September 30th, 2008

Week 36

Caroline and Jade both took a flying leap onto the bed. Alex and Ty groaned loudly. Jade got on Ty's back and bounced harder.

"Jade Davis." He mumbled.

"You said we're going to the zoo today." She said.

"Mama, come on." Caroline said. Her little hands poked at Alex's belly. Alex giggled. "We see Jazzy and Adam today."

"I know." Alex said sitting up. She pushed Ty gently, "Come on."

"I'm up. I'm up." Ty yawned and sat up. Jade grinned brightly.

"I want to go see Jazzy now. Can we see her? And Adam?" Jade asked.

"Go get your butts dressed." Alex said. The girls immediately jumped off of them and ran out of the room. Alex giggled softly. "Don't let me forget to bring those clothes for Jasmine. Adam didn't get her any sweaters and it's a little chilly now."

"Yes, Ma'am." Ty said as he got out of bed and stretched.

* * *

Ty pushed Caroline's stroller down the pathway as Alex waddled next to him. Caroline was talking up a storm about all of the animals that they were going to see that day. Jade skipped in front of them.

"HI Adam!" Jade waved as she skipped up to Adam. She peered into stroller. "Jasmine is asleep." Adam chuckled.

"Yeah, Jade. She'll wake up soon I'm sure." He smiled wrapping his arms around his sister, "God, I can barely get my arms around you, Lexi." Alex chuckled softly hugging him back.

"You feel like you've gained some weight too." She winked.

"You know what kids do to you." He said as they began to walk.

"I wanna see the raffes, Mommy!!" Caroline cried.

"The giraffes are up ahead, Cricket. Hold your horses." Ty said with a smile. Caroline clapped her hands. Jasmine started to wake up. Adam handed her the bottle. "How is she adjusting?"

"Perfect. I'm trying to teach her to say Daddy. She didn't speak any Chinese when she came here so I think it'll be okay." He said. Alex chuckled softly as Jade climbed up on the bench to see the giraffes.

"Look! Look!" Caroline gasped.

"I see, Baby." Alex smiled looking at the long necked animals. Adam picked Jasmine up. Caroline stood up until Ty picked her up.

"Look at that, Jazzy." Adam showed the baby the Giraffe.

"Oooh." She cooed with large brown eyes. Adam smiled softly. Jasmine was such a lovely child. He loved being a father.

"I want one!" Caroline cried. Alex laughed.

"No giraffes, Cricket." She said, "You're getting a brother."

"I can get a boy 'raffe." She said.

"No." Ty chuckled.

"Momma, why do giraffe's have such long necks?" Jade asked.

"Oh ah…I guess it's for their digestion track or something like that. I really don't know." Alex said. Jade shook her head.

"No it's because they have smelly feet." Jade giggled wildly. Alex laughed.

"You're a silly girl." She said.

"Let's look at the pants!!" Caroline cried. Adam chuckled.

"I think you mean elephant, Cricket." He said. Caroline nodded.

"That's what I said. Ella pants." She smiled. Caroline ran ahead with Jade. Adam stayed back with his waddling sister and brother-in-law.

"Those girls are getting so big." Adam said. Alex nodded.

"I know. I can't believe it." She sighed rubbing her belly. "Only four weeks left and then this boy can get big and leave us."

"We still have awhile until then, Sweetheart." Ty said with a smile as her watched Jade and Caroline ooh and ahh over the elephants.

"I know, but it's something I think about." She said watching them also. Jade was in school now. Caroline was talking more and interacting with people more. Alex hoped this baby would be just as blessed at his sisters.

October 14th, 2008

Week 38

Ty glanced at his pager as he slid his shield around his neck. They had two weeks before the baby was due, but Ty knew it could be any time. He was really hoping he would be getting the page soon. He was so anxious to finally have his little boy.

"Come on Sargent." Bosco glanced into the office.

"I'm coming." He followed Bosco; "You find the body?" Bosco nodded.

"Yeah, Yokas and I were going to our car and he was just laying there all dead and stuff." Bosco said. Ty walked outside as the police tape was put in front of the alleyway. He walked to the car and looked down at the body. Ty sighed softly and knelt down.

"Anyone call the ME's office?" Ty asked Boscorelli.

"Yokas is on it." Bosco said. Ty glanced at the body.

"He was dragged here. There are drag marks." Ty said.

"What an Einstein." Bosco said. Ty narrowed his eyes.

"Take the guys prints and run them. See if he's in the system." Ty said, "And don't give me attitude, Officer Boscorelli."

"Sorry, Sir." He muttered and walked away. Ty dusted off his hands. Why would someone kill someone and bring his or her body to a police station? This was just what Ty needed when he wanted to go home.

* * *

Ty sat at his desk reading over one of Faith's reports about the homicide. Bosco knocked on the door and walked in.

"The ME's office called and said they lifted prints off of the vic. He was strangled. The supposed killer is Jonathan Brice." He said.

"Good." Ty said. Bosco cleared his throat walking further into the office. Ty looked up at him and narrowed his eyes.

"Are you okay, Davis? You seem very snappish." Bosco said.

"I'm okay…" He sighed. Bosco shook his head.

"No you're not. You've been snapping at me and making me feel like shit and I don't really appreciate it. I'm a great cop so please don't treat me like a rookie." He said. Ty looked at him.

"I have been doing that?" He asked. Bosco nodded.

"Yes. I know you're above me, but we're friends…right?"

"We are, Bosco." Ty sighed deeply as he ran his hands over his face, "I'm sorry that I've snapping at you. I'm under so much stress. Alex is ready to have the baby any day now and I'm just…well…stressed." Bosco nodded as he looked at Ty.

"Maybe you should go home." Bosco suggested, "Get some loving." Ty chuckled softly.

"Loving…I wish." He said. "Home doesn't sound too bad."

"Then go home, Davis. You're not going to be any good to us if you're snapping at us all of the time." He said. Ty leaned back.

"For once you're making sense." Ty said, "Thanks and I'm sorry again."

* * *

Ty walked into the bedroom to se Alex trying to fall asleep.

"You okay, Alex?" He asked. She pounded on her pillows below her head. She growled loudly and shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm so god damn uncomfortable. I want this damn baby out of me." She muttered. Ty smiled softly and got in bed next to her.

"Just think we could have our little boy in our arms any day now, Alex." He said, "You're doing such a wonderful job. Keep it up. I love you so much." Alex looked at him.

"How was work today?" She asked trying to read his face.

"Boring as usual. Nothing happened." Ty said, kissing her cheek, "I'm tired though. Good night, Love." Alex nodded.

"Good night, Baby Doll." She said cuddling into her husband. Ty sighed softly as he shut the lights off. Maybe a night of sleep with his gorgeous wife would do his mood some good.

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