Hey! This is just something that I thought of that I thought would be good. It is my own little adventure that I have planned out. I have more to upload soon. Enjoy!


Amy slowly woke up gently in her and Rory's bedroom in the TARDIS, she slowly opened her eyes to reveal that Rory was not snuggling up next to her on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed. She bolted upright in bed and hit up to the top bunk with her fist and called his name. No answer, unusual. She dragged herself from her comfy warm bed sheets and made her way out of the bedroom and looked around the TARDIS corridors as she headed towards the main control room.

She briefly looked around the TARDIS console and called The Doctor's name. Still no answer so she curiously started to walk back towards the TARDIS stairs when something catches her eye. The message on the monitor in the centre console was flashing. She played it and popping up is The Doctor and Rory, both standing when Amy is in the TARIDS.

"Hello, Amy! You are probably wondering where we are. Well we are here! I and Rory have decided to pop out-"

"You made me, he made me Amy"

"Right. Remember Amy when you couldn't sleep that night and you and I went to the fun fair."

"What? You left me asleep in bed?" Rory butted in.

"There's not time for that Rory. Well I was out on a night adventure and needed some help and I got Rory to come with me. I and Rory should be back before you receive this message. I have only recorded this so you will know if we are not returned when you wake up; which will probably be if we are in trouble. But don't worry; we will be back soon…probably. Under no circumstances come and look for us, it might be dangerous out there. Stay in the TARDIS." The Doctor reached out to stop the recording, looking proud by his instructions.

Rory just got chance to say a word in. "See you Amy." The message cut off.

10 minutes passed since Amy sat on the TARDIS chair, each second she was becoming more impatient. She thought about what they said. She was angered that they had gone out without her, but then again she left Rory none the wiser in bed while she and the Doctor went to the fun fair. She wanted to go out but the Doctor told her to wait. They could be back in 30 seconds time or 30 hours time! She didn't know. Since when did she ever listen to The Doctor's instructions? She fiercely got up and headed to the bedroom to get change out of her night dress.

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