A/N: lol so I wrote this on Valentine's Day for my dear America but completely forgot to upload it to share with the rest of you so here it is now like a month later than I intended xD


"Alfred likes mother Russia's Valentine's party da?" Ivan asked his usual creepy smile plastered across his face.

"Eh it's alright I guess it'd be better if there wasn't all this stupid snow. Don't you ever have summer here?" Alfred asked testily glaring at the snow as if he could melt it by sheer will power.

"Da, but is February now not summer. Is cold in America too now da?"

"So? It's only cold in part of America here you've only got stupid snow everywhere!"

"I am sorry, Alfred will come with Ivan and get warm da?" Ivan said his smile growing even creepier if at all possible.

"Like I'd go anywhere with you commie! I'm the Hero so I'll be fine," Alfred said exuberantly looking skyward with his fists on his hips only to be grabbed around the middle by Ivan who proceeded to drag him away. "What the hell dude, let go of me!"

"Nyet Alfred will come be warm with Mother Russia," Ivan said pulling him through a door Alfred hadn't noticed before, locking it behind him.

"Dude let me out!" Alfred said breaking out of Ivan's iron grasp to pull futilely at the door handle.

"Nyet come and be one with me!" Ivan said yanking Alfred back into his arm, forcing their lips to meet. Alfred struggled against the other nation trying to break free but Ivan was strong all of the conflict in Russia had left him stronger than ever, any other nation would have fallen under the pressure.

Ivan forced Alfred's lips open exploring the warm cavern with his tongue freely forcing a moan out of the smaller country as he began pulling their clothes off leaving them piled on the floor. Alfred relaxed into the kiss moaning freely as Ivan tweaked his nipples, pulling at the Russians scarf with on hand and pushing his coat off with the other.

The two quickly shed the rest of their clothes, Ivan pinning Alfred to the door with his own body and reaching down with one hand to probe at Alfred's entrance, his cool slick fingers sliding in easily, stretching him quickly studiously avoiding the American's prostate after brushing his nail over it once.

Ivan withdrew his fingers after preparing him briefly with a third finger replacing them with the head of his large cock pushing in swiftly not giving Alfred a chance to adjust to the intrusion before withdrawing and slamming back in repeatedly, sucking on the juncture where Alfred's neck met his shoulder blade as the other nation began frantically pulling at his cock crying out in ecstasy as he came the pearly fluid covering his chest and hand while Ivan continued to thrust once, twice more before stilling and letting out a low moan as he came.

"Fuck," Alfred gasped as Ivan pulled out, feeling seamen drip down the back of his legs.

"Is happy Valentine's day da?" Ivan asked grinning childishly seemingly unaffected by their encounter.

"Whatever dude, it was messy if anything." Alfred said rolling his eyes.