A/N: Hey there just a little something I wrote for a friend of mine cause she is Prussia and I am Russia and we decided that if they ever had relations together it would be because Prussia was REALLY REALLY REALLY drunk or because Russia somehow managed to catch him and tied him down. Soooo here it is its really short but oh well hope you like it…or not since it's technically rape…xD


Gilbert slowly became aware of his surroundings blinking his eyes into focus he found himself tied to a large bed he didn't recognize. The last thing he could remember was the allies attacking and seeing West fall, then nothing. He must have been captured by somebody but whom? A large figure moved into view, face shadowed in the poor lighting but Gilbert would know that dreaded coat and scarf ANYWHERE. Ivan, he had been taken by Ivan the very bane of his existence.

Ivan had been trying to force him to "become one with Mother Russia" for years. Since before he had moved in with West even. Now there was no doubt in Gilbert's mind that he wouldn't be able to play the request off with a simple "nein". Today would be the day his vital regions would be invaded and by the stupid commie no less.

"Gilbert will become one with Ivan now da?" Ivan's cold voice asked shattering the silence as he stepped forward trailing a hand along Gilbert's bare flesh.

"Nein let me go!" Gilbert yelled refusing to give up without a fight even if it was futile. He pulled uselessly at his arms trying to break free from the restraints holding him down.

"Da we will be one. Gilbert should stop struggling or he will hurt himself!" Ivan said as he removed his clothes carefully, pulling his scarf off to reveal a large jagged cut that looked infected, served him right as far as Gilbert could tell if only because he dared to steal the Awesome Prussia!

"Go to hell commie!" Gilbert growled spitting in the Russians face as he climbed on top of him, wincing slightly as Ivan slapped him hard across the face.

"Gilbert is mean da, Mother Russia must teach him manners," Ivan said smiling cruelly as he slammed into the other without any preparation.

"Like you could teach anyone anything, you're too stupid!" Gilbert snarled trying to ignore the fact that it felt like he was being torn in two.

Ivan snarled furiously raking his nails viciously along Gilbert's flesh and biting at his neck hard enough to draw blood. Pounding relentlessly into the unwilling body beneath him; Stilling as he came silently his come aggravating the torn edges of the Prussians torn and abused hole as he pulled out quickly.

"Gilbert will learn to respect Mother Russia soon da." Ivan growled smiling coldly at the Prussian.

"Nein I will never respect you! Mein bruder will save me from your stupidity," Gilbert gasped spitting at Ivan again before passing out.