E/O Challenge: Kick & Line

Real life got in the way big time last week so didn't get the chance to play – so this week I've included last week's word as well. Hope this tag to "On the Head of a Pin" makes sense.

The work of Angels

It was clear to him now; as clear as the first morning dew that settled like glistening-crystals on his father's newly-formed Earth...he knew why the Enochian sigils had failed.

He'd thought about it over and over, re-examining the Devil's Trap he'd so carefully crafted; testing the pipe that had compromised thin-white-lines; kicking himself that Alistair had escaped...that Dean had nearly died.

But now he knew the truth...Uriel had betrayed them.

"Strange how a leaky pipe can undo the work of Angels...when we ourselves are supposed to be the agents of fate," he murmured, preparing to fight the brother he loved.