E/O Challenge Word:

kick /kik/ v. – kicking, present participle; to strike out or flail with the foot or feet.

Spoilers/Warnings: none; pre-series

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: 200 (double drabble)

He's a cowboy kid. ~ Foster the People

"Well..." four-year old Dean drawled and straightened his cowboy hat as he stood across from his opponent; his right hand twitching in anticipation inches from his holster; fingers momentarily tangling in the fringe of his chaps. "We finally meet, Yosemite Sam."

Six-month old Sam smiled at the sound of his big brother calling his name; chubby arms flailing, sock-clad feet kicking as he sat propped in his bouncy chair on the living room floor.

Seated nearby, Mary watched; resisting a smile as she adjusted her prairie bonnet – found just last weekend at the local theatre's yard sale – and remembered her role.

"Go easy on him, Sheriff," she urged Dean; her voice pitched higher than usual as she dramatically lifted her arm to her forehead.

"Sorry, ma'am," Dean apologized, tipping his hat. "But the law's the law."

"Oh, Sammy!" Mary wailed and leaned over her baby.

Sam squealed his delight.

"Tune in next week for the conclusion of 'I Shot the Sheriff'..." a deep voice announced from the hallway.

Dean laughed, recognizing the voice and whirling to greet its owner. "Daddy!"

John grinned, standing in the doorway.

Mary smiled, kissing her baby before sitting up; wondering if any other family was this happy.