By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100 word challenge. Word of the week: Kick. Spoiler warning for upcoming season seven episode!

Disclaimer: Not the owner.


Sam gagged, "Going to be sick."

"No you're not, Sammy. We're going to deal with this."

"How?" Sam moaned.

Dean scowled at Lucifer. "Out of the car you sick S.O.B."

Lucifer munched on Dean's tongue, badgering.

"He gone?" Dean asked, not taking his heated gaze off the backseat.


"Go! Now! Before I strangle you!" Dean roared with rage, preparing to dive into the backseat.

"Who's ass kicking who?" Lucifer laughed, stuck out his forked tongue, and then disappeared.

"He's gone."

Dean cupped Sam's chin. "Listen to me, man. I'm alive. You're alive. We're here. Together. Okay?"

"Okay." Sam nodded.