"Go." Katniss whispered to Ziva. Ziva nodded and crept around the bush, silent, behind the large buck. Ziva's expression was hungry. She licked her lips. Ziva hadn't eaten an actual, filling meal since the games had begun. This buck would feed the both of them for a few days.

Suddenly, Ziva popped out of the bush, screaming and shouting. The buck, startled, galloped from his spot, right in front of Katniss. With two swift arrows, she brought him down with a loud thud. Both the girls quickly ran to its side. Ziva took out a short, stout knife. She only had four of her original ten. One she had used to cut down the tracker-jacker hive, which she lost, and she had lost other while running. She had give four of her remaining eight to Katniss. She sincerely hoped she wouldn't regret this alliance.

And that was the one thing that nagged at her.

What would happen? Only one could win the games.

Only one.

There were so many ifs and chances they were taking in this alliance.

"Ziva? Ziva?" Katniss waved her hands in front of Ziva's face. "Come on. Let's get back to camp."

"Okay." Ziva said, picking up one end of the deer.

Back at the camp, Ziva laid back under their shelter. Suddenly, Katniss emerged from the darkness.

"Ziva, your turn for the guard shift." She said, taking off her arrow sling. Ziva nodded and sat up, rubbing the sleepiness out of her eyes.

She walked in front of the small setup, knowing that her every move was on camera. She wanted to scream at them. Tell them they were insane and sadistic. Curse them and shotu and scream until she could scream no more.

But that wouldn't help.

So, instead, she waited, knife in hand, at the edge of the shelter. She ran her finger along the blade, but not cutting herself.

Let them come, she thought bitterly. I will leave them begging for me to kill them.

Suddenly, shifting in the darkness. Ziva poised with her knife, prepared to kill. She narrowed her eyes and clenched her teeth.

A flash of gold. Grunting and moaning. Ziva was taken aback. Dear lord, if you want to sneak up on someone….

The her heart dropped into her feet.

If they were Careers, what would be their need to keep quiet? Especially against the tiny 11 & 12 tributes…

She braced her knife. I will fight. For Tali, for Ima….

For Tony.

Suddenly, the figures appeared in the small light of the moon.

Someone dragging another, slightly heftier person.

"Come on, Peeta." She made out. She recognized that voice.

"Tony!" She cried, running out, running against every rule she made herself follow in the games.

He looked up. "Ziva!" He cried. "Help me!"

She ran to his side. He was half carrying, half dragging the boy, Peeta.

"Katniss!" She yelled. "Katniss, help us out here!"

Katniss' head appeared. "Peeta!" She cried, running to my side.

"He got hit real bad, Cato slashed his leg-" Tony began as Katniss grabbed Peeta and started carrying him back on her own.

"What about you?" Ziva asked, looking him over. She ripped open his shirt.

"Ziva- Zi I'm fine-" Tony protested, but Ziva gawked at his chest. A large, red slash was across it, and there was a small one down his cheek.

"What happened?" She asked, urgency in her voice.

"I took one or two for him, Zi, it's nothing." He said.

"Nothing? Tony, you could've died!" She near shouted. "Come on." She said, leading him by the hand back into their tent.

They entered the tent, where Katniss was already desperately trying to tend to Peeta's wounds.

"God, nothing-" She muttered. "I can't find anything! Nothing! No- no medicinal leaves or-" She was panicking.

"Katniss." Ziva put my hands on her shoulders. "Look at me. Look at me." Trembling Katniss looked at me. "We're going to be okay. Calm down."

Suddenly, there was a thump outside the tent. The whole shelter went quiet. Ziva took out one of her knives, and approached the opening.

She looked outside, and immediately spotted the white fabric of the small parachute and the glint of silver of a canteen. Her heart did double time. Sponsor gift!

She ran to it and ripped open the card, which was on white, starched Capitol stationery. She recognized Gibbs' wide scrawl. She read the letter.

A gift from Haymitch and I. After all, when tributes team up, I guess mentor do, too.

Please, use wisely. Don't let Pretty Boys die.

-L.J Gibbs.

P.S: Abby says that if you die, she will kill us and leave no evidence. Do us a favor: don't die.

Ziva grinned. "Guys!" She shouted, running back to the tent.

Katniss sat back on her haunches, smiling at her work. She had dressed Peeta's wound with the paste in the can, which, they had figured out, was some special Capitol concoction. His wound already looked healthier. It had gotten rid of its greenish hue, and looked like it was healing. Ziva faced Tony, and unbuttoned his shirt.

"Keep it up, sweetcheeks, and you'll be unbuttoning my shirts more often." He winked. Ziva playfully slapped him after smiling to herself.

She finished unbuttoning his shirt, and she lightly dabbed the white paste on the gash. He winced, and Ziva looked up, concerned. She kept dabbing the substance on it. She noted to herself that he had a great upper body. She blushed to herself. Tony caught sight of it, and he grinned slyly.

When she was finished, she dabbed some of the substance on the gash on his face. When she was done, she pushed him back gently.

"Sleep. You need it." She said.

"Ziva, I-"

"Do not argue with me." She said, a slight edge to her voice. She turned to Katniss. "I'll go out for another hour. I'm pretty much awake, anyways."

In the morning, the four woke up from their healthy sleep, which they had not had the luxury of since these damned games had started. Katniss was snuggled into Peeta's arms. Even though he was asleep, a content grin graced his face. Tony smiled at the two, and looked out to check on Ziva. She was leaned up against a tree, asleep. He smiled again, and went outside, and touched her shoulder. She gave a start, and looked at Tony with half-opened eyes. They widened in realization. "Oh god, Tony. I fell asleep! I'm so sorry!" She cried.

"Zi, it's all right." He said.

"But you guys could've had your throats slit in your sleep!" She cried.

"But we're okay, we're here." He replied. "No one's dead. So far." He chuckled.

She punched his shoulder. "That's not funny."

The four sat around a fire, cooking the last of the deer meat. They needed water and food, and badly.

Suddenly, a voice boomed over all, startling Peeta to the point where he fell off the log he was sitting on. Katniss helped him up, much to his protests.

"There are only eight of you left." The voice said. "We've come to the decision that a team up to four may win this year's games. That is all."

The four stared at each other.

"A team of up to four." Tony repeated, as he could not quite believe it.

They looked around.

"Well, let's go." Peeta said, standing up on the makeshift crutches Tony had carved out of tree branches.

"Let's go what?" Katniss asked.

Peeta had already begun to throw things into a bag.

"Win this thing, silly." He grinned widely.

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