am his opposite, you can call me Arces." Arces said.

"Ummmm okay one second," Blossom said as she huddled with her sisters. "Girls do you think he is evil?"

"Probably, but I don't think he can do much harm. If he is anything like Ace, there is nothing to worry about." Buttercup replied.

"I don't know Buttercup, I have a bad feeling about him" Bubbles said.

"Bubbles I think Buttercup might be right about this, I mean, he is Ace's clone and Buttercup would know if Ace was stronger now then when we where kids." Blossom said back as they un-huddled. They looked at Arces who was playing with his lip piercing.

"Okay what are you doing here then?" Buttercup asked.

" I have a mission." Arces said back.

"A mission to do what?" Bubbles asked.

"Kill you three." Arces replied.

"Hahahahahahaha good one" Buttercup said as she laughed.

"Uhh Buttercup, I think he is serious." Bubbles said quietly as she hid behind Blossom.

"Arces? Please tell me you are joking." Blossom asked.

"I am not joking. My master wants me to destroy you." Arces replied.

"Who is your master?" Buttercup yelled.

"I have pledged not to reveal who my master is," mumbled Arces.

"Tell us now! Or your face is going to be smashed up against a wall" Buttercup screamed.

"I am a sticking with my answer" Arces replied as his eyes became a deeper red, exposing his sharp fangs.

"Then prepare for a whooping'" Buttercup said as she made her hand into a fist and plunged toward Arces. But before she knew it, Arces grabbed her punch and just held her fist for a second before throwing her back against the wall. She flew back so fast that her sisters could not believe their eyes. As they looked at their new enemy.

"Hey!" Blossom shouted as she threw a ball of pink energy at Arces, but he deflected the energy with just a flick of his wrist back at Blossom, throwing her back against the same wall with Buttercup.

"Girls!" Bubbles yelped before she used her laser eyes to attack him.

Arces pulled out his chain saw and with the reflection, the lasers bounced back at Bubbles, sending her flying back against the same wall with her sisters.

They laid against the wall in shock of their new enemy.

"This is too easy" Arces said as his mounted his chain saw on his shoulder casually and waited for their next attack.

"How did he…..? Bubbles asked in shock.

"I don't know about you girls but I am just getting started" Buttercup said while she launched herself into the air for an aerial kick aiming straight at Arces. But he dodged it with a back flip.

"You are gonna have to do better than that." Arces said as he landed back on his feet.

"I am gonna kick your ass back to wherever you came from," Buttercup said.

"Really?" Arces said.

"YES! Really!" Buttercup screamed at Arces as she ran at super speed towards him with a punch.

"Didn't you learn your lesson last time you tried to punch me." Arces said as he grabbed her fist again and pinned her up against the nearest building with his hand tight around her throat and her legs dangling as she tried to breath. "I am as strong as Ace, you can't beat me." Just then Arces got shoot with a bullet in his arm and realized his grip on Buttercup throat causing her to fall down.

"If ya are picking fights why do ya try me!" a voice said as he was still pointing his revolver at Arces.

"Well I wondered when you would show up….. Ace!" Arces said as he got up and picked the bullet out of his arm and crunched it into dust with his bare hand.

"Maybe you should stop picking on my girlfriend and pick on me instead" said Ace.

"Fine have it your way" Arces replied as he charged at Ace with his chainsaw raised ready to strike.

"So, this is really strange to be seeing my opposite" Ace said while he grabbed the blade of the chainsaw with his hands.

"Well, I knew I would see you eventually, my master warned me about you" said Arces.

"O'yaa? Who is ya master?" asked Ace as he pushed the blade aside and pointed his gun at Arces's ribcage.

"I am forbidden to reveal the identity of my creator" Arces replied as he pushed the gun away that was pointed at his ribcage.

"I have only known ya for a few seconds and ya are already pissing me off" Ace said while he deflected Arces attacks.

"I have direct orders to finish off the Powerpuff girls, you are not any my concern" Arces said as he tried to aim an attack on Buttercup who was leaning against the wall trying to catch her breath.

"Well, ya, you are gonna have to go through me" Ace said as he stepped in front of Buttercup and caught the chainsaw blade again.

"Buttercup are you OK?" Bubbles asked her sister while she rushed over to help her up.

"I've never seen power like that. I didn't even know Ace could do those things" Buttercup replied.

"It doesn't matter now, all that matters now is that we defeat Arces and stop him from doing anymore damage!" Blossom said.

"We shouldn't get involved in this, Arces is too strong for even all three of us. Only Ace can stop him" Buttercup said as she stood up.

"Yeah, you're probably right. We need to go back to the Professor's and see if he has anything that will help" Blossom replied.

"Alright" Buttercup replied to her sister. She turns toward Ace and screams "Hold him off a little longer! We'll be right back!"

"Just be quick about it! I don't know how much longer I can hold him off" Ace screamed back.

The girls headed home in hopes to find something to stop Arces.

"PROFFEEEESSSSSOR!" Bubbles screamed as they headed down to the laboratory where the Professor was looking at a computer monitor.

"Girls" the Professor said.

"Professor, Ace has a clone and they are fighting down town." Blossom explained.

"Yes I know. I can see with my cameras I have set up around Townsville to monitor villain activity" the Professor explained back.

"Professor, do you have anything that can help?" Bubbles asked.

"Unfortunately, no. I have never seen power like this before, but, I do know who Aces clone's master is. I saw him with my cameras. He was coming out of Mojo jojo's lair. So I suspect Mojo must be his creator" Professor said.

"MOJO! I should have known" Blossom said as Him stepped into the room.

"Hey have you seen that fight that is going on downtown?" Him asked.

"Yeah, and we think that Mojo is the clone's master" Buttercup said.

"I thought his name was Arces" Bubbles said.

"Him, can you help Ace defeat Arces?" the Professor asked his boyfriend.

"I should probably stay out of this. If he can beat the girls, there is no way I stand a chance. Ace is the only one that can beat Arces" said Him.

"So what do we do now? I just can't stand here and watch my boyfriend get killed by his evil clone" screamed Buttercup.

"Maybe we can go to Mojo's and make him order Arces to stop" Blossom said.

"Fine" Buttercup said reluctantly.

"Girls, be careful since Arces is a copy of Ace, and according to the DNA I took from Ace a while ago, Arces is going to be super strong and not easy to bring down. Ohh, and make sure you don't get cut and bleed. Arces will try to bite you and suck your blood because he is a vampire, just like his original" said the Professor.

"I'll come get you if things get too out of control" Him said.

"Alright! Lets go girls!" said Blossom as they headed out the door towards Mojo jojo's lair.

"MOJO! We know what you did" Bubbles said.

"You sent Arces after us and try to kill us" Buttercup yelled.

"So maybe I did, Mojo" Mojo jojo said as he smirks. "Wait a minute, how are you not dead! I gave orders to Arces to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. Since you, the Powerpuff Girls are still here" Mojo said.

"Maybe he and his original are fighting it out" Buttercup said.

"Great, that was the one person I didn't want to show up there" Mojo said.

"Well maybe you should release him into the mirror where he belongs" Blossom said.

"Nonsense, Mojo. I didn't realize Arces was this strong. He might just be the person I need to take over the world with. He obeys his master, Mojo jojo since I am Mojo jojo" Mojo said.

"Mojo, you better release him into the mirror world or I am going to knock your teeth out, again" Buttercup yelled at Mojo.

"Wait Buttercup. Mojo, what do you plan on doing with Arces, if you did manage to take over the world?" Blossom asked Mojo.

"Well he would be no further use to me and I would disassemble him" Mojo said.

"That's awful. Arces maybe evil but he still has a heart" Bubbles gasped.

"Heh. You think Arces has a heart? In order to give him no fear, I gave him no heart. Plus, I didn't have one to give him. So to make up for giving him no heart, I gave him a bigger brain. So he is strong and super smart. He can generate all possibilities of an attack before it happens in order to pick the right one. Also known as precognition" Mojo said.

"So that is how he knew when to attack and when to dodge my attacks" Buttercup said.

"Arces has no heart? Mojo how could you do that to him" Bubbles screamed.

"Well, I didn't want him to fear what was going to happen, so he could defeat you, but there is a problem with having no heart. Arces will never be able to show emotion" Mojo said.

"You are a terrible, terrible monkey. Call off this attack and order Arces to come back here. NOW!" Ordered Buttercup.

"Alright then. Mojo will call back Arces" Mojo said as he picked up his walkie-talkie and demanded Arces to retreat back to the lair" Mojo said.

Five seconds later Arces broke through the window and perched on the windowsill, holding his chainsaw as he stared at the girls waiting for an order from Mojo.

"ARCES destroy the Powerpuff girls that is an order! Mojo" Mojo jojo yelled at Arces.

"WHAT? You said you would let him go!" Buttercup screamed.

"No I said I would order him to come here, Mojo" Mojo said.

"Mojo, you liar!" Bubbles said.

"I did not lie, I repeat I did not lie. I only said I would command him to come back here" Mojo said.

"Look out!" Blossom screamed as Arces swung his chain saw at Bubbles.

"EEEEKKKKK!" Bubbles said as she fell back against the wall as Mojo's smirk grew bigger. "Blossom, Buttercup, help me!" screamed Bubbles.

"Bubbles!" Buttercup screamed. "Let go of my sister."

"Very well then, Mojo. Arces, destroy the green puff, don't forget your plan from the beginning" Mojo jojo ordered Arces.

"Yes, Master" obeyed Arces as he stopped what he was doing to attack Buttercup.

"Quick, Buttercup, you hold Arces off while I get Mojo" said Blossom.

"Arces protect your Master, Mojo" said Mojo.

"Yes, Master" Arces said as he went straight to Blossom and knocked Blossom off her feet with a swinging kick.

Just as Arces was about to finish the final blow to kill Blossom, a shadow figure started swarmed around Blossom, picking her up off the ground.

"What took you so long" Blossom asked Aku.

"Sorry the great Aku got held up" Aku replied to Blossom. "Who is this trying to hurt the red headed child?"

"This is Arces. I created him, Mojo" Mojo replied to Aku.

"He looks just like…" Aku began but was cut off by Arces.

"Yes, yes, I know I am Ace's clone" Arces said as his eyes began a deeper red as the reflection in his eyes showed his precognition was about to kick in.

"He is what all this commotion is about? If he is anything like Ace, then he will be weak, so what is the big deal, Aku" asked Aku.

"No, Aku, don't judge him like that. He is a lot stronger than he looks, even we could not defeat him" said Blossom.

"Nonsense, if he is related to Ace, he should be weak, Aku" replied Aku as he sat down Blossom and raced toward Arces for an attack.

"Wait, Aku!" screamed Blossom.

As Aku was plunging toward Arces for an attack, Arces precognition power kicked in and predicted what to do next. Arces grabbed Aku's punch and flipped him over onto the floor. Aku was surprised that Arces knew just what to do and thought to himself, the girls were right, I am in big trouble.

"How did you…." Aku asked.

"Don't judge me on my original, you haven't seen nothing yet."